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How to Play Pool Alone? Have Fun & Improve Skills

Pool is practically a bar game staple at this point. Many of us likely have memories of playing a game of Pool with our friends over some drinks. But you don’t always need a friend with you to enjoy Pool! 

Pool is a much more versatile game than you might first think. There are several games you can play alone with just a Pool cue, table, and balls. These games aren’t just great fun, but they are also an effective way to improve your skills and get better at playing Pool. 

So, if you find yourself being thrashed in regular games of Pool, why not practice your game by learning how to play Pool alone? Below, we’ve outlined some fun Pool games you can play alone that will be sure to help you hone your skills. 



Three-shot (also known as three-ball) is a quick, fun game you can play in just a few minutes! To play, choose any three balls and place them in a triangular formation in the center of the table. The aim of the game is to pocket the balls in as few shots as possible. This is a great game to practice precision shots and improve your Pool skills. If you want to add more challenge, only give yourself three shots to pocket each ball. 

Solo Eight Ball 

Any Pool player will probably know all about Eight Ball. While the game is often played with two players, it can also be played solo. To play the game, set up all the Pool balls; the aim of the game is to pocket all of them. However, you need to start with all the striped balls, followed by the solid-colored balls, and finally, the Eight Ball itself. 

Fifteen In A Row

Now, if you want a challenging game to play solo, then Fifteen In A Row is for you. In this game, you set up the Pool balls as usual and then take your break shot. But once you do this, you have to pocket a ball at each turn. The balls can be pocketed in any order, but you have to start again from the beginning if you miss just one shot. 

Target Pool 

Target Pool is a great way to practice more complex shots and learn Pool table anatomy. If you have a hard time with specific shots in Pool, you should definitely have a few rounds of Target Pool. Instead of setting up the balls, as usual, you place them in ways you find challenging. You don’t even need to use all the balls! Your aim is to pocket the balls. Target Pool is a great way to conquer more complex shots and a great way to practice. 

Speed Pool

Speed Pool

Speed Pool is a fun twist on the previously mentioned Solo Eight Ball. The game is played in much the same way. You set up the balls, then in sequence must pocket the striped balls, the single colored balls, and then the eightball. 

However, this game adds a new element in the form of a timer. Give yourself a 10-minute timer and try to pocket all the balls before the time runs out! If you succeed, you can lower the timeframe by a minute each time, to make the game even more challenging. 


Sometimes called Pool Bowling, this game is great fun for anyone who is a fan of traditional ten-pin bowling. Set up ten balls, and then get ready. You have ten shots, and your goal is to pocket as many balls as you can in those shots. 

If you manage to get all ten balls pocketed, you get a strike, while nine balls will give you a spare. Although you can use any scoring system you like. This is a great way to work on your aim and hone your skills for future Pool matches. 

One Pocket Pool 

This is a challenging game and a great way to practice your precision. One Pocket Pool is played just like traditional two-player Pool games. However, there is a significant difference; in this game, a ball can only be pocketed if it’s knocked into a nominated pocket of your choosing. 

If you struggle getting balls into specific pockets, then One Pocket Pool can be a great game to play. The game can also be made a bit easier by using three or two pockets instead of just one if you’re struggling. But you can also make it more difficult by using a timer as well.  

Dizzy/ Drunk Pool 

Pool isn’t a traditional drinking game, even if it is usually played in bars! But Dizzy Pool can be a fun game to play if you want to experience what playing Pool drunk is like. The game follows the same rules as traditional Pool. 

But before each shot, you should spin around from 20 to 30 seconds and then take your shot. However, if getting dizzy doesn’t sound like fun, you can turn it into a drinking game instead. Before, each shot takes a swig from your drink and then play. Just make sure you don’t drink too much. 

Golf Pool 

Let’s finish with one of the most fascinating solo Pool games, shall we? In Golf Pool, you should set yourself up a variety of different “holes” on the Pool table. Your aim is to pocket the black ball (or a ball of your choosing) in a set number of shots. 

You can even use the other balls as obstacles, and ideally, you should try to play at least nine different holes. You can even set par limits on each hole and use them to figure out the final score. This game is excellent for two players as well but is definitely fun to play alone. 

So, that is a bunch of different Pool games you can play alone! These games are great fun but also sure to help you improve your Pool skills in the future. Playing Pool with friends is, of course, fun but you can enjoy playing alone just as much. 

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