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The Football Drinking Game: How To Play?

Everyone loves a fun drinking game, don’t they? From classics like Beer Pong and Waterfall to lesser-known options like Cheers to the Governor.

But the football drinking game has got to be one of our favorites. It’s simple and easy to play, so before we look at the rules, let’s talk more about how the game works.

What is The Football Drinking Game?

Plenty of nations across the world consider football/ soccer to be their national game. In many countries, this love and passion are very much ingrained in their very culture. But what if you aren’t good at playing it?

Well, there is a whole new way to enjoy football with the football drinking game! Now don’t worry; you can still enjoy this game if you enjoy a traditional kickabout as well. But this is a game that is very much aimed at people who enjoy spectating and drinking.

In a way, these more passive viewing drinking games aren’t anything new. There are many games based on similar practices. For example, the Shrek drinking game and, more recently, The Tiger King drinking game based on the popular Netflix documentary.

In the football drinking game, you simply get some drinks and watch some football! The game is best played with a group and makes a fantastic bachelor party game too. There is even a natural breakpoint in the middle of the game for half-time. Before we go over the rules, let’s take a quick look at what you need to play.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play the football drinking game, you don’t need much at all! All you need is some alcohol (any kind will do) and a way to watch some football. Ideally, you’ll want to watch a live game, but you can watch a prerecorded older game as well.

Many people even use websites like YouTube to watch some of their old favorites. But if you want an authentic experience, then it’s best to schedule your football drinking game session with a game in real-time if you can.

The Football Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Football Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

The football drinking game aims to simply have fun! Get a group of friends together and enjoy watching football while also participating in this endurance-style drinking competition! There is no need for points or anything like that. You simply aim to get to the end of the match.

One bonus of playing the football drinking game is that it can make even dull football matches fun! But not every match is a winner. So, if a game you’re dreading is coming up, watching while playing the football drinking game could be a good option.

The Game Rules

The football drinking game doesn’t have much of a set-up. This game works particularly well with a group but can be played with a smaller number of players. Just make sure everyone is ready when the match starts, and you have plenty of alcohol within easy access.

Having at least three players is a good starting point, but it could also work as a fun two-player drinking game. Then when the match starts, simply follow the rules below and drink when necessary.

There are plenty of different rule sets for the football drinking game. A quick search on the internet will bring up dozens of different rules. To help make the game easier to play, we have compiled our own rule set for you to follow.

Drink When You See:

  • A Free Kick – One Drink
  • A Throw In – One Drink
  • A Corner – One Drink
  • Offside – One Drink
  • A Player Dives – One Drink
  • A Player Is Injured – One Drink
  • A Player Scores – Two Drinks
  • A Yellow Card – Two Drinks
  • A Red Card – Three Drinks
  • A Goal is Saved – One Drink

Drink When You Hear:

  • Fans Screaming/ Booing – One Drink
  • Commentators say, “A Game of Two Halves.” – One Drink
  • Commentators say, “At The End of The Day.” – One Drink
  • Commentators say, “How Did He Miss That.” – One Drink
  • Commentators say, “It’s All Over.” – Two Drinks

Half-time Rules

When the match is at half-time, players should take a break from drinking. You can end up drinking quite a bit in the football drinking game, so this is an excellent natural rest point. To add an extra twist to the game, you can also use this time to bet on the outcome.

Each player should predict what they think the result will be. If you get it right at the end of the game, you should take one last celebratory Drink! If you’re wrong, then you skip the final Drink at full time.

Simple right? By following these rules, you’ll be sure to enjoy plenty of drinks through a regular match. But you can always add your own twist to the game as well. So let’s take a look at how the house rules work in the football drinking game.

House Rules

House rules are straightforward to adopt in the football drinking game! They work just like they would in a game of Monopoly. If you can think of any new drinking rules, then simply add the rule to the game!

One particular area you might want to focus on is drinking rules that involve the player’s behavior/ actions. So, if you cheer or boo at any point in the game, you have to take an extra drink to give you just a couple of possible examples.

The Football Drinking Game – Enjoy Football In A Whole New Way!

So, that’s everything you need to know to play the fantastic football drinking game! Simple but sure to be good fun, this drinking game has everything you need to enjoy a drink or two with friends or family. Of course, it will be extra fun if you enjoy football, but even if you don’t, you’ll still likely enjoy playing along.

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