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The Warrior Foosball Table Review (Hint: It’s One of Our Favorites)

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We’ve researched countless foosball tables in our goal to find the best equipment for the games we love and pass that info along to our audience.

And, time and time again, we come back to the Warrior Professional Foosball Table as one of the best overall pieces of affordable gaming equipment on the market.

A high-quality foosball table doesn’t have to cost $1K or more. The Warrior Foosball Table is an affordable, stable, and pro-quality foosball table that is ideal for both amateur players and professionals.

There are many reasons to take a second look at the Warrior Pro, including a fast assembly time, added stability, convenient delivery options, and smart safety features.

Anyone looking to invest in a new foosball table may want to consider a Warrior!

Read on to learn more. 

What is the Warrior Foosball Table?

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is an officially recognized foosball table designed to meet the needs of professional players without breaking the bank.

Weighing in at just over 200 lbs, it’s sturdy enough to be used by all types and sizes and players.

The table features counterbalanced foosball men, rod guards, a classic soccer design, and easy to assemble pieces. There are also integrated leg levelers to ensure that the table remains consistently level, even if placed on a slightly uneven surface.

The table is hose-free, using gravity and an angled underboard for quick ball return.

Safe for players of all ages, budget-friendly, and playable in 25 minutes (from box to complete installation), the Warrior Foosball Table is an enjoyable option for everyone.

Main Features

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 Model 56 Inch Black

Several unique and practical features make the Warrior Foosball Table stand out from the crowd; from the grass-green playfield to the improved leg stands, this table has quite a lot going on for it.

Budget Friendly + High Performance

Most professional foosball tables cost at least $1,000, and often much more. But the Warrior Foosball Table falls below the $1K price range, making it one of the most affordable – yet professional – options on the market today.

You can buy this table (factory direct) for $649.00. They also offer a three year extended warranty for $39.99. 

The Warrior Foosball Table costs about half the price of a competing, commercial level model. Weighing approximately 200 lbs, it’s not going to budge an inch, even during the most intense games. Anyone can play some aggressive foosball matches with this reasonably priced option.

Counterbalanced Foosball Men

Warrior Counterbalanced Foosball Men

There’s almost nothing worse than playing with cheap, flimsy foosball men. The rods don’t seem to whirl quite right without the right team of plastic or wooden guys, which is why it’s crucial to check the material and design of a foosball table’s tiny foosball men.

The best material to use with modern, plasticized tables is ABS Plastic, as it doesn’t tend to shatter or break even after long-term impact. Not only are the Warrior Foosball Table foosball men made of tough, sturdy plastic, but they are also counterbalanced.

This added weight ensures greater player control in addition to harder, more substantial shots. The added accuracy also doesn’t hurt, and gripping is a cinch when you’ve got counterbalanced foosball men under your control. The only foreseeable drawback is that the added weight can make play slightly slower.

Overall, it’s a smart, attractive feature of the Warrior Foosball Table that isn’t often found in budget-friendly models.

Rod Guards for Added Protection

Foosball tables can potentially do an enormous amount of damage to walls, furniture, and human bodies. While engrossed in an epic game, it can be easy to forget how close you are to others, and a steel rod could quickly and easily jut out from the table, injuring someone or something.

But, the Warrior Foosball Table features protective ABS plastic rod guards that make it one of the safest models out there. The solid steel rods can do a lot of damage when unprotected, so it’s nice to see a little forethought.

Quick and Easy Assembly

While other models may take ages to set up, or even require professional assembly, the Warrior Foosball Table takes only about half an hour and one tool to be ready for play.

However, like any full size piece of gaming equipment, it’s best if you have at least two people to assemble the table, which is something to keep in mind.

Note: Despite the quicker than average assembly time the actual time may vary depending on skill-level, tools, and having a little help. The assembly time range, accordingly, can be from 25 min to a max of 3 hours. 

But, they have an assembly tutorial video that will make set-up quick and easy. So, just watch the video and follow the instructions and you’ll be playing foosball matches in no time.

Leg Levelers for Improved Balance

Once the playing field has been dropped into place, users can adjust the legs of the Warrior Foosball Table to maximize table balance and evenness.

The feet are capable of swiveling in nearly any direction while maintaining an upright steel connection to the legs so that even a bumpy surface can turn into the perfect play area.

The sturdy rubber feet can also lock into place, so that users can feel confident in the table’s stability.

The legs also raise and lower to meet the height needs of the players, ensuring that even young foosball enthusiasts can enjoy the Warrior Foosball Table.

Hose-Free Ball Return System

A ball return system that relies on tubes can easily malfunction if the hoses fall out of place, or if the wrong ball is used with the table. But the Warrior Foosball Table features a hose-free ball return that uses weight and gravity to guide the ball to the return slot effortlessly.

This system also helps to increase overall table weight, resulting in a sturdier product and smoother games.

Tournament Ready

The Warrior Foosball Table conforms to both USTSF and ITSF regulations, ensuring that it can be used for official championship games. The table comes with two Warrior Tournament balls that are the official size and weight, with added texture for easier gripping. 

Unlike other manufacturers, who typical use a tumbling process to manufacture the balls, Warrio uses a unique centerline grinding process and specialty urethane compound to produce a ball with superior grip and speed.

Pros and serious players endorse the table and accessories (including the balls) for its consistency, precise control and long-term durability.

And, here at Bar Games 101, we recommend as a top buy in our list of the best foosball tables for any budget.

Yes, there are commercial quality tables with high-price tags and bullet-proof construction (i.e. the Tornado T-3000), but for the money, you can’t beat the Warrior Pro.

Customize for Your Company or Cause

Unlike many foosball table manufacturers, Warrior has the ability to customize a table for their customers. This could mean changing the colors of the foosmen, adding a company logo or sponsorship, making the table single or multi-player, add LED lights, and more. 


  • Counterbalanced foosball men for better accuracy, power, and gripping.
  • Intuitive, hose-free ball return system ensures balls never get stuck.
  • High grip and speed urethane balls made with unique centerless grinding technology.
  • Reasonably easy at-home assembly (just watch the video; takes approximately 25 minutes).
  • A budget-friendly option for serious players.
  • Improved balance with adjustable legs and swivel feet.
  • The hard plastic rod guards save walls, objects, and loved ones from accidental injury.
  • It can be used in official matches.
  • You can customize the table to change the branding, color or configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the commonly asked questions about Warrior Foosball.

Are the Rods Hollow or Solid?

The 14mm steel rods included with the Warrior Foosball Table are solid. This gives them more weight, allowing them to provide more powerful shots and handle more easily than hollow rods.

How Large Should the Play Area Be?

The play area in which the Warrior Foosball Table is placed should be at least 6ft long and 8ft wide, and clear of all obstacles or debris, for maximum safety and playability. Review our guide to foosball dimensions and room size to learn more.

Is the Goalie a Single Man?

Yes. Unlike other foosball tables, the Warrior Foosball Table features single-man goalies rather than three-person goalies. Using a single-man or one-person goalie increases the overall challenge of the game, in addition to adhering to strict official tournament guidelines and rules.

Is the Playfield Laminated?

Yes, the playfield of the Warrior Foosball Table is laminated. It is stylized in the fashion of a lush, green soccer field, completed by two white goalie boxes and a Warrior Professional Foosball Table crest in the center.

What Are the Dimensions of the Playfield?

The actual dimensions of the playfield are 46.5 inches long by 27 inches wide, as per official regulations and rules.

What Are the Dimensions of the Assembled Table?

Once assembled, the Warrior Foosball Table is 55 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. Of course, because the height of the table is adjustable, these measurements are bound to change according to player preference.

Can the Warrior Foosball Table Be Used Outside?

Yes, the Warrior Foosball Table can be used outside in fair weather. However, it should not be left in rain, snow, or extreme weather for any amount of time. Moisture and damage from the elements may potentially warp the playfield of the Warrior Foosball Table, in addition to rusting necessary aspects such as the solid steel rods.

If a buyer intends to use this table outside, it is vital that they also plan to cover, maintain, and care for it properly to avoid unnecessary damage.

Can You Play a Foosball Championship With This Table?

Absolutely, yes. The Warrior Foosball Table is built to specific and exacting standards, ensuring that it complies with the International Table Soccer Foundation and the United States Table Soccer Foundation requirements.

Also, the Warrior Foosball Table comes with two Warrior Tournament balls. These two balls are official tournament weight and size. They are also textured, providing an improved grip for superior play. Each Warrior ball is created via a centerline grinding process, which differs significantly from the traditional tumbling process.

Our Verdict


Though the Warrior Foosball Table is not without its flaws (although it’s hard to think of one now that they improved the ball return system), it is still an excellent option for foosball players on a tight budget. Not only can it be used for official tournaments, but it offers some valuable features that can’t be found in comparable models.

The rod guards add extra protection, the legs and feet help keep the table stable, the hose-free ball return system eliminates hose-related hangups, and the whole thing can be assembled in very little time, from the comfort of home. For all of these reasons, we think the Warrior Foosball is an excellent, low-budget option for foosball enthusiasts of all ages.

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