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7 Best Waterproof Playing Cards: Our Reviews

Everyone loves a game of cards, don’t they? After all, there are so many different games you can play with just a set of playing cards. Whether your game is Poker, Gin Rummy, or even a drinking game like King’s Cup, you can play them all with some playing cards.

But while playing cards come in numerous different designs, your best option might be a waterproof set of cards. But why do we recommend waterproof playing cards? Well, if you’re playing down at the pub, having some extra protection from water/ drinks will be a big bonus.

But even if you’re playing at home, waterproof playing cards will still likely come in handy. After all, a lot of games are played with drinks, aren’t they? So, let’s share our top picks for the best waterproof playing cards!

At a Glance: Our Top 7 Waterproof Playing Cards

  1. WJPC Waterproof Cards– Our Top Pick!
  2. Mofuny Waterproof CardsOur Top Budget Pick!
  3. Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards
  4. Bicycle Waterproof Playing Cards
  5. Tny Waterproof Playing Cards
  6. 24K Foil Waterproof Playing Cards
  7. Honao Waterproof Playing Cards
  • Eco-friendly and fully waterproof
  • metal storage box
  • wide range of designs/ colors
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Very bright and colorful
  • Luxurious and smooth feel
  • Fully washable
  • waterproof
  • Available in different colors
  • Very durable and robust
  • high-quality
  • modern artistic design
  • Ideal for smaller tables
  • Ideal for children and families
  • two decks of stunning cards
  • Eco-friendly
  • gold and black designs are very eye-catching
  • Fully washable
  • two eye-catching designs
  • Luxurious and smooth feel

Best Waterproof Playing Cards: Our Reviews

#1. WJPC Waterproof Cards

WJPC Waterproof Cards

Stylish and colorful, these WJPC Waterproof Cards would look great on any table. There is a wide range of different designs to choose from, including dragons, wolves, and even mythical animals.

You can also opt for a more traditional design and even choose between black and gold colors. So, you have plenty of options, but no matter which aesthetic you opt for, you’ll be able to enjoy a high-quality set of cards.

The cards are made with strong PVC and are 100% waterproof. The cards are 2.5 x 3.5 inch so a little wider than the standard size. They also come with a high-quality metal box for safe storage as well.


  • Available in a wide range of designs/ colors.
  • Comes with a metal storage box.
  • Eco-friendly and fully waterproof.


  • A slightly higher price tag.

#2. Mofuny Waterproof Cards

Mofuny Waterproof Cards

These stylish Mofuny Waterproof Cards are our top budget pick! The flecked gold design is very bright and eye-catching. These cards don’t look budget with their colorful design, and they are also very premium to the touch. They are made from high-quality plastic and are also non-toxic.

The cards are, of course, highly waterproof, so suitable for both indoors and out. If you love playing cards down at the pub/ bar, these cards will be easy to wipe clean. You get two decks of cards for your money, so you’ll be able to play plenty of games with this stunning set of cards.


  • Budget-friendly price tag.
  • Very bright and colorful.
  • Luxurious and smooth feel.


  • Prone to fade if not stored properly.

#3. Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards

Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards

These Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards are available in an incredible array of colors, including black, brown, red, and gold. So, whatever your preference is, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking.

The cards also come with a very budget-friendly price tag, and they are very smooth, thanks to their high-quality plastic design. Most importantly, they are 100% fully waterproof so that you can play drinking games down at the bar without issue!


  • Available in a wide range of different designs/ colors.
  • Fully washable and waterproof.


  • You might find them a little slippery at first.

#4. Bicycle Waterproof Playing Cards

Bicycle Waterproof Playing Cards

Bicycle is a well-known name for playing cards, and these Bicycle Waterproof Playing Cards would make a great choice. If you love playing games like Rummy 500 down at the pub, these cards are a great choice.

Made from high-quality plastic, these cards are ultra-durable, smooth, and easy to handle. They are part of Bucycle’s remarkable waterproof range, so ideal for a wide range of different environments outdoors and in.

The translucent blue design of these playing cards also helps them stand out from more traditional designs. With their cool coloring and “invisible” style background, these cards look very modern and will look great on a table.


  • Very cool, eye-catching design.
  • Bicycle is popular manufacture, well-known for its high-quality.
  • Very durable and robust.


  • Quirky design won’t appeal to everyone.

#5. Tny Waterproof Playing Cards

These Tny Waterproof Playing Cards are small and mightly! Their more minimalist design might not appeal to everyone, but we love it. In many ways, they look like small modern art pieces. But aside from their design, these cards are unique in another way.

These cards are smaller than traditional playing cards. They are 1.75″ by 2.5″, so they won’t take up much room on a table. They might take a bit of getting used to, but you’ll soon get the hang of them.

Because of their smaller size, they would be perfect for children and family game nights. These cards might be small, but they are still very high-quality! They are made from fully waterproof plastic and also come with their own storage case too.


  • Ideal for children and families.
  • Cold and modern artistic design.
  • Ideal for smaller tables.


  • The smaller design may take some getting used to.

#6. 24K Foil Waterproof Playing Cards

These stylish 24K Foil Waterproof Playing Cards are a great package! You get two decks so that you can play even more games with more people. We also love how these cards are split into two different colors. One deck is bright, glamorous gold, and the over is a darker black.

With their aluminum foil design, these cards look and feel very luxurious. But they don’t just look good; these cards are also highly waterproof and non-toxic. So, these cards will always be a great addition, no matter what game you’re playing.


  • You get two decks of stunning cards.
  • The contrasting gold and black designs are very eye-catching.
  • Eco-friendly and very durable.


  • Cards may fade if they aren’t stored properly.

#7. Honao Waterproof Playing Cards

These Honao Waterproof Playing Cards are ideal for anyone looking for a stylish set of playing cards. You can choose between a modern, gold design or an excellent black color. But whatever you prefer you can be sure of high-quality.

The cards are made from high-quality plastic and are very smooth. So, they are easy to handle and shuffle. But the cards are also 100% waterproof and washable, so ideal for playing down at the pub or bar.


  • Very high-quality construction.
  • Fully washable and waterproof.
  • Available in two eye-catching designs.


  • Darker cards may be hard to read for some people.

Our Verdict: What’s The Best Waterproof Playing Cards?

Whether your game is Blackjack, Canasta, or anything else, everyone needs a good set of playing cards!

Getting a set of waterproof cards will be the best option for most people, as they give you extra protection from spills and are practically a necessity for playing cards down at the pub.

So, what are the best waterproof playing cards? The WJPC Waterproof Cards is our top pick, and Mofuny Waterproof Cards is our favorite budget option.

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