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Pool Table Size: Guide to Help You Determine its Room Size

Buying a Pool table can be a little confusing. This is likely why many people stick to playing Pool at the bar. But if you want to enjoy this popular bar game at home, you can! You just need to make sure you buy the right table.

Pool table dimensions come in several different sizes, and there are regional differences as well. For example, when you go to buy a Pool table, you will likely have both American and UK versions to choose from.

Knowing the differences between them won’t always be easy either. But in this guide, we’ll talk you through the different Pool table sizes and outline what amount of pool table room size you’ll need to accommodate them adequately.

Remember, you don’t just need enough room to set the Pool table up. You also need enough space to use a Pool cue as well. So, before we take an in-depth look at the room size, let’s go through the main types of Pool tables.

American Pool Table Size

American Pool Tables

American 7 FT

Close to two and a half meters in length, this is the smallest traditional US Pool table. This type of table is a little longer than its UK equivalent. If you want to play it safe and save space, then a 7 FT Pool table could be your best option.

American 8 FT

The American 8 FT Pool table is considered the average size. If you have ever played Pool in a pub or bar, you likely played on this type of table. However, if you want an “authentic” Pool experience, this table is probably your best option.

American 9 FT

The biggest American Pool table is quite a beast! Measuring almost three meters in length, this is a huge Pool table that will need a roomy space to accommodate it. While not as common as the 8 FT, these tables are used in some bars and clubs.

So, that is the basics when it comes to American Pool tables. However, knowing the size of the table is just the beginning. You also need to think about the space required to use your cue. Cues also come in different sizes, so everyone’s needs will be a little different. To help you choose the right Pool table, check out our helpful guide below.

Pool Table Size43” Cue48” Cue57” Cue
7’ Table13’11” x 10’8″14’8″ x 11’5″16’2″ x 13′
8’ Table15’1″ x 11’3″15’11” x 12′17’4″ x 13’7″
9’ Table15’9″ x 11’7″16’10” x 12’4″18″ x 13’11”

UK Pool Table Size

UK Pool Tables


These smaller Pool tables are often used in pubs and clubs. So, casual Pool players will likely be more familiar with them. These Pool tables are an excellent choice for smaller households and tight spaces.


This is the official regulation size for professional Pool tournaments. Other games like 8-Ball are also usually played on 7 FT Pool tables as well. This is typically the easiest type of Pool table to find online when it comes to the two UK sizes.

While the UK sizes aren’t quite as common in the US, they can still be found in shops and online. So, if you do end up buying one of these types of Pool tables, make sure you can accommodate it. Our handy chart below shows the amount of space you’ll need to play.

Pool Table Size43” Cue48” Cue57” Cue
6’ Table11’6″ x 8’11”13’6″ x 10’11”15′ x 12’5”
7’ Table12’3″ x 9’3″14’2″ x 11’2”15’9″ x 12’8″

Tabletop/ Miniature Pool Table Size

Tabletop/ Miniature Pool Tables

Finally, one last Pool table variant to talk about is the mini or tabletop Pool tables. These Pool tables are much smaller and designed to be placed on top of a regular table. Again, you can find a wide range of these Pool tables, and they come in a variety of different sizes.

The largest models are usually around 3 FT in length. So, even at their largest, they are much smaller than your standard Pool tables. While some of these smaller tables are designed for children, they can be played by adults as well.

Conclusion – Pool Table Room Size

So, that’s all the essential information you need to know when it comes to buying a Pool table. With this guide, you can ensure that any table you buy will fit in your home no matter what size of Pool cue you use.

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