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10 Fun Halloween Drinking Games to Enjoy with Friends

Halloween is a fantastic holiday for adults. It’s an excuse to dress up and have fun while enjoying something a little more spooky. Anyone planning a Halloween party or simply hanging out with friends on the day will be sure to enjoy a classic Halloween drinking game or two!

There are many incredible Halloween drinking games you can play with friends. Some add a spooky/ drinking twist to already well-known games, while others are entirely original creations. So, if you’re looking for some fun Halloween drinking games, we can help.

We’ve listed some of our favorite Halloween drinking games for you to play below and outlined exactly how to play them too. So, before you start thinking about what costume you’ll wear, get some games ready.

Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween Drinking Games

Below are ten fun Halloween drinking games worth playing with friends this Halloween.

1. Spooky Snap Drinking Game

Snap is one of the most well-known playing card games, likely only rivaled by Poker. This fun two-player card game is simple and easy to play. First, the deck is split into two halves, and players then take turns placing one down.

When matching cards are placed on top of each other, you must be the first to slap your hand on the deck and declare “snap” to win the current cards. The game then continues till all the cards have been played. But this isn’t an ordinary Snap game: it’s a spooky drinking game instead!

While the general gameplay is the same, there are a few new elements. First of all, anyone who doesn’t say Snap must take a penalty drink. The game is also played till one player gets at least five snaps. Which means there will often be plenty of drinking involved.

Now, of course, it is Halloween which means the game needs to be a little spooky. There are some tremendous scary/ horror playing cards ideal for Halloween, and we particularly like these Tragic Royalty Playing Cards.


2. The Halloween Horror Movie Drinking Game

The Halloween Horror Movie Drinking Game

Now, this is the drinking game of choice if you want to binge-watch some of your favorite horror movies this Halloween! This fun drinking game works the same way as games like the Shrek movie drinking game.

The first thing to do is decide what horror movie/s you’ll be watching. Then come up with some drinking rules. For example, let’s say you’re watching Friday the 13th. One rule could be to take a drink every time Jason kills someone.

Or you can get a bit more creative and have rules like take a drink every time you scream or look away from the TV. Everyone can get involved when creating the rules to make things more fun. Then all you have to do is watch the movie and remember to take a drink if you need to.

Movie drinking games like this are simple and easy to set up but also plenty of fun. Whether it’s a movie you like, one you hate, or even something you’ve never seen before, a horror movie drinking game is sure to be a fun time.

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3. The Apple Bobbing Drinking Game

Apple Bobbing is a Halloween favorite enjoyed by both children and adults. To play this fun party game, fill a tub or basin filled with water, and then add some apples. The apples should float on the surface, and players need to grab one with their teeth.

Now, this may sound simple enough, but it can be pretty challenging. However, this is all part of the fun. Now the Apple Bobbing drinking game follows similar principles, but there are a few differences.

First of all, the basin/ tub isn’t just filled with water! You should add some alcohol to the mixture to make bobbing for apples a little more fun. If you don’t want to pour a lot of alcohol into a large basin, you can instead get a player to take a shot before they start bobbing.

You should also have a stopwatch at the ready, and each player should only have 30 seconds to get an apple. If they don’t, they’ll have to take a drink as a penalty. Every player should get three turns, and in the end, the player who receives the most apples wins!

4. Trick or Treat Cocktails

Trick or Treat Cocktails

Everyone loves a good dice game, and Trick or Treat Cocktails is an excellent choice for a Halloween drinking game! The first thing to do is make six cocktails. The drinks can be made in any glass or even a plastic cup, although ideally, they should all match.

Three of the cocktails will be treats, while the other three will be tricks. The treat cocktails should be tasty drinks, while the trick ones should be disgusting! So, feel free to get creative when making them.

Once the cocktails are ready, they should be presented to the players. Then every player will take turns rolling the dice, and the number it lands on corresponds to the cocktail you’ll need to drink.

You could end up with a tasty cocktail if you get a treat or something much less pleasant if you get a trick! But as the rules of the game state, you’ll need to finish the cocktail whatever you end up getting.

5. Name That Bone

Name that bone is a fun Halloween drinking game that also has the benefit of teaching you some interesting facts along the way! Now how many other drinking games can say that? To play this game, you’ll need a plastic skeleton and plenty of alcohol.

Plastic skeletons should be pretty easy to find around Halloween, but you can also get them online. This 30” Halloween Skeleton would make a great choice. The game is quite self-explanatory; each player takes turns guessing the name of a bone.

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One player should be the host and check people’s answers using their phone or a biology book. If the player doesn’t guess correctly, they must take a penalty drink. Every player should have five turns, and the host should choose the bone they have to guess. That way, people can’t just go for the easy answers.

6. The Toilet Paper Mummy

The Toilet Paper Mummy

Our final game is properly the messiest but still a lot of fun. To start the game, one player should be nominated to be the Mummy, and the Mummy will get to take a drink as a bonus. They must then lie down on the floor.

The rest of the players should be split into two teams. Each team will have one or two rolls of toilet paper. Once the host shouts go, both teams should start wrapping as fast as they can! The aim of the game is to be the first team to use all their toilet paper.

Now, this might sound easy, but wrapping someone up is much easier said than done. The losing team must all take a shot and then nominate one of their members to be the new Mummy for the next round.

So, that’s six spooky Halloween drinking games sure to keep you and your friends entertained! Halloween is a lot of fun even when you’re an adult, especially if you add some of these fun drinking games to your next party.

7. Mystery Drinks Tasting Game

Now, here’s something for the bravest and most adventurous players. You will need a good variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (the weirdest, the better), a set of identical cups or glasses, and a fair share of creativity.

The players form two teams, ideally with an equal number of players. Each gets a number of cups corresponding to how many players are on the opposing team. Then, one by one (or simultaneously in separate areas, if possible), the teams take on roles of bartenders from hell, creating the craziest mixed drinks for their opponents.

One player in each team writes the recipes down on a control sheet. Once the teams are ready, the players start tasting the creations of their opponents and guessing the ingredients they used. For each wrong guess, a team gets one penalty point. Whoever has the lowest score wins the game!

Oh, and there’s one more thing – whenever a player starts tasting, they must empty the entire cup!

8. Do or Drink: Halloween Edition

Do or Drink: Halloween Edition

Now, let’s try something that will pull you and your friends out of your chairs and add a little action to the party.

Are you familiar with the classic Do or Drink game? Is it just as simple as it sounds: A player is ordered to do something really wild, complicated, or embarrassing, and if they refuse, they are “punished” with a mandatory drink (so unfair, right?!).

To adapt this game for the Halloween theme, ensure each task has some spooky element. Even better, aim the tasks precisely on the players’ biggest fears. You can, for example, ask your friend with arachnophobia to touch the spider in the corner of the room or your claustrophobic friend to hide in a closet. You all will undoubtedly be fairly drunk soon.

9. Deadly Wink & Drink Game

Deadly Wink is a morbid but fun game for a group of 6 or more players. It can be played anywhere and does not require any special materials – all you need to play is a pen, paper, and some alcohol, which you’ll use to adapt it into a drinking game.

First, tear the paper into as many pieces as players in the game and mark one with an “M” for a murderer. Now, crumple the papers, shuffle them, and let everyone draw. Whoever draws “M” secretly becomes the murderer, killing whoever they choose with a simple wink of an eye.

The players roam the room, socializing as usual. However, when someone winks at you, you’re instantly dead. While in standard game, this means you lie flat and silent on the ground, this time, you must have a drink first. Everyone aims to identify the killer before they kill them all (or get them all drunk).

10. Guess the Pumpkins Weight

Guess the Pumpkins Weight

Pumpkins are a must-have at any Halloween party. Gather a few of them on the table, and look for a weighing scale large and sturdy enough to accommodate even the largest of your pumpkins.

Next, take a piece of paper and write down everyone’s guess on how much each pumpkin weighs. You can collect all the guesses right at the beginning, which guarantees great fun since players cannot calculate based on the previous results. Of course, you can also make it easier by only guessing one pumpkin at a time.

When you’re ready, place the pumpkin on the scale to see how much it really weighs. For every 3 ounces of difference, a player pours 3 oz of alcohol into their cup. Friendly advice: Prepare large cups if you’re playing this game for the first time.


So, that’s ten spooky Halloween drinking games sure to keep you and your friends entertained! Halloween is a lot of fun, even when you’re an adult, especially if you add some of these fun drinking games to your next party.

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