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Pizza Box Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play?

Playing games is entertaining enough; throwing a few cheeky beers or shots into the mix is a great way to get the party going.

We all enjoy classic and popular drinking games like beer pong, but occasionally mixing things up with new and contemporary drinking games may be fun.

There are tons of different drinking games that are all equally fun. But at one of my last social gatherings, I was introduced to the pizza box drinking game, and though it was so entertaining, I just had to share it far and wide.

Of course, one of the most enticing things about this game is that you can eat pizza before you begin; it’s one of the primary requirements. Not many games demand you stuff your face with cheesy goodness before gameplay is there.

You don’t need more convincing to learn how to play the pizza box drinking game. So let’s delve further into the rules.

What You’ll Need To Play Pizza Box Drinking Game?

What You’ll Need To Play Pizza Box Drinking Game

As we’ve already covered, and as the title clearly states, before anything else, get on the phone with your local pizza place, and order your favorite feast.

Now, get devouring.

Once you’ve got your now empty pizza box, you’ll also need a marker pen, a coin, and of course, the alcohol of your choice. It’s a drinking game, after all.

Okay, you’re good to go!

Let’s Play Pizza Box Card Game – Getting Started

First of all, you need to open your pizza box in the center of wherever you’ll be playing your game.

Next, each person pours a drink. Or you could pour one for everyone if you’re the host.

Now everyone has a drink in their hand. They should place it inside the pizza box and draw a circle around it using the marker pen. Then write your name inside your circle.

There we have it. You’re set to get the party started.

Rules And Gameplay

Rules And Gameplay

In case you are wondering, it’s where the coin comes in.

Each player now takes turns bouncing the coin into the box. The aim is to attempt to land it in one of your fellow players’ names. If you don’t manage the first time, don’t worry, you get another attempt. All players have two chances at this. If you’re successful, the player whose name you landed must take a drink.

However, in the likely chance that you miss (this happens more frequently the more drinks are consumed), place your drink where it landed, draw around it, and write a rule inside the circle.

The game continues like this until the box is full of rules, and there’s no space left to draw more circles.

Also, be warned that you must take a drink if you miss the pizza box on both turns.

The great thing about this game is that no strategy is involved, and you can make up your own rules completely. They can be as sensible, daring, and risky as you like. You can judge this by the group you’re playing with.

1. 25 Pizza Box Card Game Rule Ideas

If you need help thinking of any rules to write, here’s a handy list of ideas that might inspire you. Keep this handy during gameplay to avoid any lulls in your game.

  1. Text the 20th contact on your phone
  2. Order another pizza
  3. Remove your shoes and socks
  4. Send your ex a selfie
  5. Play thumb wars with the person to your left
  6. Perform a song/dance
  7. Do the hokey pokey
  8. Call your mother/father-in-law
  9. Eat a teaspoon of mustard
  10. Tell a secret
  11. Do 20-star jumps
  12. Do a body shot
  13. Snog, marry, avoid
  14. Read out loud the last text sent to your friends
  15. Reveal a truth about a time you lied
  16. Remove another player’s socks with your teeth
  17. Let your friends change your profile picture to anything they want
  18. Imitate an animal of the other players choosing
  19. Read a poem on Facebook live
  20. Go outside and collect 25 leaves
  21. Fill your mouth with water and hold it for as long as possible (other players can try to make you laugh on this one)
  22. Swap clothes with the person next to you
  23. Paint all your nails in under 10 seconds
  24. Go to your neighbors and ask to borrow some tartan paint
  25. Twerk to Karma Chameleon

Summary of The Pizza Box Drinking Game

If you’re thinking of introducing the pizza box drinking game (and why wouldn’t you be after hearing all about it), you’re certainly in for a night of laughs, drama, and drinking.

I’d recommend playing this game with six to ten people; any more than ten and your pizza box can become a little overcrowded, and the game is over in no time.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about the pizza box drinking game, you might find my guide to the Harry Potter Drinking Game to be useful. Combine this with pizza; I know I’m set up for the perfect night in.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that while drinking games can be fun, they should also be played responsibly. Plus, too many shots after all that pizza might not go down (or stay down) too well.

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