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Stripping Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play?

Do you like Strip Poker? Or are you simply looking for a more risque, adult drinking game? If so, then the Stripping drinking game is exactly what you want. There are even a few different ways you can play this game as well.

One thing for sure is that clothes will likely be coming off when you play the Stripping drinking game! So, you need to be confident and brave to play this game. Let’s take a quick look at how the game works before we explain what you need to play.

What is The Stripping Drinking Game?

Well, this is a game that tells you everything you need to know right in the name. In the Stripping drinking game, you have to use a coin or dice to decide whether you drink or strip. The gameplay is simple, fast, and, most importantly, a lot of fun!

If you’re playing with dice, then the gameplay is a little more complicated as there are more possibilities for what can happen on your turn. Whereas with a coin, you’ll either be stripping or drinking. We’ll talk more about how the game works below in the gameplay section.

The Stripping drinking game is best played at the end of your game night/ party. Because the game is relatively fast-paced, it makes a fun “end of the night” event. If you’re bored of games like King’s Cup and want a drinking game with a bit more risk involved, then the Stripping drinking game is perfect for you.

It would also make a fine choice for a bachelor party game as well. Before we take a more in-depth look at the gameplay and rules, let’s first examine what you need to play in the Stripping drinking game.

What You’ll Need To Play?

One of the good things about the Stripping drinking game is that you don’t need much to play. All you need is alcohol and either a coin or two dice. You can also use shot glasses as well, but regular cups are an acceptable alternative.

  • Dice

If you decide to play the Stripping drinking game with dice, you might find it best to get a die set. This colorful set of ten dice would make a great choice. While you only need two dice to play, this is a drinking game, so it’s highly likely the dice might going missing after a game.


The Stripping Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Stripping Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

Like most drinking games, the aim of the Stripping drinking game is to simply have fun! However, there are winners and losers. To win the game, you simply have to be the last player to still have clothes on. So, if everyone has stripped and you haven’t, you win! Of course, you can create your own endpoint as well.

If you prefer, you can simply end the game once one player has fully stripped. Under traditional rules, the Stripping drinking game is all about doing a complete strip. However, if you aren’t entirely comfortable with this, you can strip your underwear instead.

The Set-Up

There are a few different ways you can play the Stripping drinking game. But both coin and dice rules have a similar set-up. The first thing to do is get all players to sit around a table together. Ideally, they should be sat man, woman, man, woman, etc.

Since the Stripping drinking game is ideal for both bachelor and bachelorette parties, same-sex groups are pretty common. However, if you don’t have an equal amount of both men and women playing, then don’t worry, just sit however you want. Now let’s outline the two distinctive rule sets.

Coin Rules

If you’re playing with a coin, then the rules are more straightforward. First, nominate a player to go first. They should take the coin and shout out whether they think it will land on heads or tails. They should then flip the coin and shout out what it landed on.

If they get their guess right, the coin will move to the next player on the right. However, if the player gets their guess wrong, they will need to remove one article of clothing before passing on the coin.
If you did get the coin flip right then, you could also opt for a second flip. If you get this guess right then, you can pass the coin to any player to take their turn next. However, if you get the second guess wrong, you’ll need to remove two pieces of clothing.

Finally, if you correctly guess your first two flips, you can go for a third! Correctly guessing three flips means you can give the coin to any player and take back an article of clothing to put it back on.

However, if you incorrectly guess this third flip, you’ll need to remove three pieces of clothing. Once your turn is over, you must always take a shot/ sip of alcohol before moving the dice to the next player. The drink signals that your turn is over.

The game is over when one player is still clothed, and the rest have stripped completedly! Playing with coins is a much simpler way to play the Stripping drinking game. But you can also use dice. Let’s outline how these rules work.

Dice Rules

You can also play the Stripping drinking game with two dice. You will need to roll the dice on your turn, and each roll means you must carry out a particular task. If there isn’t a double, then the two dice numbers need to be added together.

If the total is an even number, then you will need to take a drink before moving the dice to the next player. However, if the number is odd, you will instead need to remove an article of clothing.

But if you get a double, then you need to do something a little different. To see what each double roll means, check out the list below.

  • Double 1 – You can decide whether to drink or remove one piece of clothing.
  • Double 2 – The player to your right must take a drink/ shot instead of you.
  • Double 3 – This is a safe roll, play moves to the next player.
  • Double 4 – You can give any player a Truth or Dare challenge.
  • Double 5 – You can put a piece of clothing back on.
  • Double 6 – You can skip your next turn if you wish.

The game is once again over when one clothed player remains. Both the dice and coin rules allow for a lot of versatility when playing the Stripping drinking game. So, you can easily add your own house rules as well.

House Rules

If you want to add your own twist to the game, adding house rules to the Stripping drinking game is easy. You can easily change each coin flip to make the game riskier or change each dice roll.

We always recommend sticking to the basic rules first. But once you’ve played a few games adding house rules can make a drinking game much more fun. So, feel free to get creative and think up some fun house rules.

While Stripping Drinking isn’t really designed for just two people, it’s more of a group party game; with a few changes to the rules, it can be played by two people quite easily!

The Stripping Drinking Game – Fast-Paced Fun!

So, that’s everything you need to know to play the Stripping drinking game! If you’re looking for a more adult risque game, then this could be the ideal choice. You’ll need to be brave (but I’m sure the drink will help), but it’s a great game to play that will sure to be a memorable time.

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