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11 Best iPhone App Drinking Games For Your Next House Party

Your iPhone isn’t just for single-player games; it can be a great way to play some fun drinking games with friends. You can easily use your iPhone to play various iPhone party games if you’re planning a house party.

When most people think of drinking games, they usually think of card games like King’s Cup or Bullshit. But you can play a wide range of drinking game apps on your iPhone, and playing a mobile party game on your iPhone means you won’t need any other equipment.

It will also generally be more accessible and quicker because there will be no set-up work required. But finding the best game on the App Store could be tricky. There is a lot of variety for drinking games apps, so to help you, we’ve listed our favorites below.

The Best Drinking Games Apps for iPhone

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Let’s start with a classic, shall we? Never Have I Ever is a fun group drinking game you can easily play on your iPhone. There are thousands of preloaded questions, and new questions are added every so often through updates.

You can also choose different game modes to suit the atmosphere of your party. For example, if you’re playing with family or younger players, you can select the party or fun mode to avoid inappropriate questions.

But if you’re playing with friends, then you can select the adult mode for more risqué questions. Now, if you’ve never played this game, I’ll quickly outline the rules. Players take turns holding the iPhone and ask questions to the other players.

All questions start with “never have I ever,” and an action of some kind. To give you just a couple of examples, it could be something like never have I ever posted an embarrassing photo or skipped work. If anyone has done the action, they drink. You then give the iPhone to the next player, and they ask the next question.

2. Picolo


Picolo is a fun drinking game app perfect for your next house party! The game is easy to play and offers a lot of variety. So, how do you play it? Well, it’s simple, you can play either in groups or on an individual-by-individual basis.

The game challenges each player/ group to a variety of different challenges. Some are difficult, like singing the alphabet in reverse, while others are more embarrassing. If you fail the game, then you have to take a penalty drink.

Picolo is a fun alternative to games like Truth or Dare and offers you a wide range of different game modes. If you’re looking for a fun drinking game app with a lot of variety, then Picolo is an excellent choice.

3. Houseparty Kings

#3. Houseparty Kings

Well, we are looking for the best iPhone drinking games for a house party, so how can we not include this one? Houseparty Kings is a popular drinking game app with simple, easy-to-understand rules.

The game is inspired by Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever but offers a unique gaming experience. To play, everyone makes an avatar, and at each turn, a player will be asked to choose a challenge or punishment.

Challenges can vary but are usually embarrassing, like drawing on your face or posting something on social media. If you can’t complete your challenge, you need to take a penalty drink and do the punishment.

Punishments are usually actions like kissing another player or making animal noises. But they can also include things like removing clothes like in Strip Poker. With this fun party app, you can also make your own custom challenges and punishments too.

4. iPuke: The Drinking Game

iPuke: The Drinking Game

We can’t look at iPhone drinking games without looking at iPuke: The Drinking Game, can we? This fun drinking game is ideal for more competitive people as it uses points to measure players’ progress. In the end, they’ll (usually) be a top player.

So, how does this drinking game app work? The first thing players need to do is input their name or choose an avatar. Then at every turn, a player will be given two challenges; one will be a physical or trivia of some sort.

They will usually have an embarrassing aspect to them or may hinder you in the next round. For example, you may be asked to blindfold yourself so you can’t see what other players are doing. The other challenge will be a drinking task asking you to down several shots.

Both these challenges will be worth some points, and if you clear them, you’ll add the points to your total. After all, rounds have been completed, the point totals will be revealed, and the winner can take one last celebratory drink!

5. Heads Up

Heads Up

This fun drinking game app is a little like Charades, although there are a few differences. To play the Heads Up game, you simply choose one of the card decks. Then hold the phone to your forehead, and wait for the countdown.

After three seconds, the phone will reveal the name of a celebratory, movie, tv-show, place, or event to your friends. They will then shout out clues to you, and you’ll have to guess what it says.

You can just flip your forehead up to get a new clue.

With over 40 different themed decks, you’ll never run out of clues! When you guess, you can also take a shot to celebrate. Whether you’re giving clues to a friend or trying to guess, you’ll be sure to have fun playing Heads Up.

6. Dirty Potato: Party Game

Dirty Potato: Party Game

The Dirty Potato: Party Game is a bit like Trivial Pursuit, but it’s much more adult! So, this is a game for adult-only house parties. The game is simple, and you can choose to work as a team or play as an individual.

If you are playing as individuals, then after every question, you should give the iPhone to the next player. The app will ask a question or pose a challenge to each player. For example, it might be to name three words that rhyme with something or explain the plot of a movie to the other players.

Each question has a time limit to make things more frantic, so players need to think fast. If a player fails to answer the question in time, they must take a penalty drink. The rules are the same if you play as a group; you’re all working together with each question/ challenge.

For group games, everyone can drink to celebrate if you clear any challenge or question instead. However, you play, you’ll likely end up drunk quickly! The game also has regular updates, so more questions and challenges are being added to ensure you never get bored.

7. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

Well, we had to include Truth or Dare, didn’t we? This is a classic game and a popular choice for both bachelor parties and bachelorette parties! While it might not be a traditional drinking game, it has quickly become one with many people.

The rules of the game are simple; each player will be given truth or dare challenge. If they choose truth, they must answer (a usually) embarrassing question. If they choose dare, they must carry out a dare challenge.

If a player fails to do either challenge, they must take an extra penalty drink. However, most people will drink if they succeed as well! So, you will almost certainly get drunk playing this game.

The app version of Truth or Dare includes over 1000 questions, and they are split into multiple categories so players will have some idea of what they’re getting into. Best of all, players can also make their truth or dare questions/ challenges and add them to the app.

8. Drink Or Doom

Drink Or Doom

Drink Or Doom is a unique drinking game that takes the form of an interactive comic book adventure! Players start by choosing their characters/ avatars and then watch as the story unfolds.

At specific points throughout the adventure, players will be given challenges that usually involve physical actions or something a little embarrassing. This can include things like stripping off some clothes or simply taking some shots.

You can also add your own challenges into the game as well! Which will help ensure you don’t get bored and will be sure to please more devious players. One thing is for sure nobody will get through this game completely sober.

9. Drinkie


Drinkie is like a value pack! It includes multiple games you can play, including Spin The Bottle, Pyramid, Drinking Roulette, and King’s Cup. However, the main draw of this quirky drinking game app is how it brings all these games together in a brand new game.

When you start the app, you can choose from multiple different game modes. These include tipsy, sexy, macho, girly, and ridiculous. Each mode challenges you and your friends to different game rounds based on the games we highlighted above.

So, you might be playing Spin The Bottle one moment and then quickly switch to a round of King’s Cup! The game can be pretty chaotic, but that is all part of the fun. Best of all, you will be sure to get drunk and get the party going. ,

10. Drink and Tell

Drink and Tell

For our next iPhone app drinking game, we have Drink or Tell! This app takes the traditional question and answer trivia format but flips it excitingly. It’s a test of friendship and a great way to get drunk; what more could you need?

One player will take the phone and choose from one of the many categories. They’ll then be asked a question and have to select their answer. They’ll then read out the question and responses to the other players.

Who will then need to guess how you answered. If they guess correctly, you must take a drink; however, if they guess incorrectly they must take a drink. The phone then goes to another player, and the process repeats.

There are many subjects to choose from, including life and death, sex, love, ethics, personality, pop culture, embarrassing stories, politics, outrageous, and more. So, the questions you can be asked are limitless.

But players can also add their own questions to the user-generated category too! Drink or Tell is sure to be a fun time, and you’ll probably learn a bit more about your friends as you play. That’s if you can remember everything the morning after, of course!

11. Party Roulette

Party Roulette

Do you like Roulette? If so, then the Party Roulette drinking app is a great choice! To play the game, you first enter everyone’s names and then spin the wheel. Whoever names it lands on will have to take part in a challenge.

There are several different game modes, including dirty, speed, and crazy modes. Challenges include trivia questions, most likely voting challenges, truth or dare, and more. Party Roulette also has seasonal updates for events like Halloween and Christmas.

While you can download and play the Party Roulette drinking app for free, some of the game modes are locked behind in-app purchases. You can also opt for a weekly subscription to the game too, which is ideal for anyone going to a lot of parties.

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