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The Bring It On Drinking Game: How To Play?

Learn how to play the Bring It On a game with our in-depth game guide! Bring It On is an early millennium classic when it comes to high school movies! Yes, it’s cheesy and very much a time capsule of the late 90s and early 2000s but makes one hell of a drinking game.
Movie-based drinking games aren’t anything new. You’ll find plenty of different ones online, and coming up with your own is easier than you’d think. For example, the Shrek movie drinking game is a favorite of many people. But let’s take a closer look at the Bring It On drinking game, shall we?

What is The Bring It On Drinking Game?

Bring It On was an American teen movie about cheerleading, sports, friendship, and romance. Yes, it was quite the cheese-fest but considered a favorite of many teenagers during the 2000s. The movie is also famous for starring many would-be big names, including Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union.

The movie also spawned several sequels, although they never really caught the public’s attention as the first did. The film is a fun drinking game in which players must drink after specific actions occur on screen.

Many movies and TV shows have similar drinking games. For example, the famous Tiger King documentary on Netflix was turned into its very own drinking game with a similar ruleset last year. So, the Bring It On drinking game is quick and easy to play. But before we look at the rules, let’s talk about what you need to play.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play the Bring It On drinking game, all you need is a copy of the movie and some alcohol! Unfortunately, despite being quite popular in its time, the film isn’t overly common on streaming services at present. So, your best bet is to buy a copy of the Bring It On DVD.

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Thankfully copies are pretty easy to find online. Once you’ve got the movie, then all you need is some alcohol. Bring It On is a fun movie for both men and women, but it initially catered to teenage girls.

We think it would make an entertaining drinking game for a bachelorette party. The movie is a great group drinking game as well. So, get some friends together, hit play, and enjoy a trip to the past.

The Bring It On Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Bring It On Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

There isn’t much of any aim to the Bring It On drinking game. It doesn’t involve sequences or numbers like Cheers To The Governor or cards like games like Waterfall. You simply watch the movie and enjoy drinking with friends! Let’s take a look at how the rules work, shall we?

The Rules

There are several different rulesets out there for the Bring It On drinking game. You can even come up with your own unique rules too! However, to help make the game easier to play, we have put our own list together for you to follow.

You simply drink once or twice, depending on what happens on the screen. There are no points or anything like that to worry about. If you want to add your own unique rules, then you can! Just make sure everyone playing agrees to it.

Drink Once

  • Every time someone says “Toros,” – Trust us, this happens a lot!
  • Someone mocks/ makes fun of cheerleading.
  • Big Red makes a cameo.
  • A new squad of cheerleaders appears.
  • Any time you join in with the cheering.

Drink Twice

  • A male cheerleader is made fun of/ laughed at.
  • A pun with the word “Cheer” is made.
  • The infamous “Spirit Fingers” make an appearance.
  • Any time you laugh.

The Bring It On Drinking Game – An Early 2000s Classic Transformed!

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Bring It On drinking game! Like Rage Cage, this drinking game is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s a bit overshadowed by similar movie-based drinking games.

But this makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for something a little different. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to revisit the Bring It On movie, which is sure to be an entertaining watch, especially when alcohol is involved!

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