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8 Best Star Wars Board Games of All Time {Must Try!}

I was introduced to the world of Star Wars quite late in life; as a child, it wasn’t something I had a particular love for; I was more of a Lord of the Rings kid and was also obsessed with the Wizarding World.

However, once I discovered my fondness for Star Wars, I collected all kinds of memorabilia before I knew it. I also made it my mission to go hunting for Star Wars-themed board games to share my newfound knowledge with those who joined me for game nights.

The legend of Star Wars has grown so much over the years that it won’t surprise you to learn that hundreds of games now revolve around the famous movie series.

I have curated this list of the best Star Wars board games. I’ve included some old classic favorites of mine and some newly created ones that I’ve purchased or played.

Best Star Wars Board Games

Not only will I be telling you how to play each one of these games, but I will also tell you where to find them and point out my likes and dislikes (if there are any) for each one.

Although this is mainly based on my knowledge and opinion, it would be best to see what others thought of each game, too, so you have more than one viewpoint.

I have included a varied selection so there’s something for everyone, whether you are playing games with adults only or including the kids. So there is something to suit all gaming abilities.

And on that note, here are the best Star Wars board games.

1. Star Wars Monopoly

Who doesn’t love a game of Monopoly? I know I do, and when I was growing up, there was only one version of the game, classic Monopoly.

There are so many versions of Monopoly to suit every franchise and niche. Of course, much to my delight, I discovered this included Star Wars Monopoly.

Suppose you love the general rules of Monopoly. In that case, whether you’re used to being the banker or always the first one to upgrade to hotels, as soon as you have enough money, you’ll enjoy the themed rules of Star Wars Monopoly just as much. It sticks to the classic edition perfectly.

Instead of the usual thimble, boot, dog, and top hat you’re used to playing Monopoly with, here you play as one of the popular Star Wars characters, such as Darth Vader, The Emperor, or the Grand Inquisitor.

Each character has a special power, and each time you collect the Force Lightening Ring (pass go), it entitles you to use those powers.

You can recruit villains and collect credits as you move around the board. When all other players are bankrupt, the person with credits at the end wins the game.

I also love how the cards feature quotes from the movies.

It was a really good price for a themed Monopoly game; I’ve seen some reach prices close to the $50.00 mark; however, this was pretty reasonable.

2. Star Wars Outer Rim

If you love strategy and board games, which means you require some skills and must think about your next move, then Star Wars Outer Rim will keep you entertained for hours.

During the game, you get to play the role of a living legend, explore the outer rim of your spaceship, and fight for your life against bounty hunters, smugglers, and other crooks.

The whole idea of this game is to be the first person to reach ten fame (the most famous outlaw in the Galaxy).

Along the way, you can recruit other Star Wars characters to help you fight through the outer rim; however, this is easier said than done, considering the challenges you’ll face en route to your triumph.

Be prepared for a long haul with the game, as it has been known to last over four hours for a single game. It’ll also cost you an arm and a leg, depending on where you purchase it from. However, it’s worth every cent and will provide you and your family and friends with fun for years.

3. Star Wars Villainous: Power of The Dark Side

You must admit it; playing villains at times is fun, right? And let’s face it. These villains don’t get enough credit for merchandise and games. That’s the first thing that attracted me to Star Wars Villains.

Depending on the villain you choose to be, you will have different abilities, strengths, and objectives within the game. But the main goal is the same for each, to force your opponents to get into trouble with the Jedi and other Star Wars heroes in a tense one on one.

The game comes with 79 game tokens, 150 villain cards, and 75 fate cards, all attractively illustrated.

You can play with two to four players, and the rules are pretty simple yet require a small amount of skill, so they are suitable for anyone over 10.

Once you’ve mastered the Star Wars version, there are some other options in this range, too, such as Disney and Marvel.

4. Operation: Star Wars The Mandalorian

I played the classic game of operation loads during my childhood, and despite me always being pretty terrible at it, it was still one of my favorite games.

It always made me jump out of my skin when those buzzers went off, and they went off a lot whenever I had anything to do with it. But this only added more amusement to the game and would have everyone else in stitches.

So, you can imagine the joy I felt when I discovered that Hasbro had released a Star Wars version of the famous game.

Star Wars Operation is themed around Baby Yoda, making it all the more appealing. (I am an adult, I promise).

Though the theme is a far cry from the version I knew back in the 90s, the concept is the same, using tweezers to remove items from the game board without setting off the buzzer.

The game is a great family night, as people of all ages can enjoy it; you have to watch out for small parts around younger ones, perhaps keep it to kids age six and up.

Overall this is an excellent version of a classic game, and in case you were wondering, I’m still as useless at it now as I was back then.

5. Star Wars Clue

Have you ever played the mystery-solving game of Clue? If so, were you aware that there was a Star Wars adaptation? Now I’ve got your attention right.

Unlike the previous game I talked about, not only have I always loved this game, I possess some skills in it and always seem to find out the murder suspect before my friends and family. However, woe betides they get to the middle before me. I’m a pretty sore loser, for sure.

Star Wars Clue is similar to the traditional game regarding solving secret conundrums. However, the rules differ slightly to fit the theme, and I found them a lot harder to get my head around than the old-style game I was used to, but that could just be me. However, it was easy to get on board with once I grasped the changes.

What I love the most about this game is that the board is 3D and takes the form of the Death Star, genius! However, I will tell you one change I wasn’t impressed with. There are no secret passageways! These were my favorite part of the original game, so this took an element of fun out of the Star Wars version for me, but that’s my opinion.

The game is a little pricey, but it’s hard to find good board games these days for a low price. They’re making something of a comeback, and more and more people are in the market for them, which is great to see.

6. Risk Shadow Forces

Hasbro Gaming Risk Shadow Forces

There are tons of games out there like Risk, but nothing quite beats the original. However, seeing an old game revamped and done in the style of people’s favorite niches is always refreshing. That makes Risk Shadow Forces an excellent version of the game for any Star Wars fan.

The game consists of 15 missions to complete, through which you can unlock rules, and create a new story, making your journey up as you move around the board.

Star Wars Risk is quirky and fun, and there has been much thought and detail in the design of the pieces and the illustrations on the cards.

It’s also great fun how the game can play out completely different each time due to the reversible game boards.

Choose your warlord and immerse yourself in a board game full of suspense, thrill, and strategies to reach your explosive conclusion.

Check out this cheat sheet for tips to improve your skills and beat your opponents the next time you play Risk.

7. Star Wars UNLOCK! – The Escape Game

On Sale Star Wars UNLOCK! The Escape Game

I recently discovered that escape room board games were now a thing, and I was ecstatic. They don’t quite stand up to the real-life escape rooms. Still, during the recent pandemic, they were an excellent alternative, and they’ve become a regular part of our night’s in.

Mystery-type board games are one of my favorite styles, and Star Wars UNLOCK has everything you’d expect from this game style. It’s solid, strategic, and a great way to get everyone communicating and intermingling.

The game is suitable for players aged ten and over. It is best played with two to six people as you work together to escape from the Imperial Star Destroyers.

Travel through icy derelict wastelands, and recover crystals while completing secret missions on Jedha.

I love how this game also combines the old-school world of board games with today’s modern world by incorporating an app that pairs with the game, giving you handy hints and tips as you play.

The game lasts around an hour, so a better choice if you don’t have hours to kill with games such as Monopoly and Outer Rim.

8. Star Wars Trouble

Here’s one for the younger game lovers or anyone playing with kids. Star Wars trouble is all about the fun, and very little skill is required to play so everyone can get involved.

During the game, the race is on to save Baby Yoda.

The concept is simple: pop the dice roller in the center of the board and head around the dangerous planet until you get all four pawns to the middle.

It’s another game that takes me right back to my childhood and brings back fond memories of laughter and amusement.

If you’ve never heard of the game Trouble before, you can learn more about the original version of the game with this handy guide to the Trouble Game Rules.

The other plus side to this game is that it’s the cheapest one in this entire game, a bonus!

To Sum Things Up

So whether you want a quick and simple game with the kids or a more strategic game to keep your friends and family on their toes for the next few hours, as you can see, there are tons of Star Wars Board Games on the market, which span over a range of play types.

Although some of these are expensive, you should consider them a long-term investment. Of all the games I’ve tried and tested for this guide, I bet on them all to stand the test of time due to their high quality.

Suppose you’ve enjoyed reading this guide and want to learn about more themed board games. In that case, I recommend you read my guide on the best Harry Potter board games and immerse yourself in the Wizarding World once you’ve escaped the Galaxy.

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