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Best 7 Foot Pool Table (Top Picks for Your Game Room)

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Playing billiards or pool is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family, and is a game with a satisfying level of challenge and skill for players of all abilities.

A seven foot pool table can be a fantastic compromise between the amount of playing surface you need to play a real, satisfying game of pool or billiards, and the amount of space available in a typical home game or rec room.

But buying a pool table can be quite an investment, and the tables are big, bulky, and require some maintenance, so it should be considered carefully. 

What to Consider When Buying a 7 Foot Pool Table

Here are some key things to keep in mind when shopping for a pool or billiards table.

The Amount of Space You Have in Your Home

Pool tables require quite a lot of clearance, as you may have noticed. Even when playing in a pub or club, you often have to share space with other players. The minimum recommended clearance for a pool table is 4.5 ft. on all sides, so that players have room to execute their shots. In the case of a 7 ft. pool table, that means you need a minimum of about 16 x 14 sq. ft. of space to play an enjoyable game.

Learn more about pool table anatomy.

The Table’s Leveling System

Leveling a pool table is critical. Not only is a level table necessary in order for your shots to roll true as anticipated, but if the table isn’t level the automatic ball return (if it has one) won’t work properly. Furthermore, many tables settle a bit over time, or react to temperature and weather conditions, so leveling should be checked every few weeks or months.

If you buy a pool table that is difficult to level, and have a professional do it with the initial setup, you may still have to adjust it yourself. Pool tables either have adjustable feet or use shims, so be aware of how to use your table’s leveling system.

The Included Accessories

Whether your game is pool, billiards, or snooker, there are a wide range of accessories you need to play a good game. The unfortunate fact is that most accessories that ship with a table simply aren’t very good.

While it would be nice to get everything in one package, it’s smart to expect to need to purchase at least your own pool cues. You can keep the cues that come with the table as extra for friends and family. 

And, if it doesn’t come with the table, you will need a cover to protect the surface of the table from dust and debris that may damage the felt, let alone from accidents due to spilled food and drinks, pets or kids, and simple excess friction and wear.

How You Will Manage Delivery and Assembly

Today, most people order pool tables online for delivery to their homes. This is a great way to avoid the hassle of lifting and transporting the table yourself, but may still pose some problems. It’s always a good idea to have 2-3 people available to help you on the day the table is delivered.

Not every company will deliver the table indoors, to your desired room, so you may need to carry it from your door to the right place in your house.

While assembling the table, it may need to be steadied or shifted, which is usually a two person job. Finally, almost all pool tables need to have the top lifted and set gently down on the legs. This usually requires at least two people to hold the table, and often one person underneath checking the placement and attachments of the legs.

If you are doing it yourself, give yourself plenty of time and get some friends to help you. Or you may consider hiring a local professional company to do it for you, and save yourself some effort.

Best 7 Foot Pool Table Product Reviews

Hathaway Hustler 7’-8’ Pool Table with Blue Felt

Hathaway Hustler Pool Table, Blue, 7-Feet
Hathaway Hustler Pool Table, Blue, 7-Feet, available on Amazon

The Hathaway Hustler 7 foot pool table has a great look, with blue felt, a matte black base, and chrome accents. It has a warp-resistant playing surface with high quality blended wool and polyester felt. It has fast-action K-66 rubber cushions for great bounce, and six inch independent levelers on each leg. This pool table has 78 x 39 in. of playing surface, and an automatic ball return. The table is made of high quality engineered wood with a black laminate finish.

The Hathaway Hustler 7’ Pool Table with Blue Felt weighs 238 pounds, and comes with a set of billiard balls, two 57 inch pool cues, chalk, a racking triangle, and a table brush. It also has a 180-day warranty, and US-based Hathaway Games guarantees that the table will arrive undamaged and with all the promised parts and accessories. It is fairly easy to assemble, requiring only basic tools.


  • Full size pool table with large playing surface
  • Set comes complete with everything you need to play
  • Quality construction, including high quality felt and K-66 bumpers
  • Independently leveling feet make it simpler to level
  • Easy assembly
  • 180-day warranty against shipping damage and missing parts


  • Included pool cues are very light
  • Not very durable or wear-resistant
  • Ball pockets are loud

Bottom Line

The Hathaway Hustler 7’ Pool Table with Blue Felt has a clean, modern look with stylish blue felt and a generous playing surface. While it is sometimes damaged during shipping, that is often true of all large, heavy items like pool tables, and Hathaway Games specifically provides a warranty against that kind of damage. This pool table is easy to assemble and has high quality components, and is good value for the purchase price.

SIMBAUSA Billiard Pool Table 7′ Feet Snooker Full Set

SIMBAUSA Billiard Pool Table 7' Feet Snooker Full Set Accessories Game mod. Blue SEA

The SIMBAUSA 7 foot pool table is a full size table with ocean blue fabric and a complete set of accessories. The table is made of dark brown MDF, with a 74.75” L x 36.75” W playing field. It has adjustable feet for leveling, and attractive chrome plating on the corner cups and feet covers. It has standard sized pockets and an automatic ball return system.

This 7 foot pool table comes with all the accessories you need to play billiards or snooker, including 15 numbered balls and a cue ball, 6 solid colored balls, 4 standard cues and 2 rest shafts, a scoreboard, 2 chalks, 2 triangle racks, a pool table cover, and a brush to clean the cloth. The table weighs 328 pounds, and comes with everything you need for easy assembly.


  • Full-size pool table
  • Attractive design and details, with blue cloth and chrome accents
  • Complete set in one box for playing pool, billiards, and snooker
  • Comes with cleaning brush and pool table cover
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Automatic ball return


  • Cues may arrive broken or warped
  • Balls may be inconsistent in size, incorrectly numbered, or incorrectly colored
  • Not made of the highest quality materials

Bottom Line

The SIMBAUSA Billiard Pool Table 7′ Feet Snooker Full Set is a great option for a full size 7 foot pool table for beginners. It’s possible that players may need to purchase their own pool cues to overcome potential issues with the cues that ship with the set, but purchasing your own individual pool cue is something many home players would do anyway. This is a handsome pool table that is easy to use and easy to assemble.

MD Sports Billiard Table Set

MD Sports 84" Arcade Billiard Table
MD Sports 84″ Arcade Billiard Table, available on Amazon

The 7 foot arcade style billiard table set from MD Sports is a handsome black MDF pool table with a deep red polyester velvet surface. The 5/8 in. particle board playing surface has deck support for durability, and the body and rails are made of a scratch-resistant PVC laminate to look great over time. It has genuine K-818 bumper guards for consistent bounce, and oversized leg levelers for a level surface. It has ball drop pockets, not a ball return.

The MD Sports Billiard Table Set comes with a set of billiard balls, 2 solid wood pool cues, 1 triangle rack, and 2 chalks. It also comes with a cleaning brush to maintain the table in peak condition. It weighs 194 pounds, and is backed by a 90-day limited warranty.


  • Striking black-and-red billiard table looks great in any game room
  • Complete billiard set with table, cues, balls, chalk, and more
  • Full-size pool table


  • Difficult to assemble — pre-drilled holes don’t line up well, it requires multiple people to lift the table and place it on the legs, etc.
  • Difficult to level — leveling requires shimming the legs, and needs to be repeated over time as the legs compress and settle
  • Construction is not very durable; materials prone to splitting and gaps

Bottom Line

The MD Sports Billiard Table Set is a good-looking billiard table with some flaws. Most people find that it’s a good pool table after some initial difficulty in assembly and setup, and agree that it’s a good value for the money.

Depending on your location, you may be able to get professional assembly and leveling for an additional purchase, which may be a good investment and allow you to enjoy more quickly playing on this billiard table.

Barrington Springdale 90″ Claw Leg Billiard Table Set

Barrington Springdale 90" Claw Leg Billiard Table Set with Cues, Rack, Balls, Brush, and Chalk (23 Pieces)
Barrington Springdale 90″ Claw Leg Billiard Table Set, available on Amazon

The claw leg billiard table set from Barrington has the timeless green felt surface you expect in old pool tables, with attractive claw-and-ball feet and classic details. The playing field is 77.5 in. long x 38.75 in. deep. It has parlor-style drop pockets, and genuine K-818 bumper guards.

The playing surface is an 18mm particle board deck support covered with professional-grade wool blend green felt, and the top rail is laminated with a scratch-resistant wood grain finish for good looks and durability. The metal frame provides strength and durability, with the claw-and-ball molded cover for an iconic look.

The Barrington Springdale 90″ Claw Leg Billiard Table Set comes with 2 cue sticks, 2 chalks, 15 numbered billiard balls, 1 cue ball, and a triangle rack. It also comes with a felt brush. It weighs 260 pounds, and has a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Timeless pool table look and style
  • Complete pool set with balls, cues, chalk, and everything you need to play
  • High quality wool surface and bumpers
  • Full size pool table


  • May be difficult to assemble — top needs to be lifted and placed on the legs, requiring multiple people
  • Uses shims beneath the legs for leveling
  • Included pool cues are very light

Bottom Line

The Barrington Springdale 90″ Claw Leg Billiard Table Set is a great full size pool table for a classic pub and pool hall look. It has elegant legs, high quality surfaces, and is sturdy and durable for a pool table in this price range.

Sunnydaze 7-Foot Pool Table

Sunnydaze 7-Foot Pool Table - Durable Billiard Game Set - Automatic Ball Return - Use in Adult Game Room - Includes Ball Return, 1 Triangle, Full 16 Ball Set, 2 Cue Sticks, Chalk and Brush
Sunnydaze 7-Foot Pool Table, available on Amazon

This 7 foot pool table from Sunnydaze has a modern pub style, with a streamlined black table and traditional green felt. The playing surface is 73.75 x 38.5 inches, covered with green woolen cloth. The table is made of warp-resistant PVC laminated MDF, and the bumper rails are made of rubber. It has chrome leveling feet, and a ball return.

The Sunnydaze 7-Foot Pool Table comes with a set of balls, 2 cues, 1 triangle rack, 2 chalk cubes, and a cleaning brush. The table weighs 204 pounds, and is backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • One-year warranty
  • Full-size pool table
  • Comes with everything you need to play
  • Durable construction


  • Assembly directions may be confusing
  • Included pool cues are low quality

Bottom Line

The Sunnydaze 7-Foot Pool Table is a simple, fun pool table for home use. It is full-size, low enough for the whole family to use, and made of sturdy materials.


Let’s face it: having a pool table at home is just cool. It’s a fun game and hobby for friends and family alike, and a great way to spend time with people you care about. With a little planning, you can have a fantastic seven foot pool table in your own home and enjoy it any time you like.


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