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10 Best 4 Player Board Games to Play

If there was ever a time to start playing board games, it would be this year! But with so much variety finding the best 4 player board games can be a little overwhelming. 

Board games are strategic, creative, and most important of all fun.

You just need to make sure you are choosing the right 4 player board games for your group.

Whether it’s friends or family (or both), a good board game session is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

So, have we tempted you to give some board games a try? If so then let’s take a look at some of the best 4 player board games currently available. 

From old classics to modern marvels in this guide, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what we think are some of the best board games to play this year and beyond!

We’ve made our choices based on popularity, strategy, and uniqueness. So, without further ado here are our picks:

10 Best 4 Player Board Games 

2.The Game of Life
3.Wits & Wagers
5.Shut The Box
6.Imhotep Builder of Egypt
7.Latice Hawaii
8.Catan The Board Game

1. Monopoly  


Monopoly is probably the 4 player board game most people think of when they picture a board game.

It’s a game of strategy, alliances, and luck, not to mention the occasional bit of back-stabbing.

Monopoly has taken countless different forms over the years, but this new ultra-modern, cashless version is perfect for today.

All trading is done using the Ultimate Banking Unit and every player has their own bank card.

So, unfortunately, stealing dollar bills from the bank is no longer a viable strategy! This version of Monopoly also does away with traditional cards like Community Chest and Chance.

Instead, you have to deal with Event Cards and Location Spaces but there is still the very real risk you’ll end up in jail.

It’s the ultimate modern Monopoly experience and while your tried and tested strategies won’t work in this version, we don’t think it will take longer for any player to start scheming their way to the top.

This more streamlined version of Monopoly also means you won’t be waiting for hours to finish a game either.

It’s a modern twist on an old classic and the perfect 4 player board game for a night of fun and frantic gaming.

2. The Game of Life

On Sale The Game of Life

One of the most fun and unique 4 player board games has got be The Game of Life!

Like Monopoly, the aim of this board game is to get the most money and retire rich. But the way you get money is very different.

The Game of Life takes players on a journey through their own lifetime and you can encounter plenty of good turns and bad. From unexpected surprises that drain your funds to promotions and paydays.

In this version of The Game of Life, you can adopt pets as well!

It’s a fun 4 player board game that while not being quite as cutthroat as Monopoly will still be sure to get players fiercely competing against one another.

The Game of Life is a very unique 4 player board game and no playthrough will be quite the same.

So, if you want to see what the future holds and challenge friends and family for the best life this is the game to play.

3. Wits & Wagers

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Wits & Wagers is a simple idea that makes for a very intense and competitive 4 player board game!

The rules of the game are simple players take turns asking questions while the other players write down their guesses and use the tokens and chips to place their bets.

If you’re confident you can bet more and if you’re not you can still stay in the game by being tactical with your wagers.

It’s a simple game but will be sure to get every player fiercely competing against one another to win.

There are plenty of different versions of Wits & Wagers, but this version is one of our favorites!

It’s the ultimate party edition and comes with over 100 question cards.

If you want a more simple 4 player board game that focuses more on general knowledge, this is a great choice.

4. Scrabble


When it comes to 4 player board games we all know Scrabble the classic word puzzle game.

It’s got a simple premise but there is a lot of room for strategy and clever tactics.

If you are a keen reader or a bit of a wordsmith, then Scrabble is your dream 4 player board game.

There is an element of luck to Scrabble, but clever strategy and patience can easily bring you to victory even if you get the worst row of letters. 

This deluxe edition of the classic 4 player board game comes with a host of extra features as well.

The board features built-in trays to hold the letter tiles and a sleek carrying case.

Finally, we have to talk about the game board itself! This version of Scrabble features recessed game spaces for tiles and can be easily rotated thanks to the edition of rubber wheels.

5. Shut The Box

Shut The Box

Shut The Box is based on the traditional game played by fishermen from Normandy.

It’s still a common pub game across Europe and North America today and this at-home version is sure to be tonnes of fun if you’re looking for 4 player board games.

The rules of Shut The Box are simple, players open their 1 – 10 number slots and then each takes turns rolling the dice.

Whatever the dice shows the corresponding total must be closed on each player’s number slots.

When players are unable to shut any more slots, the remaining numbers are counted up and the lowest score wins!

It’s a simple game but there is a lot of room for strategy and tactical playing so it’s sure to keep sneaky players happy.

The high-quality wooden game board is a work of art itself and would make a great addition to your coffee table.

Simple on the surface but complex underneath Shut The Box is one of the best 4 player board games to play with friends or family.

6. Imhotep Builder of Egypt

This is probably one of the games on our list that the majority of people might not have heard of.

But now you do and it’s one of the best 4 player board games to try! In Imhotep Builder of Egypt players take on the role of ancient architects.

The game takes place over six rounds in which each player tries to get their stone blocks to the best spots on the board.

But at the same time players will need to sabotage their opponents to ensure they don’t get there first.

There are a lot of cards, tokens, and pieces included with this exciting board game, but the basic gameplay is quite simple.

So, don’t worry while the game might seem a little intimidating at first new players will soon get the hang of things.

And like all good 4 player board games, this simple gameplay loop cleverly hides a lot of room for strategy and tactics.

So, go back in time and challenge your friends to become the best Ancient Egyptian archaeologist.

7. Latice Hawaii  

Latice Hawaii

One of the newer games on our list, Latice Hawaii was the winner of the NAPPA Award in 2019 so is a great choice if you’re looking for the best 4 player board games.

Latice Hawaii is designed to be fast-paced with the game’s aim being to play all your tiles first.

However, this is where things get strategic because if you rush into making a move it could cost you in the next turn or right at the end of the game.

You need to think things through carefully; sometimes lagging behind other players could mean you win in the end.

You need to match your tiles on two or more sides to use them, but the board can change quickly, meaning you won’t be able to make a move.

It’s a simple game to pick up and play, but like all our favorite 4 player board games, it hides very strategic gameplay.

With its puzzle sudoku-style gameplay Latice Hawaii is sure to make a great 4 player board game that will get any player’s brain working.

The game is also designed to accommodate a wide range of players and the tiles feature textures so color-blind players can still join in.

8. Catan The Board Game

On Sale Catan The Board Game

Catan is a classic 4 player board game that focuses on harvesting and trading resources with other players.

The aim of Catan is to take your civilization, build them up, and take over the board! The board is made of various terrains and can change every game.

With Catan, no two games will ever be the same and you aren’t just fighting other players but also the robber.

The robber acts independently and can steal resources from players. With some bad luck or clever plotting from other players, your civilisation can fall into disarray in just one move!

Catan is a complex 4 player board game with plenty of room for strategic gameplay.

It might seem a little intimidating, but this great board game includes everything you need to know to learn the rules.

A classic game of strategy Catan the board game is sure to be a great choice for a night of gaming.

9. Ludo


Simple and fast-paced Ludo is one of the best 4 player board games for a night of gaming.

Players take turns and race around the board and the winner is the first to traverse all 4 of their pieces.

It’s simple, quick gameplay means games will be quick and easy.

Ludo is perfect for all ages and is a classic 4 player board game with a highly-addictive gameplay loop.

This classic, wooden Ludo board is brilliantly detailed with bold colors. New players will be able to understand the game quickly.

If you want a simple 4 player board game that is focused on fast-paced fun then Ludo is the game for you.

Best of all, this game board also comes with the other classic Snakes and Ladders on the reverse side! So, you get two great 4 player board games in one.

10. Blokus


Blokus offers everything we could want from a 4 player board game.

The gameplay is deceptively simple; players need to place their colored pieces on the board, pieces can only touch others of the same color and then only at the corners.

Seems simple enough right? But the strategy comes when players attempt to block each other by cutting off space on the board.

The game ends when no more pieces can be put down; the player with the least pieces remaining wins!

Do you move to block other players right away, hideaway in your own corner of the board, or play defensively?

Like all the best 4 player board games there is a lot of strategy to how you can play Blokus.

This Blokus board game is very high-quality with great colorful pieces.

It takes less than 60 seconds to learn the basics but offers up limitless room for strategy.

Sure, to be a hit at any board game night Blokus is a clever strategy game anyone will love.

4 Player Board Games Buyers Guide

4 player board games

So, now you know what we think are 10 of the best 4 player board games you should hopefully have some ideas for your next gaming session.

But if you are still struggling to choose the right games then we have some other advice to share.

Let’s look at the important factors you should consider when choosing games.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Are you looking for a quick board game session or is it going to be something you do for a couple of hours or more? Games like Ludo, Blokus, and Scrabble are great choices if you don’t have much time to play whereas 4 player board games like Monopoly or Catan can be better suited for long gaming sessions.

Casual and Competitive? 

This is a tricky one we have all heard stories of friendships being tested due to particularly intensive Monopoly games.

While this is part of the pageantry to some degree you want to ensure everyone remains friends when the game is finished and that everyone is having fun.

So, you need to be sure you are choosing the best games for your friends/ family. Do you want something a little more competitive like Catan or something more casual focused like Shut The Box or Wits & Wagers?

How Much Space Do You Have?

Finally, you need to take the space you have into account.

Do you have a large table with plenty of room or are you playing in a smaller setting?

Games like Scrabble come with plenty of storage for the pieces but games like Imhotep Builder of Egypt have lots of pieces. Which could make setting it up difficult. 

What’s the Best 4 Player Board Game To Buy?

So, what is the best 4 player board game to play?

Well, the answer will be different for everyone, but taking everything into account, we don’t think you can go wrong with the classic game of Monopoly. And there are plenty of different versions of it to try out as well.

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