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13 Anime Drinking Games to Play

If you’re a fan of the anime world, well, you’re not alone. It’s quickly becoming a popular genre in the animation sector.

I became interested in anime as a child when we would play games with trading cards and watch Pokemon after school; it’s down to nostalgia that some of us are still drawn to it as adults.

Okay, so I don’t trade Pokemon cards with my friends anymore. However, I still watch the shows, and we often include anime drinking games to up the entertainment on game nights.

Best Anime Drinking Games of 2023

Throughout this guide, I will be talking about my favorite Anime drinking games, and for each one, I will give you some ideas on when to drink. However, feel free to change this up, make the rules your own, and add your own spin.

That’s the greatest thing about these drinking games; no two games ever have to be the same.

The concept of each game is the same when something happens on screen; you take a shot, finish your drink, or take a sip.

These specifics should be agreed on before you begin playing. For the players’ safety, it’s essential to save the shots and finish drinks for rarer occurrences. Otherwise, your game night could be over in a shot, literally.

If you want to create an even more immersive experience for your anime drinking game, think about dressing up, putting up anime-style decorations, and drinking out of anime-themed drinking glasses.

1. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

I remember watching this many years ago, and it’s still up there with one of my favorite anime shows, so it makes total sense to make this one into a fun drinking game to enjoy with friends.

Drink When:

  • When the characters share a meal
  • When someone uses a spirit bomb
  • Someone has a flashback
  • Gohan is studying 
  • Mr. Popo is on the screen
  • A planet dies
  • Someone is killed
  • Someone is bought back to life
  • When someone’s attack misses
  • A Super Saiyan level is achieved

2. Attack on Titan

I love the action and mystery that comes with Attack on Titan, and some argue that it’s the best anime to date. Titans are basically giant monsters, and man-eating monsters at that. So, why not enjoy the fight for survival again these humungous creatures while making it into an entertaining drinking game?

Drink When:

  • Somebody shuts down Eran
  • Titans appears within the walls
  • When Armin panics
  • When Eren transforms into a Titan
  • Anytime someone says “Mikasa.”
  • When a Scout Regiment member gets devoured by a Titan
  • Whenever Armin comes up with a strategic plan
  • Titans’ creepy smiles or laughs
  • When Levi showcases his combat skills
  • Titan shifters reveal their true identities
  • Every time someone says “Survey Corps” or “Scout Regiment.”
  • When a new type of Titan is introduced (e.g., Colossal Titan, Armored Titan)
  • During intense action sequences or battles
  • Anytime someone mentions the “Walls” or “Wall Maria,” “Wall Rose,” or “Wall Sina.”
  • When Eren shouts, “I will kill all the Titans!”
  • Whenever the “Attack on Titan” theme song plays
  • Any main character dies

3. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

If you were watching anime back then, you’d probably remember the original Hellsing. I know I do. It was fantastic. Hellsing Ultimate, as the name suggests, is an updated version of the old show from the 2000s, and it’s based on a vampire called Alucard.

Throughout the show, Alucard and his pals battle various enemies who want him dead.

Drink When:

  • Someone refers to themselves as “master.”
  • Alucard kills a ghoul or vampire.
  • Someone’s shaking
  • There’s a battle between Hellsing and Millenium forces
  • There’s a smiling face in the shadows
  • Alucard says, “I love the smell of gunpowder and blood.”
  • Alucard releases his full power
  • Bullets don’t work
  • Someone delivers a chilling monologue
  • Someone screams
  • Sera Victoria uses her vampire abilities

4. No Game, no Life

Suppose you prefer the more fantastical type of anime movie. In that case, you’ll already know about No Game, No Life, its dream-like scenarios, bright colors, and the world of gaming. You can liven up this story of betrayal and mind games by turning it into this fun drinking game.

Drink When:

  • Someone wins a game
  • The characters enter a new gaming world
  • The races are mentioned
  • The siblings get a bit too close for comfort
  • The art style changes
  • The characters show off their gaming skills
  • Tet, “The God of Games,” makes an appearance
  • You hear the term “One True God.”

5. Harem


Gather you’re own personal Harem and turn this awesome show into a drinking game with your friends. Harem, if you’re not already aware, revolves around a character being surrounded by people of the opposite sex who are all fighting for the individual.

Each interested character showcases a different personality, quirks, and traits. It’s an anime based on romance and attraction, so it may not be one to play with the family.

Drink When:

  • Things get awkward
  • A romantic situation is interrupted
  • Two people have a heartfelt moment
  • A female presents a new talent or attractive trait
  • A misunderstanding occurs
  • Someone gets jealous
  • A new member comes into the Harem
  • The male finds himself in an awkward situation

6. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is another of my top picks, mainly because I love anything based around mythical magic. Of course, as with most anime shows, there’s also the added excitement of intense conflict around every corner. There’s plenty of opportunity for drinks here, so pace yourself carefully.

Drink When:

  • The Guild Master gives a lecture
  • Happy and Carla bicker
  • Natsu talks about how much he loves food
  • The Guild members fight.
  • Erza displays great strength
  • Juvia shows their love for Gray
  • Lucy summons a celestial being.
  • Gray takes off his shirt
  • Someone activates Dragon Slayer magic
  • Gajeel uses his Iron Dragon Slayer abilities
  • Cana drinks alcohol

7. Bakemonogatari

Though it might be a bit of a mouth, especially by the end of a drinking game, Bakemonogatari is a brilliant new way of storytelling, with less of the battles and betrayal and more with wording and intricate conversations. However, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of chances to drink.

Drink When:

  • Anyone tilts their head
  • You hear a character’s catchphrase
  • Araragi experiences a supernatural being
  • There’s a reference to a famous literary
  • The theme tune plays
  • You see any impressive art or animation
  • Oshino offers cryptic advice to Araragi
  • You hear about a character’s backstory

8. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

Back into the action with this one, Gurren Lagann is a fan favorite in the anime world. The story is based on Simon and Kamina, who escape from a village prison, having been unaware there’s a whole world out there they’d never heard of.

Join them on their quest to discover the planet’s treasures and try to save it from an enigmatic compulsion that’s trapping its inhabitants.

You’ll find there are plenty of laughs along the way, though, which is why it’s perfect for your next game night.

Drink When:

  • When there’s a mecha transformation
  • Someone talks about “Spiral Power.”
  • Anyone mentions the Spiral King
  • When someone shows off a new attack or skill
  • When you hear the Spiral Power Music
  • When Simon’s iconic glasses shine
  • When someone mentions Gurren Bridge
  • When someone says, “Pierce the Heaven.”
  • When a new battleship is introduced
  • When something explodes

9. My Hero Academia

This more modern take on the anime genre revolves around a boy named Izuku Nudiruta who dreams of becoming a superhero. However, he doesn’t have what he needs. That is until a real superhero comes to the rescue and adds him to his quirk.

There are many chances here for drinking opportunities, but here are some I’ve used to give you an idea.

Drink When:

  • When we hear about a character’s backstory
  • When All Might says, “I am here.”
  • A new villain is introduced
  • Momo creates something with her quirk
  • All Might cough blood up
  • Someone’s quirk is announced
  • Midoriya shouts, “KACCHAN!”
  • Someone wears an ugly superhero outfit
  • When Kirishima displays his unbreakable Red Riot form.
  • Someone exhibits a special attack or move
  • When the Flame Hero appears on the screen.

10. Inferno Cop

I love the surrealism of Inferno Cop. It’s what gives it its edge. It’s packed full of action and unique visualizations. In the crime-ridden city, the Inferno Cop seeks justice against evil, acting as a mysterious vigilante. Plenty of humor is involved, too, making it perfect for a game night with friends.

Drink When:

  • Inferno Cop’s flaming skull becomes intense
  • There’s a scene that makes everyone laugh
  • Inferno Cop says one of his catchphrases
  • There’s a plot twist
  • Inferno Cop defeats a villain
  • The style of animation changes
  • There’s a reference to another popular anime

11. Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion

Another anime that I love, which also incorporates a bountiful amount of humor and action, is Code Geass, a show in which Japan is under the rule of Britania, and the nation has to be freed.

Code Geass offers intense mecha battles, political intrigue, and complex character development, making it a thrilling and thought-provoking anime and an excellent drinking game.

Drink When:

  • Lelouch outwits his opponents
  • He adopts a new alias or disguise
  • When CC talks about her love of pizza
  • There’s a battle with the Black Knights
  • Lelouch uses his Geass power
  • A new Knightmare Frame is introduced
  • There’s a plot twist
  • Someone sacrifices themselves

12. Death Note

Death Note

It’s probably one more for the younger crowd, but I love it, so maybe not. It’s about a teen who goes around murdering criminals, not in the usual way you see in anime, but instead through the power of a magical notebook. His aim? It’s to free the world from crime. With so much going on, it’s easy to drink your way through the endless cat-and-mouse game.

Drink When:

  • Someone pokes fun at Light’s name
  • Ryuk asks for apples
  • Someone dies at the hands of a death note
  • There’s a powerful or impactful moment
  • A new rule about the Death Note is revealed
  • Light brags about himself
  • Near plays with her hair
  • When Mikami goes into delete mode

13. Keijo!

There’s no doubt that Keijo is made to please, and it’s definitely one to keep the kids at bay. It’s 100% fanservice, that’s for sure. It involves female athletes using questionable methods to knock each other off floating platforms. By questionable, I mean body parts. It’s certainly interesting, that’s for sure, but I’ve found it makes an excellent and hilarious drinking game.

Drink When:

  • A player falls into the water
  • Someone calls out Keijo!!!!
  • Someone dodges an attack
  • A match begins
  • Someone pulls off an epic move
  • Someone uses a signature attack
  • You learn about the backstory of one of the characters
  • A new player is introduced


While drinking games can be an excellent way to bring together a group of friends, there are some safety tips you need to follow, such as staying hydrated, keeping an eye on everyone at your party, and knowing your limits.

I also always advise everyone to eat before engaging in such games; drinking on a full stomach is always safer. Hey, here’s a good idea, order pizza for everyone, and when you’re done, you can play the pizza box drinking game, if you’ve got the stamina, or save them for another night.

If you’re intrigued by the world of drinking games and want to learn more about what others there are out there, check out my guide to the best drinking games without cards for more inspiration.

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