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Foosball Table Dimensions and Room Size: A Primer

When looking for the best foosball table for your needs, it helps to understand common foosball table dimensions.

Here we’ll take a look at the dimensions and suitable room sizes for different foosball tables.

Starting with the regulation table size, we’ll work our way down to tabletop foosball dimensions.

Hopefully this guide will help you choose the right table for whatever space you have.


Note: The dimensions for each table are as assembled

Full Size Regulation Foosball Table Dimensions

A regulation foosball table has the following dimensions:

56 Inches (Length) x 30 Inches (Width) x 36 Inches (Height)

Many foosball tables are available with these exact dimensions, or very close.

Popular examples are the Tornado full size tables and the Warrior.

These are tournament level tables, so the standard dimensions are required.


The width does not include the rods, which can add 12 – 18 inches to the total width when extended.

We recommend checking the manufacturer’s specifications for the actual rod length for your table, as this will affect the total width.

For example, tornado replacement rods come in sets of 4, with the longest being the 2-man rod measuring at 48.375 inches. This would add about 18 inches to the width.


Full size tables vary in weight. Some tables weigh less than 100 lbs, while others like the Tornado T3000 weigh close to 400 lbs.

This does not affect the table dimensions, but should be a consideration for assembly and overall sturdiness.

Now that you have a basis for regulation foosball table dimensions, it’s time to consider the appropriate room size.

Best Room Size for a Regulation Foosball Table

First, let’s consider the width of the table.

Foosball Room Size: Width

As mentioned, a standard table is 30 inches wide when assembled.

You will need at least an extra 3 to 4 feet on each side to provide enough of space for the rods and players.

That means the room width for our foosball table should be at least 9 ½ feet (3 ½ feet on each side plus 30 inch table width).


The length of a regulation size foosball table is 56 inches. You’ll also want extra room to move around the ends of the table and retrieve balls if applicable.

You therefore need to add a couple feet to each end when considering the table dimensions.  With this extra length, our total foosball room length should be at least 9 feet.

So, the minimum room size for a regulation foosball table is approximately 9 x 9 ½ feet.

To put things in perspective, this is about the same space requirement as the minimum room size for a bedroom with a double bed.

I would even add a foot or two in case you have other objects near the table, or are playing foosball in a busy area of the house or bar.

You may also want to give the players a little extra space to get in better positions for more power.

If you don’t have the adequate room size for a regulation foosball table, fear not.

There are several other table sizes available from high quality foosball brands. These are not regulation size tables, but still well constructed and good enough for competitive play and long term use.

Let’s take a look at some other foosball dimensions and corresponding room sizes for smaller tables.

The 52″ Foosball Table

Several foosball table manufacturers offer the 52” option.

One popular example is the American Legend Charger 52”.

This table, along with similar tables in the 52” category, has the following dimensions:

52 Inches (Length) x 20 Inches (Width) x 28 Inches (Height)

The room size for this foosball table can therefore be smaller than for a regulation table.

For example, now if you had a space of at least 8 x 8 feet you should have enough room to play on this table. It would also allow for a little extra room compared to a regulation table even if your space was slightly bigger.

At 28 inches high, this table is also shorter than a regulation table, making it more suitable for younger players in some cases.

The 48″ Foosball Table

Another foosball table option that is popular for smaller spaces, such as apartments, is the 48” table.

Kick Foosball, for example, offers several tables in this category. Just take a look at the Kick Conquest.

Here, the foosball table dimensions are:

48 Inches (Length) x 24 Inches (Width) x 31 Inches (Height)

Note that the Conquest is not as long as the 52” option, but it offers more width and height. This makes for a sturdy and grown-up friendly table that will fit in a tight space.

Your room size or playing area in this case could be as small as 6 feet x 8 feet.

If you need something even smaller than a 48” foosball table, you can always check out tabletop foosball options. These tables are great, portable options for players of all ages.

You just need to find the right surface and create some space for some surprisingly fun foosball action.

Tabletop Foosball Dimensions

Tabletop foosball tables, also known as ‘mini’ tables, can be great alternatives to full size tables when you have limited space, want something that is portable, and/or want a fun foosball table the kids can use.

Typical foosball table dimensions for tabletop versions are:

40 Inches (Length) x 20 Inches (Width) x 10 Inches (Height)

As you can see, the length and width are not that far from the dimensions of popular non-regulation standing tables.

Many players are surprised at the quality of play on these tables. You may be playing on your knees, but otherwise these tables feel pretty realistic.

The difference is that you can place this table on any stable surface and just start playing. A coffee table usually does the trick.

One example is the Sport Squad Tabletop Foosball Table.

This is a well-made table that is only 8 inches high! It’s a small, slick foosball table that you can plop down anywhere.

And you can even take a table like this on vacation or over to your buddy’s house.


While a regulation size table is the ideal option, not everybody has the space or the budget for the full size table.

That’s why we wanted to include foosball dimensions of smaller, popular and budget-friendly tables that may work better in tighter spaces.

In the end you just need to find the right table that will tick the boxes of quality and budget while fitting in whatever space you have available.

Hopefully this guide will help.


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