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Asshole Drinking Games: Rules & How to Play?

The Asshole drinking game is an interesting case. This game, also known as President and Scum, can also be played without drinking. But the drinking game version is much more fun, in our opinion. 

Another thing that makes it different from other drinking games like Beer Pong or Kings Cup is that it is more complex. Now that game isn’t Shogi-level complicated or anything like that. But if you are used to more simple drinking games, then the Asshole Drinking Game could be pretty confusing. 

So, if you are thinking of giving the Asshole Drinking Game a go or simply want to learn more about it, our guide can help. We’ll take a look at everything you need to know about this game and outline exactly how you play it. 

What is The Asshole Drinking Game?

The Asshole Drinking Game needs at least 4 players but works better with even more. So, if you are looking for a drinking game to play with a large group, then Asshole is an excellent choice. To play the game all you’ll need is a deck of cards and plenty of drinks. 

The Asshole Drinking Game uses a strict hierarchy to decide what players can and can’t do. They’ll be a President, Vice President, People/ Citizens, and finally, the Asshole. These roles will likely change every round. 

Now the aim of the game is to get rid of your cards, but you can only play cards that are higher than your opponents. The card ranking order is also a little more unusual. We’ll talk more about how to play the Asshole Drinking Game below. But first, let’s look at what you’ll need to play. 

What You’ll Need To Play 

To play the Asshole Drinking Game, you’ll need a deck of playing cards and plenty of alcohol. Asshole can be played in a pub or bar pretty easily, and it would make a great bachelor party or bachelorette party game. 

Any kind of playing cards can be used. These Maverick playing cards would make a great choice if you want something with a traditional design. But you could opt for something a little more unusual like these Cyberpunk Playing Cards


The Playing Cards 

Once you’ve got your cards, you can start playing! Before we talk about the rules and setup, we’ll briefly discuss how the cards work in the Asshole Drinking Game. The Joker cards aren’t used, so it’s your standard 52 card deck. 

Make sure the deck is well shuffled and then deal cards to every player. The number of cards players will get depends on the number of players. But every player should have the same number of cards. 

If you have to leave some cards undealt to ensure everyone gets the same number, that’s okay. Generally, players will usually end up with six or seven cards each. Now the card ranking order in the Asshole Drinking Game is a little unusual. 

To help make playing the game easier, we have listed the card rankings below from highest to lowest. 

  • 2 Card 
  • Ace 
  • King 
  • Queen 
  • Jack 
  • 10 Card 
  • 9 Card 
  • 8 Card 
  • 7 Card 
  • 6 Card 
  • 5 Card 
  • 4 Card 
  • 3 Card 

The Asshole Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Asshole Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game 

Whether you are playing at home or down at the pub, Asshole is sure to be a fun drinking game. The aim is simple: you need to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. But during each hand, you’ll also have an essential part in the hierarchy. 

If you’re the President, you’ll have greater control over the game, but if you’re the Asshole, you’ll have to do a lot of work and always take your turn last. Like most drinking games, the aim is to have fun, so don’t emphasize winning or losing too much. 

Game Roles

Before we talk about the setup and gameplay, it’s crucial to talk about the game roles in the Asshole Drinking Game. The bios below explain how each role works and what is involved with playing your part. 

President: This is the most powerful position in the game. The President will always go first, can order other players to drink, and they can drink whenever they want. Another bonus is that the President should always get their drink filled by another player. 

Vice President: The second most powerful position in the game. The Vice President can order Citizens or the Asshole to drink and will go second during a round. 

People/ Citizens: Citizens can make each other and the Asshole drink. They will go after the Vice President and before the Asshole. In games with more than four players, there can be numerous Citizens in a game. Their turn after the first round is decided on how they did in the previous one. 

The Asshole: This is the lowest ranking role in the game. They have to deal all the cards, pour all the drinks, and will always go last. Any other role can also make the Asshole drink at any time as well. 

Setting Up 

Once everyone is ready and seated, the first thing to do is decide who is taking up each role for the first round. In the Asshole Drinking Game, the roles will change each game, so don’t worry; you’ll likely get to experience different roles as you play. 

If you are having trouble deciding, then every player should take a card from a well-shuffled deck. The person with the highest value card will then become the President. The President should then decide the rest of the roles. 

Once the roles are decided, the Asshole will be responsible for dealing out the rest of the cards to each player. Remember, once the game starts, players can demand others drink whenever they want. 

Playing Asshole 

The President will always go first, followed by the Vice President, the Citizens, and then finally the Asshole. During your turn, you must place down a card. Once a card has been played, the next player must play a card with a higher value. 

However, they can’t play the same card that was previously put down. The player who goes first or who is starting a new hand can drop two identical cards as well. If this is done, then the next player must drop two matching cards of a higher value. 

Players can pass on their turn as well. However, this will make playing all your cards more difficult, so it’s recommended to only pass when you have no other option. Now, if all players pass during a round, a new hand begins. 

The person who dropped the last card will start the new hand. A new hand also begins when any player drops a number two card. The game continues till all players have got rid of their cards. You can then start a new round of the Asshole Drinking Game. 

But you must use the order from the last round to decide the roles of the players. The player who finished first will become the new President, the player who finished second will be the Vice President, while the player who finished last will be the new Asshole. Everyone else will be a Citizen. 

The Asshole Drinking Game – Drinking and Strategy Combined 

The Asshole Drinking Game is definitely one of the more complex drinking games you can play! But this isn’t a bad thing; it makes the game unique, and you can even craft your own winning strategy when playing. If you want a drinking game with a bit more bite, you should give the Asshole Drinking Game a try.  

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