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High School Musical Drinking Game Rules & How to Play?

There is no shortage of drinking games these days. You have the classic choice in Beer Pong, games that use cards like Waterfall, and many more to choose from. But the High School Musical drinking game stands out even amongst all these different games.

Now, if you were a child or teenager during 2006, you likely remember all about High School Musical. The Disney Channel movie was made for TV and spawned numerous sequels and spinoffs.

The franchise is still going strong today with a new TV series on the Disney+ streaming service. But enough of the history; what’s this drinking game all about? Well, you watch High School Musical and get drunk! Okay, there is more to it than that. Let’s take a closer look at what the game’s all about.

What is The High School Musical Drinking Game?

Children and teenagers who are now adults probably have fond memories of the High School Musical. Even if we can all admit, the film is definitely cheesy. Now you can watch it all over again and get drunk at the same time!

So, get some friends together and get ready to watch High School Musical in a whole new way. The High School Musical drinking game was created online. It follows the same basic setup of many similar drinking games.

For example, both the popular animated movie Shrek and the Netflix hit documentary Tiger King were both turned into drinking games. The rules are pretty simple for these games. You take a drink every time a word/ phrase or action occurs.

These games are designed to be very versatile as well. So, you can quickly come up with your own rules. We’ll talk you through everything you need to play the High School Musical drinking game and outline the basic rules.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play the High School Musical Drinking game, you only need alcohol and a way to watch the movie. The movie and its sequels are available on Disney+, but you can easily find a DVD online.

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But whether you stream it or watch it on DVD doesn’t really matter. Once the movie is ready, you’ll need plenty of alcohol. You can use any kind of alcohol, but we don’t recommend anything overly strong.

The High School Musical Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The High School Musical Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

The High School Musical drinking game doesn’t really have an aim. There are no points or scores. You simply play to have fun and get a little drunk. It’s the perfect casual, relaxed drinking game and a great way to revisit a movie you might have once loved.

It would make an awesome two-player drinking game but can easily be played with a larger group as well. So, get all your friends together and revisit this Disney classic. Whether you want to enjoy the nostalgia or simply want to make fun of the cheesy “Disney” characters and story, you’ll be sure to have fun playing.

The Basic Rules

So, how do you play the High School Musical drinking game? Well, it’s easy; you simply press play, and every time a particular scene or action plays out, you take a drink. It could be characters saying a specific phrase or an action occurring on-screen.

Now there are many different rule sets you can use to play the High School Musical drinking game. Below we have listed our own for you to use. To make the game more fun, we have listed two categories. So, you either take just a sip or drink it all.

Take A Sip

  • Someone says the phrase “Wild Cats.”
  • The school musical is mentioned.
  • A crowd/ person claps.
  • You see someone using an old cell phone.

Drink It All!

  • Someone says, “get your head in the game.”
  • The cast breaks out in song.
  • Sharpay gets mad/ upset about something.
  • You laugh at any point.

Some of these rules might seem a little unusual, but trust us, you’ll get pretty drunk by the movie’s end. These rules are great to get started, but there are plenty of other ways you can play the High School Musical drinking game.

House Rules

There are a variety of fun ways you can personalize the High School Musical drinking game. You can make it easier or more challenging or even incorporate trivia aspects. This would be ideal for people who enjoy pub trivia competitions.

One fun house rule to try is to pause the movie every 20 minutes. Then every player should ask the group a question about what they’ve watched so far. If they get the question right, you take a drink. If they get it wrong, then they have to take an extra penalty drink.

If you’re quite the High School Musical fan, then you will likely notice plenty of other great opportunities for drinking rules. Every time a character cries, take a drink. If you start to sing along at any point, you need to drink, and that’s just a couple of ideas.

Feel free to get creative when it comes to making your own house rules. Just make sure every other player agrees and fully understands the rules before you start!

Other Games To Play

Well, once you have conquered the High School Musical drinking game, what should you play next? If you want to keep the party going, you can always turn the sequels into their own drinking games as well!

There are some other Disney musicals that would make great drinking games, like Camp Rock or Lemonade Mouth, to give you just a few ideas. It’s a great way to revisit some of your old childhood favorites and enjoy them in a brand new way!

The High School Musical Drinking Game – Nostalgic Fun!

The High School Musical Drinking game is sure to be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Get your friends together, press play, and then let the fun begin! You’ll laugh and likely cringe a few times, but it will definitely be an enjoyable experience.

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