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Do or Drink Fun Party Game For Adults

Do or Drink was very popular upon its release and even had numerous expansion packs produced! But what’s this fun drinking game all about? Well, let’s take a more in-depth look at how it’s played to find out. 

What Is The Do or Drink Party Game?

What Is The Do or Drink Party Game

Do or Drink is a pretty simple party game when you get right down to it. In some ways, it’s similar to the popular Cards Against Humanity game. But of course, like all great drinking games, alcohol will be involved. 

Cards come in two colors, white and black; the two colors should first be separated and then shuffled. The group should nominate a player to go; first, everyone will get a turn, though, so there is no advantage/ disadvantage to going first. 

Once a player has been chosen, they should take a card from the white pile. They must read aloud the card and then do the challenge/dare it poses. You will often have to drink after completing your turn as well. 

This continues with each player drawing a card. However, some white cards will not offer a challenge or dare; they will instead tell you to draw a black card. Black cards are much more challenging dares, so you will often want to avoid them. 

Or if you’re drunk by this point, you might want to draw a black card instead! When you get a black card, you follow the same pattern, read it out loud, and then even do the dare or take a drink. With black cards, you might need to take multiple drinks as a penalty if you turn down the dare. 

You can play the game with points if you like; we’ll discuss how this works below. Before that, let’s talk about what you’ll need to play the Do or Drink party game. Unlike King’s Cup or Ride The Bus, no deck of cards is required. 

What You’ll Need To Play? 

To play Do or Drink, you will need a card set. Finding a Do or Drink card set should be quite easy online. You get 350 cards in total, with your set split equally between white and black decks. If you are having fun with the game, you can even purchase some expansion packs. 

On Sale Do or Drink Card Set

Each Do or Die expansion pack contains 100 new cards! So, you can definitely enhance and revitalize the game if you’re getting bored of seeing the same cards. But like always, we recommend just sticking with the basic set at first. 

On Sale Do or Drink Expansion 1

Rules and Gameplay 

Rules and Gameplay Do or Drink Fun Party Game

The Aim of The Game

The aim of Do or Die is to simply have fun! It’s no different from one of the many amazing iPhone app drinking games in this respect. However, you can use points and try to be the player with the best score if you want. 

No matter how you play, the rules of the game are pretty much the same regardless. So, let’s take a look at how you set up a game of Do or Drink! 

The Set-Up 

First of all, one player should separate the white and black cards. Once done, shuffle the two decks and place them down in the center. Next, make sure the drinks are nearby, and then the group should vote on who goes first. 

Do or Drink can be played with a large group very easily. So, if you’re looking for a suitable group drinking game, Do or Drink would be a great choice. Once you’ve picked your first player, the game begins. 

Playing Do or Drink 

The first player should choose a white card; they should then read out the challenge/ dare to the group. The player can either do the dare or pass; under standard rules, any player who passes is automatically out of the game. 

Each player should celebrate finishing their turn by taking a drink. This gameplay pattern continues with the next player and so on. If a player chooses a card that tells them to draw a black card, they must do so. 

The black cards are more difficult/ embarrassing challenges. The player must read the card out to the group and then decide whether to do it or not. Black cards will normally allow you to pass on the dare/ challenge, but you will need to take a penalty drink instead. 

That’s the basic gameplay pattern down for Do or Drink! Every player continues by taking a card and doing the dare/ challenge or taking a drink or two. However, if you want, you can play for points; let’s see how that works. 

Playing For Points 

If you decide to play for points, the basic gameplay is the same. However, if a player completes a challenge, they keep the card. Each white card a player earns is worth one point; if a player completes a black card, it is worth three points instead. 

If a player passes on their turn, they lose a card if they have one. If they don’t, their score goes into the minuses. Both versions of Do or Drink are very fun, so we recommend giving both a try to see which you enjoy most. 

Do or Drink – A Fun, Fast-Paced Party Game

Everyone loves a good drink game, don’t they? Do or Drink is very fast-paced and easy to play, making it perfect for all kinds of parties. So, if you are bored of games like Bullshit and want to try something new, give Do or Drink a try.

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