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Greedy Granny Board Game Rules and Gameplay Instructions

Greedy Granny is the perfect family board game. It’s quick to set up and easy to play! But most important of all, the game is sure to be plenty of fun for both children and adults.

So, if you’re looking for a new board game to play together, give Greedy Granny a try.

What is the Greedy Granny Board Game?

Greedy Granny is a comparatively new board game compared to games like Battleship and Monopoly, first released in 2018. The game, which is similar in some ways to Buckaroo, quickly became very popular with children. With its colorful design and interactive gameplay, it’s easy to see why.

After setting up Granny, each player will take turns spinning the spinner. The spinner can land on numerous different segments, so you might miss a turn, be able to steal from another player, or the most common occurrence is to attempt to steal food from Granny herself!

If this happens, you should take one of the treats of Granny’s tray and then hit the button on the chair arm. You might need to hit the button once (or maybe multiple times), and if Granny wakes up, you lose.

The aim of the game is to collect one of each colored treat from the tray. However, if Granny wakes up on your turn, you must return all your treats to her tray! So, while the gameplay is quite simple, winning Greedy Granny can be quite challenging.

But it’s all part of the fun, and we all want to see Granny wake up and shoot out her teeth, don’t we? If you’re looking for a fun family board game you can play with young children, then Greedy Granny is a great choice.

What You’ll Need To Play ?

If you want to give Greedy Granny a try, you’ll need the board game. Greedy Granny should be in most toy shops, but you can also find it easily online. Now while the game is simple to play like Mousetrap, there are a lot of different components in the box.

Goliath Greedy Granny

So, to make things a little easier, we’ll talk you through how each piece works before we go over the rules.


Granny is, in a manner of speaking, the game board. So, the first thing to do will be to build her. Granny comes in three pieces the chair, body, and finally the teeth! An adult or older child should be able to slot the pieces together quite easily.

Once set up, practice pressing the button on the chair arm till Granny “wakes up” and shoots out her teeth to ensure it all works correctly.

The Treats

There are 12 color-coded treats included in Greedy Granny. While it might be a snug fit, you can fit all of them onto the tray on Granny’s lap, and all the treats should be on the tray before the game begins.

The Spinner

The spinner is how moves are made in Greedy Granny. It will land on a color/ symbol and number when you spin. The number is how many times you must press the button on your turn. At the same time, the color/ symbol represents what kind of move you can make. We’ll outline how these work in the rules section below.

Rules and Gameplay

Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

To win Greedy Granny, you need to collect one of each treat; while this might sound easy, it can be quite challenging. Every time you wake Granny up, you need to return all your treats to the tray.

You might also have a very unlucky spin which means more button presses. While you can play Greedy Granny with just two people, it works best with a bigger group, and up to four people can play Greedy Granny, making it ideal for families.

The Set-Up

To start with, you need to build Granny and make sure she works. To do this, press the button a few times till she wakes up and shoots out her teeth. Once you know Granny is working correctly, place all the treats on the tray, and you’re ready to start the game.

Playing Greedy Granny

The youngest player should go first in Greedy Granny. Each player’s turn should spin the spinner to decide their move. The spinner can land on four different spaces highlighted by either a color or symbol.

If the spinner lands on green space, then you can take a treat from Granny. However, the spinner will also land on a number; this is the number of times you need to press the button on Granny’s chair.

If Granny wakes up, you must return the treat you’ve taken (and any others you have) back to the tray. If the spinner lands on a purple space, you must return a treat to the tray (if you have any) and press the button the required number of times.

The spinner can also land on the miss a turn symbol: a circle with a line through it. If this happens, you simply don’t do anything and play moves to the next player. Finally, the spinner may also land on the “take a treat” symbol.

This symbol looks like two people, one smiling and one frowning. If you land on this symbol, you can take a single treat from another player. The game continues until one player collects one treat of each color from Granny.

Greedy Granny – Family Fun Guaranteed!

Greedy Granny is a great choice if you’re looking for a fun family board game, and it’s a great alternative to other popular family games like Dutch Blitz and an excellent four-player board game perfect for nights-in with the kids.

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