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Welcome to Bar Games 101, a comprehensive online resource where you can learn the basics of all your favorite bar games, from pool and billiards to foosball, darts, and those traditional pub classics that have entertained generations for years.

About the Blog

We created this site because, quite simply, we love games.

Whether sitting down with our families for quality time with the latest board games or hanging out with friends for good old-fashioned drinking games on a Friday night, few things bring people together and create more memories than time spent playing games.

That’s why we love them.

That’s why we love talking about them.

That’s why we love helping as many people as possible learn everything they need to know to enjoy their favorite game truly.

And that, ultimately, is why we love running a blog that introduces people from all walks of life to the enjoyment of playing games.

Topics We Cover

We created Bar Games 101 to serve as the web’s first definitive resource for all things bar games, combining beginner-friendly how-tos with expert tips on getting better at whatever you love to play.

Although this site was, like many, a good idea, born in a bar room, we don’t just cover the games you typically think of, such as darts, cue sports, and popular drinking games.

We also go outside the box (outside the bar, if you will) and provide extensive guides to other types of games, such as:

What You’ll Find on This Blog

1. Game Rules and Tutorials

We pride ourselves on making traditional games accessible to all.

This is why, whether we’re showing you how to play 8-ball pool or introducing you to the rules of card games you may have never played before, like Chinchon, we go to great lengths to make sure our game guides are as easy to follow as possible with clear, step-by-step instructions.

2. Strategies, Tips, and Expert Advice

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to start putting the work in to get better.

We’ve got you covered there too.

From improving your darts stance to developing winning foosball techniques, we provide top tips for both bar game beginners and experienced players.

3. Gear Guides

One of the most challenging aspects of taking up any new pastime is determining the best equipment to buy.

Our experts poured countless hours of research into testing all kinds of gear, from darts and dart boards to ladder ball sets and more, all in the name of helping you find the right products.

About Our Gear Guides and Product Testing Process

To help keep the lights on and keep testing more great games, we participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we earn a small commission from Amazon when you purchase some products after clicking on a link from our site.

However, there are two very important things we need you to know about this:

  1. You won’t pay any more for a product that you purchase after clicking our affiliate links than you would if you went directly to Amazon.
  2. We never recommend or suggest products that we don’t genuinely believe are among the very best of the best.

Every product you’ll find on this site has been personally tried and tested by our team. Every time we tell you about a product we believe would help you enjoy your favorite game, and you can rest assured that we’re only doing so after going through the following product selection process.

  1. We round up a broad selection of the best-selling models in the product category we’re covering and assign each one a score based on first impressions, customer reviews, and features.
  2. For games that are played professionally, we assign extra points to models and overall brands approved by the pros.
  3. The products that score the most points are purchased and played with here at Bar Games 101 Headquarters. Yes, it is the best part of the job! 
  4. Though we may be having fun, we do take our job seriously. Once we’re done playing, we sit down to discuss how each model performed in essential categories such as: 
  • Overall quality
  • Cost
  • Beginner-friendly vs. better for experienced players
  • Other factors that may be relevant to the particular product type.
  1. We give each item a score for each of those categories, and the ones that perform the best make it to our site.

Meet the Team

This blog is run by an elite team of experienced bar gamers. We even receive regular input from professionals and those who’ve reached the pinnacle of their preferred game. 

Below, you can meet the guy who’ve been having such a good time putting Bar Games 101 together for you:

Murphy MacQuaid

Murphy MacQuaid is a bartender and the owner of Murphy has been playing games at the bar and at home for more than 15 years. He’s passionate about sharing his love of game play with the world. He currently lives, works, and plays in Austin, TX.

Where to Begin:

If you love bar games as much as we do, you’ll no doubt love our book, Bar Games 101: The Drinker’s Guide to Your Favorite Card Games, Board Games, and more! 

As ideal for keeping on the shelf in your game room as it is for gifting to the game fan, you can check out the first ten pages for free right here. Alternatively, start here with our complete guide to the 50 best bar games.

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