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Pool Table Lights Height: What You Need to Know

There are many different things to think about when it comes to Pool, especially if you want to get your Pool table. Like how high your table should be? But one thing that is easy to forget about is the lighting! Now, this is understandable because many people don’t really realize how vital Pool table lights are.

If you have played Pool in a bar or club, you might have noticed the lighting. While not all establishments have proper lighting, many do. So, let’s take a look at Pool table lights and find out what makes this lighting so unique?

Well, for one thing, Pool tables are designed to offer optimal lighting on the table’s surface. But they also minimize shadow at the same time. While Pool lights come in numerous designs, they are most often a series of three or four lamps that hang down.

Now finding some Pool table lights should be relatively simple and easy. For example, you can find these Wellmet 3 Light Pool Table Lights on Amazon. They even come in different colored shades too.


But getting the lights is just the beginning; you also need to think about the height when you hang them up. Many people don’t realize just how important this is. If you don’t hang the lighting at the optimal level, you can easily end up with poor lighting and many shadows.

Pool Lighting Height

So, what is the optimal height for a Pool table light? While the different designs can impact things, the optimal height is usually between 31 to 33 inches. To ensure you are getting the right height, you should measure from the bottom of the Pool table to the tip of the lampshade.

You can also measure from the floor instead. In general, a Pool table lamp shade should be around 60 – 64 inches off the ground. You may need to make some adjustments depending on the size of your lights and their position.

The best way to see if you have your lighting in a good position is to take a practice shot. Remember your Pool lighting is just for the Pool table; it shouldn’t be lighting up the whole room! Snooker and Billiards players will likely want lights as well, and they can follow the same measurements.

While Pool table lights aren’t as important as finding the best Pool cue, They are still very important, and when you experience playing with the proper lighting, you won’t want to go back.

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