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Fun Drinking Games for Two People

Party of two? Not to worry. While most drinking games are designed for groups, there’s plenty that can be played by a pair.

After all, everyone loves a fun drinking game and it’s a great way to inject a dose of entertainment into the evening.

Here’s a selection of fun drinking games that work well played between two. And the good news is that for many of them you don’t need any props – just the two of you and your alcohol of choice.

Seeing the popularity of such games, many drinking game apps has been developed for phone to enjoy with friends at your next house party.

Ready to get tipsy? Keep reading to learn about each game.

14 Drinking Games for 2 Persons

1. Two Truths and a Lie

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Still getting to know each other? Then Two Truths and a Lie may be the perfect game for the pair of you. If, on the other hand, you’ve been best pals for years or have been in a relationship for a long time, you may want to choose one of the other games on the list.

This game is most fun when you don’t know everything about the other person. And the big plus is that you don’t need any props or cards to play.

Begin with one person listing two facts that are true about themselves and one lie. The order of the statements isn’t important, and that person must list the statements confidently as if they’re all true.

Then, the other player must guess which statements are true and which isn’t. If they guess correctly, then the person listing must drink. However, if they guess wrong, they must drink.

The other player will then have a go, and so on. Play the game either with mixed drinks or beer or by taking shots – it all depends on how tipsy you’d like to get.

Try to pick interesting and unique facts that the other person wouldn’t know of. For the lie, choose something that could be quite believable. That’s the formula for winning Two Truths and a Lie.

2. Higher or Lower

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If you’re looking for a quick and simple game, then Higher or Lower is a great shout. Plus, all that’s required is a deck of cards, or you could even use a card deck app on a phone.

The dealer places down a card taken from the top of the deck. Then the second player guesses whether the next card is higher or lower than the card placed down.

As you may have guessed if the second player is correct, the dealer drinks. However, if the second player is wrong, it’s time for them to drink.

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3. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is perhaps one of the most popular drinking games out there, and you may already be familiar with it. While the game is usually played in a group, it’s also fun to play it between two.

Like Two Truths and a Lie, Never Have I Ever is best played between two people who don’t already know everything about one another. After all, the goal is to discover as many secrets as you can.

To begin, one person notes something that they’ve never done in their life. It can be as tame or as wild as you like, depending on the tone. However, generally to make the game more interesting people tend to list things that are quite crazy or suggestive. For example, you can say something like ‘never have I ever been skinny dipping’ or ‘never have I ever been arrested’.

The other person will then have to drink if they have done it. If they haven’t, they don’t drink. Then they will then take their go, and so on.

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4. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is another game that’s usually played in a group, but it can also be played with two individuals. You’ll also need to plan the right props – you’ll need alcohol, two plastic cups, and a table.

Traditionally the game is played with beer, but you can tailor the game to suit your tastes.

Fill two plastic cups with beer or another alcoholic beverage and place them on opposite sides of the table. The two players then stand on these opposite sides of the table, next to their cups.

To start, both players need to grab their cups and chug the alcohol inside as quick as possible. When the drink is consumed, each cup must be placed upside down on the table, with a small part of the cup over the edge of it. From where the cup is hanging over the edge of the table, players must attempt to flick the cup over aiming for it to land on the table the right side up.

Each time a player fails, they must place the cup back in the same position to try again. Both players must keep going until there’s a winner.

While the game is simple, it’s very exhilarating and exciting and you’ll find your heart racing as you hope to land your cup the right way up.

Here’s an overview of flip cup and it’s newer offshoot, slap cup.

5. I’m Going on a Picnic

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I’m Going on a Picnic is a memory game that only requires alcohol and your imagination.

To start, players must go through the alphabet naming items to bring on a picnic. Each time a new item must be added.

For example, player one may say ‘I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing almonds. Then, player two may say ‘I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing almonds and berries. The game will carry on until someone makes a mistake or forgets one of the items.

The game gets progressively funnier the drunker and father down the alphabet the players get, with sillier items being listed. You may get into a debate as to why anyone would bring a xylophone or a zebra to a picnic.

6. Truth or Dare

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Truth or Dare is another classic drinking drink that most people are familiar with. Like many of the other games on the list, playing Truth or Dare is a great way to get to know the other person in more depth – or to test their limits. And all you need to play is alcohol.

To start, player one will ask player two ‘truth or dare?’. Player two will then choose whether they’d like to be asked a question or to be challenged to a dare. Player one will then ask a question or suggest a dare.

If player two refuses to answer or play the dare, they must drink. If they go ahead, player one must drink. Then, the players will take it in turns and so on.

7. Quarters

Quarters another simple game and you’ll need alcohol, cups, and quarters to play.

To play, take it in turns to bounce quarters off the table with the aim for it to land into a cup of alcohol. If a player gets a quarter in, then the other person must drink whatever is in the cup. This is a great opportunity to get creative with alcohol in the drinks, and you can mix up concoctions or use alternating alcohol.

Alternatively, you can use separate cups to drink from and use empty cups to bounce the quarters if you don’t fancy drinking alcohol that’s had coins sitting in them.

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8. Power Hour

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If both your aims are to get as drunk as possible, then Power Hour may be the game for you both. The aim of the game is to drink one shot of beer every minute for sixty minutes, equal to sixty shots of beer within an hour.

The player is the one that reaches the end. However, prepare yourself for a hangover the following day.

9. Speed Facts

If you and your drinking partner know each other well, Speed Facts is a fun game to play. If you’ve just met, however, then it may be a little difficult and awkward as the aim is to prove how much you know about one another.

Players must go back and forth noting true facts about their partner. Each time a player gets three statements wrong, they must take a drink.

You may feel all warm and fuzzy realizing how much your partner knows about you – or the opposite.

10. Drunk Bullshit

Most card players know Bullshit, and the game can be made even more fun with alcohol – even for two people. Players must take it in turns going through their deck of cards, placing down all the 2s, 3s, 4s and so on that they have until they’re all out and have to lie about the cards being placed down.

If the other player calls out ‘Bullshit’ and catches the player in a lie, the bullshitter takes a drink. If they’re wrong, they must be the one to take a drink.

11. Mind Meld

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Mind Meld is the perfect game for two players, as it would get complicated with anymore.

The two partners must look at one another, count down from three, and then announce a word. The idea is that both players will then say another word based on what the two words combined makes them think of.

For example, one person could say ‘John Lennon’ and the other could say ‘band’ and the word the two have in common is ‘The Beatles’. As you can imagine, the game can get a bit messy, and very funny.

Every time the words don’t match, both players must take a drink.

If you do want to play with more than two people, you could take it in turns with two players at a time otherwise it may prove to be too overwhelming with more than two people guessing at once.

This video gives you an idea of how to play, although it’s intended as an improv warm-up exercise.

12. Match

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Match is another simple card game, requiring one dice and two sets of playing cards.

Players must shuffle each pack, with each player receiving a deck of cards. Players take it in turns to roll the dice, then whatever number is displayed on the dice is the number that the players must race to discover in their pack of cards.

Whoever matches the right card to the dice first is the winner of the round, and the loser must take a drink.

13. TV Show Drinking Game

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Do you and your partner share a favorite TV show? Then make watching it even better by involving alcohol. All that’s required is a pen, paper, drinks, and, of course, a TV.

First, players must put their heads together to write a list of quotes or themes that commonly pop up in this TV show. For example, maybe one of the characters has a habit of flirting with the ladies?

Once a healthy list is completed, it’s time to pop on the TV show. When any of the common actions or quotes come up in the show, both players must drink together. This is a great idea for a relaxing game that doesn’t take too much effort, plus it’s easy to bond over a TV show that both players enjoy watching.

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14. Pinky Mcdrinky

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For Pinky Mcdrinky, players will need one pink dice and two white dice. Players take turns rolling the pink dice, then each player will roll one of the white dices.

If one player’s dice matches the number of the pink dice, then the other player must drink. If nobody’s dice matches the number on the pink dice, then it must be rolled again. Or, for an extra dose of fun, you could adjust the rules so that both players must drink if neither matches the pink dice.

Which of These Two-Player Drinking Games Will You Play?

Whether you and your partner have known each other since high school or whether you’ve just met and are hoping to break the ice, there will be a suitable drinking game on this list to keep you entertained.

While drinking games are usually known to be a group activity, with two people it can be just as fun, or even more so with the right game.

Want to learn of more popular drinking games? Have a browse of our selection online.

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