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14 Best Movie Drinking Games (With Simple Rules)

Here we’ll give the rules for 14 of the best movie drinking games we know.

You love movies. You love drinking. It’s only natural that these two activities go great together.

The rules are kept as simple as possible so you can spend more time watching the movie and less time referencing a list (you’ll appreciate this when the alcohol starts flowing).

So invite over some friends, fill up some glasses, and get ready to enjoy some old favorites in a new light.

1. Zombieland

Zombieland: Double Tap

Who doesn’t love a good zombie movie? Don’t answer that if you don’t, just skip this one and we’re probably not friends. Zombieland also gets bonus points for being an incredible comedy and never taking itself too seriously.

For this movie drinking game, have a drink every time:

  • Twinkies are mentioned or seen
  • Every time Tallahassee kills a zombie (just go ahead and finish your drink for good measure after the finale)
  • Every time you see a rule on screen

Bonus round: Take a shot when you hear “Fuck this clown” to celebrate conquering fears.

2. Hot Fuzz

There is certainly a good Shaun of the Dead drinking game out there, but I’ve already met my zombie movie quota for this article. Instead, here are some rules for the brilliant action-comedy parody by the same people, Hot Fuzz!

For this movie, take a drink every time:

  • A character mentions the “greater good”
  • Michael says “Yarp”
  • Angel can’t switch off
  • You see a cloaked and hooded figure

Bonus round: Take a shot when Danny kills Angel to prepare you for the explosive last half hour of the film.

3. Blazing Saddles

This classic Mel Brooks comedy is one of the best movie drinking games. It’s also one of my personal favorite movies. This game will give you a good drinking pace with minimal rules – the perfect formula for a good night!

Take a drink:

  • Every time it’s racist

That’s the entire rule-set! Trust me, it’s all you need. Depending on your sensibilities and your alcohol tolerance, you may even need to tap out before the end with this one.

Challenge Round: Take a drink every time Lili Von Shtupp says “tired”. Try not to die.

4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

If you can refrain from quoting along with scenes long enough to drink, this one is sure to make an already absurdly hilarious movie even better.

Take a drink every time:

  • A swallow is mentioned
  • King Arthur counts to “5” instead of “3”
  • The word “grail” is said
  • You hear a cat scream

Challenge Round: Take a drink for every “Ni” said by the Knights who Say Ni.

5. The Room

This is definitely the worst movie on this list, though that’s exactly the appeal. If you enjoy watching bad movies, you know that alcohol can only improve your experience.

For this game, take a drink whenever:

  • Someone says “Oh hi!” or “Don’t worry about it”
  • There is a sweeping shot of the Golden Gate bridge
  • The characters play football
  • Someone mentions how attractive Lisa is

Bonus Round: Take a shot when you hear “You’re tearing me apart Lisa” while you wonder how Tommy Wiseau didn’t win an Oscar for this role.

6. In Bruges

Watching this dark comedy may leave you feeling like you could use a drink, so why wait until the end? Yes, it’s a terrible movie, but here’s why it makes for one of the best movie drinking games:

Take a fucking drink every time:

  • “Fuck” is said
  • Bruges is mentioned by name
  • You hear about “the alcoves”
  • The characters are drinking

Bonus Round: Take a shot when Harry informs us we have reached the shoot-out (“Don’t be stupid. This is the shoot-out!”).

7. Jurassic Park

In the interest of including not-just-comedies on this list, why not enjoy this wonderful classic about people getting eaten by extinct predators?

With special effects that still look good to today’s standards, this movie holds up well to repeat viewings – making it perfect to revisit with a drinking game.

Take a healthy swig every time:

  • A switch is thrown
  • You see the Jurassic Park logo
  • You hear the phrases “Spared no expense” or “Life finds a way”
  • Dennis Nedry is eating
    • Special Rule: Take a shot when Dennis Nedry is eaten
  • Someone dies

Bonus Round: Take a shot for “clever girl”, in honor of the guy that Hammond should have listened to from the beginning.

8. The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

You don’t have to mix White Russians for yourself to enjoy this movie drinking game, though that might give you a more immersive experience. If you want to have a chill evening, and keep up with how faded the Dude gets through the movie, try these rules on.

For this game, you should drink every time:

  • The Dude lights up
  • The rug is mentioned
  • Walter brings up Vietnam
  • Someone tells Donny to shut up

Bonus Round: Take a shot when Donny shuts up forever.

Extra Special Challenge: There’s a version of this game where you drink a White Russian every time the Dude has one, and smoke a joint every time he smokes one.

If you’re in a place where you can legally enjoy this challenge, this means having 7 White Russians and 4 joints during the movie. Yikes. Good luck!

9. Anchorman

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Who needs a reason to drink while they watch this movie? I’ll give you a few anyway, for those that need an excuse. Stay classy, internet.

Take a drink when:

  • Ron tells San Diego to stay classy
  • One of the characters is drinking or smoking
  • Brick does something stupid
  • Someone makes a pass at Veronica

Bonus Round: Take a shot when Ron tells San Diego to go fuck itself.

10. Zoolander

This foray into the underground world of male modeling is the perfect companion to a night of drinking. It’s full of quotable quips and memorable characters.

To play with this movie, take a drink every time:

  • Derek graces us with a face pose
  • There is a celebrity cameo
  • A character says “good looking”
  • Someone says how hot Hansel is right now

Bonus Round: Take a shot when Derek finally unveils Magnum in all its glory.

11. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This loose adaptation of The Odyssey set in the old timey American South is a classic for a reason. Plenty of shenanigans set to a wonderful soundtrack make this movie a natural choice for this list.

If y’all want to play along with this movie, take a drink:

  • For every instance of racism
  • Whenever Everett is obviously lying or making something up
  • Every time the devil is mentioned or seen (he’s the police fellow with the dark glasses and the mean ol’ dog)
  • When old timey music plays
  • Every time Dapper Dan is mentioned or seen

Bonus Round: Take a shot for “I’m a Dapper Dan Man, damnit!” to support Everett having standards about his hair jelly.

Prophecy Fulfillment Bonus: Take a shot when there’s a cow on the roof of a house.

12. Ghostbusters

This movie has to be the best thing to come out of the 80’s – it at least breaks the top ten. It showcases comedy stars such as Bill Murray and Rick Moranis in top form, and is well worth revisiting with a good drinking game if you haven’t already.

To drink along with this movie, a drink whenever:

  • Venkman hits on someone or is chauvinistic
  • You hear the words “Zuul”, “gatekeeper”, or “keymaster”
  • Louis is locked out
  • You see a ghost

Bonus Round: Take a shot when the gatekeeper and the keymaster are united.

13. Pirates of the Caribbean

Almost certainly holding the title for best movie based on a theme park ride ever made, this action-comedy is much better than it had any right to be. Drinking alongside a viewing makes perfect sense – after all, most the characters on screen are drunk half the time!

Have a hearty drink every time:

  • You hear “savvy”, “poppet”, or “parlay” – for the last one, have two if it’s said with disdain
  • Anyone on screen drinks
  • Elizabeth gets wet
  • Jack gets slapped

Bonus Round: Take a shot when the rum’s gone to celebrate that yours isn’t

14. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

I’m going to finish this list out with a classic stoner comedy, but just because the subject matter is weed doesn’t mean you can’t drink along instead.

You just might end up craving those delicious little sliders by the end of the movie, you’ve been warned. I hope White Castle paid them for all that good advertising.

To play along with this movie, take a drink every time:

  • You hear the word “extreme”
  • You see weed
  • Harold and Kumar run into their neighbors
  • White Castle is seen or mentioned
  • Celebrate with the heroes by finishing your drink when they finally reach the promised land!

Bonus Round: Take a shot when Doogie Howser steals their car.

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