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7 Must-Have Pool Table Accessories

Whether your game is Pool, Snooker, or Billiards, once you’ve got your table, you’ll need other equipment to get the most out of it! There is a wide range of accessories available but knowing precisely what you need isn’t always clear.

When you’re buying a Pool table, you’ll likely get a ball set and at least a couple of cues. But while this is enough for a game of Pool, there are plenty of other accessories available that can enhance your game. We count down our picks for the must-have Pool table accessories below.

1. A Break Cue

Many Pool players ask themselves whether they really need a break cue? These particular cues are heavier than standard cues with thicker tips. However, since breaking is one of the most critical elements of Pool and other games like 8-Ball, a break cue can be very valuable.

While a break cue might seem unnecessary at first glance, it can make a big difference to your game. As a result, professional players almost always use them. You can even check out our 10 best break cues too.

2. Table Lighting

Lighting is essential when it comes to playing Pool, Billiards, and many other games. Bars will often have special lighting above their Pool tables to ensure optimal playing conditions. These lights help reduce shadow and glare without being overly bright and distracting. Check out our guide to Pool table lights for more information.

3. Pool Chalk

Pool Chalk

Pool chalk likely isn’t something you’d find in a bar or pub when playing Pool. But if you’re getting your table, you should have some ready. This special chalk increases the friction on your cue, giving you a smoother, more accurate shot. It also helps protect your cue’s tip and prevents it from getting worn out. Learn how to use Pool chalk properly with our guide.

4. A Pool Brush

A Pool Brush

While there are a few different ways to clean a Pool table felt the most important tool is a brush. A Pool brush will help prevent a buildup of waste, dirt, and dust. This, in turn, will help ensure a smoother game. Some Pool tables may come with a brush, but this is by no means the norm.

5. A Triangle Rack

Sometimes called just a rack, this accessory is vital for all kinds of games like Cutthroat Pool. A triangle rack will help you get your Pool balls in the proper starting position to play. While you can set up your Pool balls without one, it will be much more difficult and time-consuming.

6. Ball Polish

All those Pool balls traveling around your table can cause issues over time. Ball burn is a genuine thing! To protect your table, your should polish your Pool balls regularly. This will help remove dust and oily residue. It will also be sure to help reduce friction levels on the table felt too.

7. A Cue Rack

A cue rack is a great accessory as it will give you a way to store all your cues safely! While Pool can be played alone, it is primarily a game for two people. So, you’ll need to keep at least a couple of cues, and a rack is a great way to do this.

Remember, Pool cues also come in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll likely have a few. Getting yourself a cue rack will help you keep them safe and ready for use.


That completes our list of the 7 must-have Pool table accessories! Getting your first Pool table is sure to be an exciting time but don’t forget the extra accessories to help you take your game to the next level.

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