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Find the Best Foosball Table for Any Budget (Our Top Picks)

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Looking for the best foosball table for your budget? Check out our current reviews of the best tables, plus a rundown of what to consider when buying a new table.

Foosball is one of the best bar games for singles or doubles competition. And it’s even more fun to play at home. 

We talk a lot about the game of foosball on this site, including how to play foosball, how to practice, and what the rules are.

Now, if you’re ready to bring this game in to your home, we’ll discuss how to find the right table.

If you want to find the best foosball table for your game room or apartment, there are several options available today.

In this post, we’ll highlight our picks for the best entry-level tables that are great for beginner players and families, then work our way up to the elite tournament table category for hard-core players.

We also review the most important foosball table features you should consider when buying a new table.

Short on time? Here are our favorite tables in each category:

  • Tournament Quality at Excellent Value
  • Solid and sturdy table
  • Split bearings enable fast and powerful shots
  • Sturdy and smooth table for family use and outdoor play
  • Foosmen molded to anti-corrosion rod
  • Durable and suitable for long term outdoor use
  • Solid, durable, all around high-quality foosball table
  • Smooth play
  • Trusted and proven foosball table brand
  • Integrated adjustable leg levelers
  • Thick aluminum laminate commercial grade cabinet
  • Heavy duty rubber bumpers and more

This is kind of a long guide, so feel free to use the following table of contents to navigate to a product or section within the article:

Best Entry Level Foosball Tables (Less Than $800)

The Warrior Pro

The Warrior Pro

Best Foosball Table for the $$$

The Warrior Pro is one of the best foosball tables for players who want a tournament level table at an entry-level price.

Warrior is one of the top names in foosball and is endorsed for tournament play by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF).

The Warrior Pro has a very solid base with the feel of a commercial table. This table also includes rod guards to protect toddlers from injury.

The aesthetics are basic, and possibly less appealing compared to the Kick Legend (below).

Yet many players will appreciate its basic appearance as a trade-off for its solid construction.

The Warrior Pro is designed for quick assembly and fast and smooth play. And it’s even suitable for advanced play and commercial use. It also has a side/center ball return, which is a great feature when playing 1-v-1 or practicing on your own.

Plus, the players are counterweighted (also great for 1-v-1 play) and the table includes adjustable leg levelers.


  • Tournament Quality at Excellent Value
  • Solid and Sturdy table; has commercial feel
  • Nice touches, such as rod guards and sloped corners, that will enhance play
  • Split bearings enable fast and powerful shots


  • Not as attractive (if that’s what you’re going for)
  • Some players feel the balls are a little slow and heavy
  • Assembly can take longer than the stated 25 min (may want to consider expert assembly if this is a concern)
  • Ball return needs improvement

This table also has a single goalie set up.

While some players prefer the 3-man goalie option, plenty of the best foosball tables use the one-man goalie rod.

Plus, the sloped corners offset the lack of additional goalie-men by keeping the ball in play.

Overall the Warrior Pro will satisfy the needs of most players. And it will withstand hours upon hours of competitive play.

In my opinion, the Pro is the best foosball table at this price point.

Overview of Table Specs:

Weight: 205 lbs assembled
Cabinet: MDF (black PVC laminate leg and side panels)
Playfield:  White HPL inner walls, green PVC laminate with black striping and a 3-color WTS Logo
Rods: Solid chrome plated steel rods
Ball Return: Center/side ball return
Goalie Configuration: One Goalie
Counterbalanced Foosmen: Yes
Handles: Durable synthetic rubber (red and black)
Leg Levelers: Yes (5” diameter, adjustable with rubber feet and swivel design for different surfaces)

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Kick Legend

KICK Legend 55" in Foosball Table (Brown)

Best Entry-level Foosball Table with High End Looks

The Kick Legend is a solid 55” entry level option with an elegant look.

If you’re looking to add a foosball table to round out your game room but don’t anticipate very heavy usage or lots of competitive play, this is a good option.

Serious foosball players may want the enhanced stability and durability that you get with more base weight and heavy duty materials.

Yet Kick Legend’s main strength in its appearance. This is a very nice looking table. And, for the most part, it is sturdy, solid and stays level.

It also has counterbalanced men and adjustable leg levelers.


  • Quality sturdy entry level foosball table
  • Great addition to your game room
  • Elegant Design
  • Includes nice features like counterbalanced men and adjustable leg levelers


  • May lack stability and durability for serious players or heavy usage

Overview of Table Specs:

Weight: 143 lbs
Cabinet: MDF
Rods: Semi solid; stainless steel
Ball Return: Both ends of the table
Goalie Configuration: 1 or 3 men
Counterbalanced Foosmen: Yes
Handles: No slip rubber black rubber grip
Leg Levelers: Yes (5” adjustable)

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Eastpoint Ellington

Eastpoint Ellington

Best Budget-Friendly Foosball Table for Light Family Use

The Eastpoint Ellington is one of the best foosball tables if you are looking to add a budget-friendly, decorative game table to your apartment space or rec-room.

First, the Ellington is an attractive and stylish foosball table.

If you have a couple hundred bucks to spend, limited space and want to add a nice-looking game table, this is a great option.

And the Ellington is plenty stable for occasional use and light play.

This table also features stainless steel rods with comfortable black rubber handles and unique bead style manual scoring.


  • Stylish design
  • Perfect addition to an apartment with competition sized table
  • Budget friendly entry-level option
  • Bead style scoring units


  • Cheaper construction
  • Not counterbalanced men
  • No built-in leg levelers (but shim pack included)
  • Assembly can be longer than expected – check on expert assembly options if a concern

Yet if you are a serious player or anticipate frequent use and competitive play, the Ellington might not hold up.

At just under 100 lbs., it is a bit lighter than other recreational foosball tables. Also, the players are not counterbalanced.

With lighter foosmen to begin with, the lack of counterweights may frustrate die-hard players who enjoy playing 1-v-1 or taking practice shots.

Nevertheless, this is still one of the best foosball tables for the price.

Overview of Table Specs:

Weight: 99 lbs
Cabinet: Laminate / MDF
Rods: Semi solid; stainless steel
Ball Return: Both ends of the table
Goalie Configuration: 3 foosmen
Counterbalanced Foosmen: No
Handles: Black rubber
Leg Levelers: Not built-in adjustable (but shim pack included)

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Top Picks for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor

The Garlando G-500 Weatherproof is one of the best foosball tables for family use and competitive play, whether in the basement or outside on the patio.

This table features smooth and safe telescoping rods that are protected from the elements by an anti-corrosion chromium plating.

And the primary material for this table is waterproof marine plywood coated with heavy duty plastic laminate.

This table will hold up to significant outdoor use, making the G-500 a great option for a patio or poolside foosball table that the kids can play for hours on end.


  • Sturdy and smooth table for family use and outdoor play
  • Weather resistant marine plywood and plastic laminate coating makes it durable and suitable for long term outdoor use
  • Foosmen molded to anti-corrosion rod
  • Easy assembly


  • Handles are smaller than expected
  • Some players are not fully counterbalanced
  • Not as attractive as other tables with wood finishes


Weight: 150 lbs
Cabinet: Marine plywood coated in water resistant plastic laminate (field surface too)
Rods: Stainless steel with anti-rust chromium plating
Ball Return: Both ends of the table
Goalie Configuration: 1 Goalie (can be 360° rotating figure or not).
Counterbalanced Foosmen: Yes (although some reviews noted that only the goalie and defense seem to be counterbalanced)
Handles: Black rubber
Vinyl Table Cover: Included
Leg Levelers: Yes

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Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball

A close second the Garlando, the Kettler Weatherproof indoor/outdoor foosball table is a durable and attractive Italian made table with unique elements for extended outdoor use.

This table features heavy duty steel rods with anti-rust coatings and molded-on players for added durability.

The playing surface is made of glass – making it both weather resistant and fast.


  • Durable table with added features for outdoor use
  • Glass playing surface
  • Molded-on players
  • Resin score counters
  • Sturdy construction
  • Nice sloped sides and corners
  • Heavy duty leg levelers for stability on uneven outdoor surfaces


  • Handles somewhat skinny for high end table
  • Lighter weight reduces overall stability compared to high end tables
  • Molded-on players harder to replace

The Kettler Weatherproof also has sloped sides and corners to reduce dead spots. With a single goalie set up, this comes in very handy.

The Kettler includes a cover for outdoor storage. This is one of the best foosball tables is best for families looking to for a game table that can be played in the basement, game room or out on the patio in warmer months.

Overview of Table Specs:

Weight: 132 lbs
Cabinet: Laminates and weatherproof resins
Rods: Stainless steel with anti-rust chromium plating
Ball Return: Both ends of the table
Goalie Configuration: 1 Goalie
Counterbalanced Foosmen: Yes
Handles: Silver rubber
Cover included
Leg Levelers: Yes (sturdy adjustable built in levelers)

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Best Mid to High End Foosball Tables

Tornado Sport

Best All-Around Foosball Table

Manufactured in Texas, Tornado is the go-to foosball brand for serious foosball players.

The Tornado Sport is their entry-level foosball table designed for casual to serious foosball players.

I still consider it a high-end table though, and for most players this table will be more than adequate.

This a well-constructed, heavy and durable table that will withstand the years of abuse inflicted by countless games of foosball.

One thing I love about the Tornado Sport is its classic appearance.

For example, the 1” thick sidewalls are finished with a dark jewel mahogany. Combined with the iconic green melamine playfield, this is a very attractive and classic look for a home use foosball table.

The Sport also features a three-man goalie set up, as well as a revamped player foot designed for more precise shooting and passing.

Like all Tornado tables, the Sport also plays smoothly.

The smooth feel comes from some nicely constructed rods, made from .125 hollow steel, combined with rod bumpers and Tornado’s patented rubber balls.


  • Solid, durable, all around high-quality foosball table
  • Smooth play
  • Durable and fast hollow steel rods
  • Trusted and proven foosball table brand


  • Non-counterweighted players
  • No built-in adjustable leg levelers (although shims included)

The Sport does have a couple shortcomings, though. First, the players are not counterbalanced.

If you are a serious player or if you play a lot of one-on-one foosball, the lack of counterbalanced players might be hard to overlook.

Second, the legs do not include integrated adjustable levers. The table does come with shim levers, however, so this is more of a convenience factor.

Bottom line: The Tornado Sport hits the sweet spot of a reasonably priced, high quality, well-constructed table that’s pme of the best foosball tablesd for entry-level to advanced and competitive players.


Weight: 205 lbs (56″)
Cabinet: Mahogony melamine finish
Handles: Sure Grip plastic black
Ball Return: Ends of table
Legs: Adjustable leg levelers (not built-in; shims)
Goalie Configuration: Three men 

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The Tornado Foosball Table Line-Up

If you’re a serious player with a bigger budget or just looking for a higher-end table that will be put through the ringer or even used in a commercial environment, you might want to look at the next step(s) up in the Tornado line:

With each of these tables, you get the same high-quality characteristics of all Tornado tables (durable construction, smooth and precise playing, classic design and appearance) plus certain upgrades in materials, performance and design.

For example, the Tornado Classic has a single side ball return, natural wood handles, built-in adjustable leg levelers and lightly thicker side walls.

And then there’s the T-3000, which we’ll discuss below.

Rene Pierre Club

Best Foosball Table with European Style

Rene Pierre is a French foosball table manufacturer known for their handmade foosball tables that combine elegant aesthetics and fluid play.

The Rene Pierre Club model features a beautiful beech wood cabinet and a reinforced solid table base.

The Club is a heavy and stable foosball table with enhanced safety features like telescoping rods with ergonomic handle grips.


  • Beautiful natural beech cabinet (light or dark)
  • Safe telescoping rods with ergo handles
  • Stylish design features
  • Elevated corners for fluid play
  • Fast and smooth linoleum laminate playing surface


  • Single goalie not preferred by some
  • No integrated adjustable leg levelers

The corners of this table are slightly tilted. This is a helpful feature to keep play moving, especially with its single goalie set-up.

The Club has some unique European design features.

For example, there is the stylish light birch cabinet with rounded corners. The interior sides are also birch. Even the abacus scoring units show attention to detail and craftsmanship.

If you’re in the market for a high-end table with style, the Rene Pierre Club is certainly worth a look.

Table Specs:

Weight: 170 lbs
Cabinet: Natural Beech Wood
Rods: Chrome plated steel, telescoping
Ball Return: Center/Dual side
Goalie Configuration: Single goalie
Counterbalanced men: need to verify
Handles: Ergonomic or traditional rounded, rubber
Leg Levelers: No

The Best Commercial Grade / Tournament Quality Foosball Table

Tornado T-3000

If you’re looking for maximum durability, tournament quality stability and craftmanship, here it is.

The Tornado T-3000 is the gold standard for serious foosball play.

The T-3000 is made for commercial environments. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one in your home: The T-3000 comes in coin and non-coin operated versions.

This table weighs a whopping 355 lbs. It will withstand frequent aggressive play for years.

Of course, the T-3000 also has all the bells and whistles you would expect from one of the very best foosball tables:

  • Integrated adjustable leg levelers
  • Abacus scoring units
  • 8-side molded non-slip handle grips
  • Thick aluminum laminate commercial grade cabinet
  • Patented counterbalanced players
  • Dual side ball return
  • Heavy duty rubber bumpers and more.

We don’t all need a commercial grade table like the T-3000.

But if you’re serious about foosball and want something that will last, this is the one the pros use and the one we recommend.

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How to Find the Best Foosball Table For You

What are the essential things to consider when looking for the best foosball tables?

Aside from price, there are a few other factors to consider when searching for the best foosball tables.

For example, there are different materials of construction for the cabinet, playing field, rods and more.

There are also other features to know about that may impact your decision among foosball tables within your budget category.

For instance, do you need counterbalanced players? What about ball return?

We’ll take a quick look at some of these factors so you can make a well-informed decision when purchasing a new foosball table.

Foosball Tables: Materials of Construction

Cabinet Materials

Many of the best foosball tables in this list are made from MDF, which stands for Medium Density Fiberboard.

MDF is a very common composite material used in the production of furniture, cabinetry, sports equipment and many more home and recreational products.

This an economical material that can be layered with a variety of natural looking veneers and coatings to create custom finishes and styles.

Overall, MDF is a durable material that will be adequate for most foosball table owners.

Using MDF to construct the foosball cabinet allows manufacturers to add in other special features and make a high-quality table for a reasonable price.

Yet, the main downside with MDF is that it can chip easily and is harder to repair and lighter than solid wood.

I’m sure we’ve all seen this in less expensive furniture and consumer products. That’s why the very best foosball tables are usually made with solid wood or even steel in some cases.

Using solid wood and support materials means you’ll have a heavier table with added stability and durability. Of course, this also comes with a much higher price tag.

Thus, many foosball table buyers opt for quality MDF composite construction (meaning at least 1” thick sidewall) with a durable coating or natural wood veneer finish for added protection. 

Final note: If you’re on the lookout for a cheaper table, be wary of particle board construction.

This type of construction can absorb moisture and warp easily, making it much less durable over the long run. 


Depending on your available space, you want to make sure the table is the correct size. So, you should pay attention to the room size first, and then look at tables that will fit in the space.

For starters, a regulation foosball table has the following dimensions: 56 Inches (Length) x 30 Inches (Width) x 36 Inches (Height). When you take into account the extra room for rod extension and players, plus just some comfortable breathing room, the general advice is that the room should be at least 9 x 9 ½ feet.

There are other popular table sizes that are smaller and work better in tighter spaces, including 52″ and 48″ tables. 

Check out our post on foosball table dimensions and room size for a deeper dive.

The Foosball Table Playing Surface

You’ll notice that most foosball tables have either a melamine or laminate playing surface.

More specifically, budget friendly foosball tables typically have a melamine playing surface.

Melamine is basically a plastic material that is backed by a pressboard panel, resulting in a smooth and fast playing surface.

A laminate surface, on the other hand, is usually found on higher-end tables.

A laminate finish over solid wood makes an even faster playing surface compared to melamine. Using a laminate surface also allows manufacturers to embed the field markings into the surface rather than using decals or painting.

Yes, overall, laminate is a little more durable than cheaper surface materials. And it’s just a nicer look than decals or paint that ultimately fades or chips on the surface.

But honestly, most of us will not notice a major difference in play quality. 

Foosball Rods

Quality foosball rods are made of steel. Pretty straightforward.

But some tables have solid steel rods and others have hollow steel rods.

Solid steel foosball rods are typically used on entry-level to mid-range foosball tables.

They are durable, fast enough for most of us, and will hold up to years of abuse.

Hollow rods are used on higher-end foosball tables.

With hollow steel rods, you get sufficient durability combined with a lighter weight for faster and more powerful shots.

Key Foosball Table Features

Along with materials, there are a few important features to consider when looking for a new foosball table.

Some are more important than others. It helps to have a basic understanding of the important ones, as mentioned below.

Counter-Weighted (aka Counterbalanced) Foosmen

When reading foosball table descriptions and reviews for the best foosball tables you will often see these terms: Counter-weighted or counterbalanced players. It may or may not be a deciding factor for you.

Either way, here’s a basic explanation of what this means:

A counter-weighted foosman has a steel-weighted head. The foot is also weighted. This means the weight of the head counterbalances the weight of the foot.

Since they are weighted equally, you can set the player parallel to the field and clear room for shots and passes.

I find this especially useful when playing 1-v-1 foosball matches.

Most high-end tables and many mid-range foosball tables include counterweighted players. But some don’t. They have non-counterweighted players. And for many of us, this is not a big deal deal.

Basically, all this means is that a non-counterweighted foosman does not have the weighted head.

So, his feet will rotate back down when left unattended. When you’re setting up backfield shots or passes, or playing foosball and practicing your power shots on your own, this can get annoying. 

Yet, even with non-weighted players, there is still usually a delay before the player rotates downward. And with higher quality resin constructed foosmen, this happens slowly. Usually with plenty of time to set up and execute your shot or pass.

This is the key: If they are cheaper plastic players with a larger variation in weight between the head and foot, the swing down will happen quickly with little or no time to set up your men.

So, don’t let the fact that the table may or may not have counter-weighted “weigh” too heavily on your decision. Instead, focus on the overall construction of the foosmen, as that will be more important over the long run.

Leg Levelers

Leveling your foosball table is important. In fact, it’s really important: Your floor may be uneven, but the playing field should not be.

That’s why all foosball tables should come with some type of leg leveler. And the most common options are integrated adjustable leg levelers or flat legs with shims.

Most of the best foosball tables include integrated adjustable leg levelers.

This means you can adjust the table height in each corner by unscrewing or screwing the foot leveler at the bottom of the leg. It makes it really easy to adjust the table and make slight tweaks to account for an irregular floor surface.

This is a very handy feature, as even the slightest tilt can ruin a game of foosball.

And you may need to make several tweaks to find the optimal level surface. Again, adjustable leg levelers make this really easy.

If you don’t have built-in levelers, the alternative is using shims to level the flat legs.

This works fine in most cases. It’s just a little more work and the leveling is not quite as precise.

If you have a nice flat and level surface, this is a feature that might not be as important to you.

But finding a table with quality adjustable leg levelers is a nice bonus if you’re not sure. It’s also very useful with indoor/outdoor tables, as outdoor surfaces are less likely to be perfectly level to begin with.

Telescoping Foosball Rods

You’ll see telescopic rods as a safety feature on many of the best foosball tables designed for family-friendly use.

This is because standard steel rods, whether solid or hollow, will extend through the opposite side of the foosball cabinet.

This can be dangerous if you are sliding the rods in and out and have young children near the table.

Telescoping rods are designed to slide within the rod casing so they do not slide outside of the cabinet.

Again, if you have young children, this will be a very nice safety feature.

Alternatively, some tables have rod guards to protect against injury. They are not quite as effective, as the rod will still protrude through the other side. But the ends will be softer and more protective than standard steel rods.

Ball Return

Foosball tables come with three types of ball return: end return, side return or dual side return.

Ball return is mostly a convenience factor. But it’s an important one for many players.

That’s why most high-end and commercial foosball tables have dual side return at the center of the table. This means the ball will automatically roll to the correct side after a goal is scored.

Entry-level and mid-range tables usually have ball returns at the ends of the table. This just means the ball collect at either end of the table after a goal is scored.

Ball return at the end of the table is not that big of a deal for most of us. It just means you actually have to reach around the end of the table to grab the ball.

Sure, this can be kind of annoying if you’re playing against yourself. And some tables have poorly designed ball collections where the ball drops out of the table after a goal.

But even worse is when a side return is not designed properly and the ball actually gets stuck inside the table.

Then you need to lift the table to send the ball to the side return. Fortunately, this is usually not an issue with quality tables or commercial units.


Find the Best Foosball Table for Any Budget

That concludes are guide to the best foosball tables for almost any budget.

We’ve revisit this post from time to time, just to make sure these picks still hold true. And they do.

Of course, there are many game room products out there, so while we feel confident the tables in this article will make any new owner happy and ready for some serious foos, we always encourage you to do your research and read the reviews. 

Have a table you think we should feature in this article? Let us know right here.


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