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Scooby-Doo Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play?

No party is complete without a good drinking game. How about trying the Scooby-Doo drinking game inspired by one of the most popular animated shows of all time? Here’s the guide that teaches you how it’s played.

Scooby-Doo is not only a popular show; it’s an icon of pop culture that has been around for more than half a century now. This is an excellent choice if you want to play a drinking game based on an absolute classic.

From my experience, this game works wonderfully with all types of people: you can test it at an office party, a birthday party with your friends, or even a family get-together (similar to the Princess Bride drinking game, which I highly recommend trying, too!).

If you have never played any movie drinking games before, don’t worry. Its straightforward rules will be clear to you in a few minutes.

What You’ll Need to Play Scooby-Doo Drinking Game?

You don’t need cards, darts, dice, or any other special game materials to play the Scooby-Doo drinking game. Just ensure you have the following:

  • Your favorite Scooby-Doo film or series on any playable media
  • A large screen to play the show on
  • Alcohol of your choice (spirits, cocktails, beer, wine, etc.)
  • Your friends to join you
  • A nice, comfortable place to throw a party

Why Scooby-Doo?

There are dozens or even hundreds of movie-inspired drinking games out there, each catering to different tastes. In my opinion, though, the genre that works the best with this type of game is comedy.

Although Scooby-Doo may look like an animated detective show for kids at first sight, it’s first and foremost a good comedy praised by fans worldwide for its goofiness and light-hearted humor.

Playing a drinking game while watching any of the films or shows with Scooby-Doo (my favorite is still the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! show from 1969) is a delightful experience.

Also, there’s a good chance that none of your friends will oppose the idea of playing it. Everybody loves Scooby, right?

Now, let’s start with the initial game setup.


Before you start playing:

  • Prepare the film/TV show you want to watch
  • Let every player find a comfortable spot They all should hear and see clearly
  • Get the drinks ready and place them somewhere where everyone can reach them
  • Press play, and let the game begin!

How to Play Scooby-Doo Drinking Game? Rules and Gameplay

How to Play Scooby-Doo Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

If you have never played a drinking game before, rest assured that they are all pretty simple. In the case of movie-inspired games like the Scooby-Doo drinking game, all you need to do is watch the show and look out for the following “signs.”

Grab your drink and have a sip whenever you hear:

  • Shaggy says: “Zoinks!”
  • Velma says: “Jinkies!”
  • Daphne says: “Jeepers!”
  • Scooby says: “Rikes!”
  • Scooby says: “Ruh-roh!”
  • Someone says: “A-ha!”
  • Daphne screams.

Also, drink when:

  • Velma loses her glasses.
  • Fred suggests the gang should split up.
  • A monster appears unexpectedly.
  • Someone finds a clue.
  • Mystery Machine has a problem.

Have a double drink when you notice that:

  • Scooby says: “Scooby-Dooby-Doo!”
  • Scooby laughs (it’s a typical laughter you cannot miss)

Everyone finishes their drinks when:

  • The team reveals the villain and solves the mystery.

Bonus challenge:

  • Each player is assigned the name of one of the characters (more players can have the same character if you play in a larger group). When you hear the name of “your” character, have a drink. OR, drink whenever “your” character does/says something specific.

There are, undoubtedly, many other alternative rules you can apply to make this game more enjoyable for you and your friends. You can also create custom rules based on the specific series/film about Scooby-Doo you watch for the game.

Additional Tips

When you’re enjoying a great drinking game with your friends, it’s sometimes easy to forget about moderation. These few simple rules should ensure you will only have good memories of the evening:

  • Only play drinking games with people you know and trust and in a safe and secure environment.
  • Arrange in advance how you’re going to get home when the game ends or whether you can stay in the place where you’re playing overnight.
  • Eat well before the game starts and have some snacks in between the drinks, too. It will help your organism cope better with the alcohol.
  • If you feel you’ve had enough alcohol for the night, slow down or replace alcohol with a non-alcoholic drink. Support other players in such a decision, too.
  • Agree on the type of alcohol with your friends in advance. If some of you don’t tolerate strong spirits, have a beer, wine, or mixed drinks instead of shots.

To wrap it up, don’t forget that the Scooby-Doo drinking game should be, first and foremost, fun for everyone. The better you’ll feel the day after, the higher the chance you’ll repeat the experience at your next get-together.

Who Wins?

From my experience, people usually prefer playing movie-inspired drinking games non-competitively. Just relax, follow the rules, and have a good laugh while watching your favorite characters on the screen. You will all win; your prize is a memorable night with your pals.

Alternatively, of course, you can measure your performance by awarding positive and negative points.

You can, for example, divide the rules among the players and appoint a judge who records negative points each time a player forgets to drink when they should or drinks when they should not.

Award one good point for every proper reaction and a +1 bonus point to the fastest-reacting player when the rule requires everyone to drink simultaneously.

When the show ends, count the points and celebrate with the winner. If you still have some energy (and drinks) left, you can try another great drinking game inspired by a TV show. How about playing the Family Guy drinking game or the House of the Dragon drinking game next?

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