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Fuck You Pyramid Drinking Game: Rules and How To Play?

Fuck You Pyramid is an excellent card-based drinking game. It might not have the popularity of games like King’s Cup or Flip Cup, but it’s still well worth playing. The Fuck You Pyramid drinking game is also unique compared to many other games as well.

It works best as a group drinking game with at least four players. So, if you’re looking for a two-player drinking game, it’s not the best choice. Before we look at what you’ll need to play, let’s take a quick look at how the game works.

What is The Fuck You Pyramid Drinking Game?

The Fuck You Pyramid drinking game can seem a little complicated at first glance. This is likely the reason it isn’t quite as popular as games like Beer Pong. However, the Fuck You Pyramid drinking game is easier to play than you might first think.

There are also several different rule sets you can use to play as well. The Fuck You Pyramid drinking game starts with all players choosing a dealer. The dealer will be in charge of turning the cards over and beginning each round.

Players will then need to build a pyramid of cards. There are numerous different ways you can do this as well. After the pyramid has been created, the remaining cards are dealt out equally to all players.

The game then starts with the dealer turning over the card at the bottom of the pyramid. Every player will then need to play one of their cards to place on top of it. You can play a card if it’s the same suit or the same number/ face.

Once four cards (or whatever the maximum amount remaining is) have been placed down, the final player to play a card will need to drink. We’ll talk more about the rules below in the gameplay section. But before that, let’s take a quick look at what you’ll need to play Fuck You Pyramid.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play Fuck You Pyramid, you need three things. A deck of playing cards, some plastic cups, and finally alcohol. While most of these are pretty self-explanatory, we’ll talk you through some ideas for which products to get.

  • Playing Cards

In Fuck You Pyramid, you use a standard deck of playing cards with the Jokers removed. You can use any playing card, but we recommend sticking to the traditional cards. These Bicycle cards would make a fine choice.

On Sale ”Bicycle
  • Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are used in many different drinking games like Quarters, for example. Any cup can be used, but we particularly like these Colored cups. Every player can also have their colored cup to ensure they don’t get mixed up.

  • Alcohol

Well, it can’t be a drinking game without alcohol, can it? You can use any alcohol in Fuck You Pyramid. However, we recommend sticking to something relatively light. Beer is the traditional choice, but you can use other beverages if you’re not a fan.

The Fuck You Pyramid Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

Fuck You Pyramid Drinking

The Aim of The Game

Well, like most drinking games, the aim of Fuck You Pyramid is to have fun. You move up the pyramid as you play and enjoy a drink or two. While you can win rounds in Fuck You Pyramid, there is no actual winning end goal. So, let’s talk about how to play Fuck You Pyramid in more detail.

The Setup

So, let’s start with the setup. First, shuffle your deck of cards and deal with every player a single card face-down. The player with the lowest value card will become the dealer. If one player wants to be the dealer, you can skip this part and select them to be the dealer.

The dealer should then build the card pyramid. You can make the pyramid in several different ways, but we recommend either a six-card or ten-card pyramid for first-time players. The smaller pyramid will be built in a three-two-one pattern. At the same time, the larger pyramid will be built in a four-three-two-one design.

Remember, when building the pyramid, the cards should always be face-down. If you have any remaining cards, lay them face down in a discard pile. The dealer should shuffle the remaining cards and deal them out equally amongst the remaining players. You can then start the game.

Standard Rules

Let’s start with the standard rules. The dealer should begin by flipping over the card at the bottom row of the pyramid. Once the card is flipped, players will have five seconds to place one of their cards on top of it.

A card can be played if it matches the number/ face or if it’s the same suit. For example, if the first card revealed is the 5 of Hearts, then any other 5 card or hearts card can be placed down. If a player places their card down, they must say, “Fuck You” and another player’s name.

That player will then need to play a card of their own and say “Fuck You” to another player to make them play. This continues till a maximum of four cards have been played. The player to play the last card will need to take four shots of alcohol.

However, if you don’t play a card when you have been called or can’t, you must drink a shot for each card played. For example, let’s say you are called third but can’t play a card. Then you will need to drink three shots of alcohol.

This gameplay loop continues as you move up the pyramid. As you get closer to the top, no one may be able to play a card at a certain point. If this happens, everyone will need to take a shot before moving on to the next card.

Alternative Rules

So, that is the standard ruleset. Let’s look at the alternative way to play. Now, this ruleset follows the same principles with one crucial difference. With these rules, each row of the pyramid carries slightly different drinking rules.

On the bottom row, each losing player will only need to drink one drink. This increase has you move up the pyramid. So, in the second row, a loser will need to drink two drinks and so on. There is an added end-game drinking round as well.

Once the final card has been turned, and played players must count their remaining cards. Whoever has the most cards left will then need to take a penalty drink to finish the game.

House Rules

Finally, let’s talk about house rules. If you have ever played Monopoly, then you have likely heard all about house rules. These special rules can add a unique twist to the game and let players get more creative.

The Fuck You Pyramid drinking game is very versatile and lends itself well to house rules. You can even add special drinking requirements for specific cards in the pyramid or allow people to skip drinking if they play certain cards. So, get creative and think of fun ways to personalize your game.

The Fuck You Pyramid Drinking Game – Fast-Paced Fun!

The Fuck You Pyramid is a bit of a “hidden gem” in drinking games. The rules might seem complicated at first. But once you get used to things, it’s much easier to play than you might first think. So, get your friends together and take on the pyramid!

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