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Rules of Roulette Table | Guide & Instructions

Roulette is a very popular game often played in casinos. But the game isn’t always quite as simple as betting on red or black. The Roulette table offers plenty of different betting options. In this guide, we’ll outline exactly how the Roulette table works.

What is Roulette?

Before we talk about the table, let’s take a quick look at the game as a whole. Roulette is a betting game that uses a wheel. The wheel is spun, and whatever the ball lands on will be the winning bet.

The roulette wheel will have numbered sections from 1 to 36. American Roulette will also usually have an extra area called 00. This section is green, not the normal red or black you would expect from a Roulette wheel.

In Roulette, chips are used to mark your bet on the table. While you can bet on an individual number for a greater payout, the odds of winning are much smaller. So, this is where the rest of the guide to the Roulette table comes in.

The table offers plenty of different betting opportunities. For example, you can bet on the color or certain sections of the board. The payout will be less, but your odds of winning are much higher. Betting is done by placing chip/s on an area of the table grid. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how the table works.

The Roulette Table: Rules and Guide

Roulette is very different from many other casino games, and it doesn’t use cards like 7 Card Stud or Blackjack. Instead, it’s all played on a typically huge Roulette table. Now everyone knows the Roulette wheel, but this is only a tiny part of the table itself.

Roulette tables come in various sizes, but that standard size is around 4 by 8 feet. Dual tables are double-sized and feature two Roulette wheels. With these tables, two groups of players can play simultaneously.

Roulette (on a standard table) can accommodate up to 7 players, although some casinos may impose a lower maximum number. Tables can also be standing or seating only, but that’s enough of the specifications; let’s talk about the betting!

When you play Roulette, there are several different ways you can bet. Much of the tablespace is covered with a large grid that outlines the wheel numbers. Under the number grid, they’ll be other betting options.

While betting on one number might earn you a lot of money, it’s also very risky. For example, you have only a 1 – 36 or 1 – 37 odds (on American Roulette tables) of winning. Thankfully, in Roulette, the table offers numerous other betting options.

To help outline how these work, we have listed them below. We’ll use the proper terminology and outline what it means, so beginners will know what to do.

The Inside Bets

The inside bets are the safer option. With an inside bet, you won’t win as much, but your odds of winning are much higher. The inside bet options are typically all grouped in a grid towards the bottom of the table.

  • High or Low

With a high or low bet, you can bet on either the lower or upper half of the Roulette wheel. The low bet covers 1 – 18, while the high bet covers 19 – 36. The 00 is not counted in either group, though, which is something to be aware of. The bet is even, so one-to-one.

  • Odd or Even

This one is pretty self-explanatory; you can either bet on an even number or an odd one. Despite technically being an even number, the 00 is generally not counted with this bet. So this is once again even money, a one-to-one bet.

  • Red or Black

This is a popular inside bet, which is again quite self-explanatory. You either bet on a red or black number, which is the final even money, one-to-one bet you can make.

  • Columns

The Roulette table numbers are layed out in a large grid. The grid will feature three columns of 12 numbers. At the end of each column, they’ll be an extra space for you to bet on all the numbers in the column. This is a slightly riskier inside bet, so the payout is 2 to 1.

The Outside Bets

The Outside Bets

Winning big in Roulette isn’t easy, but if you want to try, then you’ll need to make an outside bet! While the odds won’t be in your favor, you can still win with a bit of luck. So, let’s outline the different outside bets you can make.

  • Straight Up

A Straight Up might sound like a Poker term, but it means betting on a single number in Roulette. If you have a good feeling about a specific number or even a lucky number, then you could try your luck with a straight-up bet. If your number comes up, you’ll win 35 to 1 what you bet.

  • The Split

The Split bet allows you to bet on two numbers at once with just only a chip! However, the numbers need to be next to each other. You place a chip across the two numbers to make a Split bet. The winning odds are 17 to 1 per chip.

  • The Triple

A bet that is split across three different numbers. You can make a Triple by placing a chip (or stack of chips) across the grid line with the three numbers you want to bet on. Like a Split, the three numbers will need to be next to each other on the grid. If your number comes up, you win 11 to 1 per chip.

  • The Square/ Quad

With this bet, you can bet on four numbers at once. The numbers don’t necessarily need to be next to each other. However, due to the design of the number grid, there are limits to what you can bid on.

You can make a Square bet by placing a chip in the center of the grid line, so it covers four numbers at once. If one of your numbers comes up, then you will win 8 to 1 per chip. Square bets give you slightly more variety when choosing numbers, making them a popular type of outside bet.


So, that is a look at how you play Roulette. Casinos have changed a lot, but a game like Baccarat and Roulette will likely always have a place. While the Roulette table can look intimidating, our guide will help you learn the basics so that you can play Roulette; it’s with the knowledge you need.

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