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How To Move A Pool Table

Buying your own home Pool table likely means that eventually, you will need to move it. It’s unlikely your Pool table will stay in one place forever, isn’t it? Businesses like pubs, clubs and bars will also likely need to move Pool tables at some point too.

But the question remains how do you do it? You might think simply getting two or more fit; able-bodied people together will be enough to move one. But trust us, this is something a lot easier said than done.

While strictly speaking, you can move a table like this; it will be challenging. Plus, the table is likely to get damaged during the move. So, for anyone struggling to move their Pool table, let’s look at the right way to do it!

Moving A Pool Table – The Right Way

Unlike outdoor Pool tables, most regular tables will not be designed for ease of transport. Now, this, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t move them, it just means the job will be more difficult. So, the best way to move a Pool table safely is to disassemble it.

Now again, every Pool table is different. You might be able to completely disassemble the table, or you may only be able to remove a few parts in some cases. But even a partial disassembly will help a lot when it comes to moving it. So, let’s look at the key areas you should focus on.

The Table Legs

If you can only remove one thing when moving a Pool table, make sure it’s the legs! By removing the legs, you make the table much easier to carry. To remove the legs, carefully flip the table over and then unscrew them. The table base will still be heavy, but it will be a lot easier to move without any legs.

The Table Rails

Next, you should remove the table rails. Sometimes the rails will be one long track or be made up of individual segments. The long-track versions will be easier (not to mention faster) to remove. However, both kinds can be removed the same way using a socket wrench.

The Table Felt

The table felt is the easiest component to damage when moving a Pool table. Despite this, not many people bother to remove it when moving a table; while removing the table felt can be time-consuming and tricky, it is worth doing.

If your table felt is stapled, you should carefully examine it and then remove the staples slowly with a staple remover. Don’t use a knife or similar pointed object to do this, as you will likely just end up damaging the felt.

Now, if your felt is glued down, you will have a more difficult task ahead of you. You will need to lightly pull the felt very slowly to remove it and then re-glue it down when the table has been moved.

If you are having difficulty with the felt, covering it with a protective tarp or other material may be a better idea. Of course, if you plan to replace the table felt, then you can completely ignore this section and remove the felt when the table has been moved.

The Table Slate

The Pool table slate is essentially the main playing surface of the Pool table. It’s also by far the heaviest component, so you will need to take care when moving it. While designs can vary, you will most likely need to unscrew the slate to remove it.

Take care when doing this, as you can very easily damage the slate if you’re not careful. Also, make sure you have a blanket or sheet down to place the slate on to protect it once it has been removed.

The Big Move and Reassembly

Once your table has been disassembled, you should carefully move each component piece by piece. Then when you’re ready, you can start reassembling the table! Start with the slate first and then go from there. The legs should ideally be the last component you reassemble.

Remember, even when disassembled, moving a Pool table is likely to be a two-person job! So, we don’t recommend doing it alone unless you are very strong. Moving a Pool table is much easier when you are patient and careful at every step of the process. So, don’t rush things and take it slow and steady.

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