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Paranoia Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play?

Making yourself paranoid as a form of fun might sound controversial. But if you’re up for the challenge, and are confident in your peace of mind, then the Paranoia drinking game is an excellent idea for your next games night.

The idea of paranoia is pretty apparent, to make players paranoid with a series of secret questions and answers.

Are you ready to feel on edge and watch your friends and family squirm? If so, let’s learn the rules and how to play a Paranoia drinking game.

What You’ll Need to Play Paranoia Drinking Game?

You’ll be glad, you know, you don’t need much to enjoy the unnerving game of Paranoia. All you need is three or more people, who are okay with having their minds messed with, and plenty of drinks.

Shots work well for this game, in my opinion, however, but you can use wine, beer, spirits, and mixers. It’s really up to you.

Rules and How to Play? Paranoia Drinking Game

Rules And How to Play? Paranoia Drinking Game

It’s up to you where you play; me and my gang like to use a large dining table, making it easier to whisper to the person next to you. But you can always lounge around the living room if you prefer.

The game begins with the first person whispering a question to the person sitting to their left. Below is a list of ideas that can be used, but feel free to make up your own.

  • Who’s the oldest
  • Who is the most boring
  • Who’s most likely to get drunk at the Christmas party
  • Who is the fun police
  • Who’s had the most sexual partners
  • Who thinks their the best looking
  • Who is the best looking
  • Who is most likely to phone in work sick after a night out
  • Who’s the worst liar
  • Who’s the worst in bed
  • Who’s the most likely to get arrested
  • Who has the smelliest feet
  • Who’s the best cook
  • Who’s the worst secret keeper
  • Who’s the most likely to duck out of a night out
  • Who’s the biggest cheapskate

You get the jist, I’m sure.

Remember, these questions should be whispered only to the person on your left. The rest of the group will not know what the question is.

The person you’ve whispered to must now call out the name of the person they choose to be the answer. That person then has two options:

  • Take a Shot: You can choose to know what the question was if you can handle the paranoia. However, the consequence is you must drink.
  • Continue: If you can resist not knowing what the question was, you can move on and whisper another question to the person on your left.

The game continues like this for as long as you want it to or until you run out of questions to ask.

If you want to turn the heat up on the game, you could always turn it into a stripping drinking game, but of course, this will depend on who you’re playing with; some people might not be so comfortable with the idea.


So whether you’re looking for a fun drinking game for an upcoming bachelorette party or want something to keep your friends entertained on your next night, the Paranoia drinking game is an excellent way to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

Can you restrain yourself from knowing what you’re being accused of and move on, or are you taking the shot?

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