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7 Card Stud Rules and How to Play?

Poker is likely one of the most well-known adult card games. All around the world, people continue to play this classic game. However, Poker has many different variants, and some are more popular than others. 

5 Card Draw and Irish Poker are just two well-known variants. But today, we are looking at another favorite 7 Card Stud! This variant of Poker once rivaled the famous Texas Hold’em in the United States. 

Nowadays, 7 Card Stud isn’t quite as famous, but it’s still played and a fun card game in its own right. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know if you want to give 7 Card Stud a try. We’ll start by taking a more detailed look at the game itself. 

What is 7 Card Stud?

Like many card games, the origin of 7 Card Stud is lost to history. However, we do know that it started to gain popularity around the 1830s. This version of Poker was especially popular in New Orleans and would later be incorporated into many American casinos. 

While 7 Card Stud is a variant of Stud Poker, there are many other variants of the game around. 5 Card Stud, for example, was a common alternative to 7 Card Stud. 7 Card Stud is a great two-player card game, although it can be played with up to eight people as well. 

There are also several different rule variations as well. In this guide, we’ll be following the classic, traditional rules, which are still the most popular. If you have ever played any other versions of Poker, you will likely see a few similarities. 

You’ll need to make an ante when starting, and players usually win by building the best hand. But there is always that intense focus on strategy that Poker players love. Before we look at the rules and gameplay, let’s look at what you need to play the game. 

What You’ll Need To Play 

To play 7 Card Stud, you’ll need a deck of standard playing cards. You won’t be using the Joker cards, so it’s your typical 52 card deck. You can use any kind of playing cards, but we recommend sticking to the traditional designs. 

These playing cards from Maverick or these from Bicycle would make a great choice. You’ll also need something to represent your bets. While for casual matches, you could use pretty much anything, we recommend going for the traditional choice of using Poker chips. 


Poker chips are pretty easy to find online, and you don’t have to spend a lot either. This 100 piece chipset, for example, would be a fine choice. So, now you know what you need to play the game, let’s take a look at the rules. 


7 Card Stud Rules and Gameplay

7 Card Stud Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game 

The aim of 7 Card Stud is to win; in that sense, it’s just like Monopoly! But of course, it’s all about how you win the game. You win by getting the most chips, and you earn chips by winning rounds. 

You win a round by either having the highest value hand or by being the only player not to fold. There is a lot of strategy to 7 Card Stud because you don’t need to have the highest value cards to win the game. 

The Set-Up

One thing that can quickly put people off playing 7 Card Stud (and other variants of Poker) is that the set-up can seem quite complex. While this isn’t the most straightforward card game, it’s likely much easier to play than you’ll first think. 

To start the game, every player should be dealt an equal amount of chips. Make sure chips are separated by color to make identifying bets easier during the first round. Each player should then make an ante; this is best done as a single chip. 

Then each player should be dealt three cards, one at a time. The first two cards will be dealt face down, while the final card is dealt face-up. The dealer can be either a separate independent player or any other player at the table can take up the role. 

Hand Values 

Before we get into the gameplay, let’s quickly run through the hand values. If you have played other versions of Poker, some of these might seem familiar. Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all right away; it will get easier the more you play. 

Hand ValueDescription 
Straight Flush Five cards in a sequence. They must also be the same suit. 
4 of a Kind Four cards of the same rank. For example, four Queens. 
Full House Three cards of the same rank and an additional matching pair. 
Flush Five cards in the same suit. The cards don’t have to be in a sequence. 
Straight Five cards in a sequence. The cards don’t all need to be the same suit. 
3 of a Kind Three cards of the same rank.
Two Pair Two separate matching pairs of cards. 
One Pair One matching pair of cards. 
High CardWhen you can’t make any other hand, the value is based on your highest card. Ace is always high. 

The Gameplay 

Once the cards have been dealt, the player with the lowest card showing will be the “bring-in.” This means they’ll make the first bet. They can bet any amount of chips they like; play will then move to the left. 

Player’s then have three options. They can call the bet, which means they bet the same amount as the previous player. Raise the bet by doubling the bet previously made. Or they can fold, which means they forfeit the round. 

This loop continues till every player has made one of these three decisions. Every player who is still in the hand will then be dealt another card face up, and the second round of betting begins. The player whose face-up cards show the best Poker hand will go first during this round. 

In this round, players can check, which means they are still in the game but aren’t betting. They can also increase the bet by adding another chip. Once the round is over, all player’s still in the hand are dealt another card face-up. 

Another round then begins with the player who has the highest Poker hand showing going first. Player’s can again check, increase the bet, or fold to go out of the game. This continues again to all players still in are dealt one more face-up card. 

In the final round, another card is dealt to any remaining players. But this card is dealt face down. Player’s will then have one last chance to check, increase the bet, or fold. Once they have made their decision, they will reveal their cards. 

The player with the highest value hand will win the round and any chips that have been bet. The cards should then be shuffled, and another round begins. If your face-up cards look very strong during the game, it’s not uncommon for other players to fold instantly. 

This will end the round and award the remaining player any chips. But this also means the other players will have a much higher chance of winning the next hand as they’ll have more chips to bet with.  

7 Card Stud – A Fun Strategic Card Game 

7 Card Stud is an amazingly strategic card game ideal for people looking for something a little more complex. If you enjoy games like Spit or simpler Poker variants but are looking to tackle something a little more complicated 7 Card Stud is the perfect next step. 

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