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The 6 Best Outdoor Pool Table Reviews

Who doesn’t enjoy a game of Pool? This classic bar game can be fun anywhere, and you can even take it outside! But if you want to play outdoor Pool, you’ll need to make sure your table is suitable. 

Not every Pool table will be suitable for the outdoors. But our guide to the best outdoor Pool tables will be sure to help you find one. We’ll also look at all the essential features you need to be aware of to help you make a more informed decision.  

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose An Outdoor Pool Table 

When looking for an outdoor Pool table, there are a number of things you need to consider. You’ll need to ensure it’s an appropriate size, waterproof, and whether it needs any kind of extra protection. 

Before we take a look at our top 6 picks for an outdoor Pool table, let’s take a look at some of the important considerations you need to know about. 


Outdoor Pool tables come in numerous sizes, although they will usually be a little smaller than a standard indoor table. Some Pool tables are also designed to be placed on a tabletop as well. Often called mini Pool tables these can be an excellent option for outdoor playing, although you’ll need a garden table to hold them properly. 

The standard Pool table size is 7 foot by 4 foot. However, a smaller variant measuring 6 foot by 3 foot is also quite common. One of our picks, the Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table, is similar to the 6 foot variant, so it could be a good choice if you want a traditionally-sized Pool table. 

However, most people looking for an outdoor Pool table may not have the room to accommodate a larger table properly. So, opting for a smaller model may be the better option. Make sure you take your garden’s size into account when looking for a Pool table. 

Build-Quality/ Construction 

Pool is a much more intensive game than many people realize. So, you’ll want to be sure your Pool table is very strong. This is even more important for an outdoor Pool table. These tables will often need to stand up to the weather and outside elements, so a strong build is essential. 

However, you will also need to consider the weight of your Pool table as well. An outdoor Pool table should be relatively easy to move and store away. You don’t want to be moving a heavy table from place to place or dealing with any time-consuming setup. 


Your Pool table is just your playing area; you’ll need Pool cues and balls to play the game! The good news is most outdoor Pool tables should come with everything you need for at least two players. However, when buying an outdoor Pool table, you may also want to invest in a tarp or protective covering. 

Waterproof tarp covers are pretty easy to find online and are great for adding extra protection to your Pool table. Especially if you want to keep it set up outdoors for more extended periods, however, make sure you factor these additional costs into your purchase. 

The Top 6 Outdoor Pool Tables 

  • Innovative foldable design
  • Large playing surface ideal for experienced players
  • Small tabletop design is ideal for smaller gardens
  • A great budget-friendly option
  • Smaller tabletop design
  • Very strong build
  • It comes with a wide range of game accessories
  • Versatile design allows you to play four different games
  • Small tabletop design ideal for small gardens
  • Features rubber bumpers for a smooth bounce
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Ideal for children

1. Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table – Our Top Pick!

On Sale Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table

The Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table would make a great outdoor Pool table! The sleek and innovative design is ideal for portable play. With foldable legs, the table can easily be stored away and moved around. 

While the table is remarkably compact thanks to this clever design, it still has a 6 foot by 3 foot playing surface. So, more experienced Pool players will be sure to enjoy it. These Pool table also comes with two cues, a cue brush, a set of balls, and a ball triangle. 

This Pool table also features innovative lock leg safety mechanisms, which will help ensure the table stays secure. From a purely aesthetic point of view, these outdoor Pool table also looks amazing. 

The solid wooden build with metal embellishments looks very striking, and the sleek black color is the perfect finish. The cloth surface to the Pool table is very high-quality, which will help ensure a smooth, fast game of Pool. 


  • Innovative foldable design makes it easy to move and store away.
  • The sleek, stylish design is very eye-catching. 
  • Extra safety features help ensure smooth, easy play. 


  • Is quite large so will need a big open space to play properly. 

2. Sunnydaze Pool Table

Sunnydaze Pool Table

If you’re looking for a Pool table on a budget, then the Sunnydaze Pool Table would make an excellent choice. The table would need to be placed on a garden table to play properly, and its smaller size makes it suitable for smaller outdoor settings. 

It measures 3 foot by 1.5 foot in total and is made from solid MDF wood. The table also features a PVC laminate coating for extra protection as well. Weighing just 14 pounds and designed to be easy to assemble, this Pool table is easy to transport and store. It can even be disassembled and reassembled quickly as well. 

Sunnydaze manufacturer a variety of outdoor/ garden equipment and decor, and they also offer a 1-year warranty on purchases too! You get all the accessories you could need to play Pool as well, including 2 cues, a Pool triangle, a table brush, Pool chalk, and a set of balls. 


  • Very strong and durable build. 
  • Features PVC laminate coating for extra protection. 
  • Easy and quick to assemble. 


  • Smaller tabletop design won’t appeal to everyone. 

3. Haxton Tabletop Pool Table

The Haxton Tabletop Pool Table is perfect for outdoor games! The table is 3 feet by 1.5 feet, so smaller than what you’d get with a standard indoor table. However, this smaller size makes it perfect for playing Pool outdoors. 

Weighing just over 20 lbs, this Pool table will be easier to move around outdoors. This smaller size is also great when it comes to storing the table as well. With its tabletop design, you’ll need a garden table to use this Pool table properly. 

But it’s easy to set up and suitable for players of any age. The table is quick to assemble and made from strong, durable wood with iron embellishments. The solid thick build helps ensures this Pool table is secure and strong and can stand up to more fierce weather. 

It also comes with all the accessories you need to play a good game of Pool. The accessories included are 2 Pool cues, billiard chalk, 16 Pool balls, and a Pool triangle. If you don’t have the space for a full-sized table or just want something more compact, this Pool table would make a fine choice. 


  • Easy and quick to assemble. 
  • The strong, solid build will help it stand up to more fierce weather. 


  • The smaller tabletop design won’t appeal to everyone. 

4. Triumph Sports Pool Table

On Sale Triumph Sports Pool Table

Triumph Sports are well known for manufacturing a wide array of different sports equipment. Their Triumph Sports Pool Table is much more versatile than the other Pool tables on our list. However, this is both a good and bad thing in our opinion. 

The table offers a 2.5 foot by 6 foot playing space which will large is more narrow than you might expect. You can still enjoy a game of Pool, but the table shape is a little unusual. Built from solid wood, this table is very strong and secure as well. 

In our view, it would need a weatherproof tarp to protect it if you planned to keep it outdoors, though. The real special touch of this Pool table is that the table can be turned over to play Air HockeyTable Tennis, and even Air Football.

This is undoubtedly a nice extra feature but does make the table more complicated, and if you just want to play Pool, it could seem unnecessary. The table comes with a wide range of accessories, including 2 cues, balls, chalk, a table brush, and a Pool triangle. 

All the accessories needed to play the other games are included too! You definitely get a lot for your money with the Triumph Sports Pool Table, but this versatility does come with some added hassles and complexities. 


  • The very versatile design means you can play a lot of different games. 
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories.


  • Is quite complex compared to your other options. 
  • The Pool playing surface is a more unusual size that won’t appeal to everyone. 

5. EastPoint Sports Pool Table

No products found.

The EastPoint Sports Pool Table might seem like an unusual choice for any outdoor Pool table at first glance. This table can be played both indoors and out, and it offers a very stylish classic design and build. 

Set this table up on your patio, and friends will be sure to have fun playing Pool! EastPoint Sports have a good reputation when it comes to their sports products, and this table is undoubtedly very high-quality. 

One of the most impressive features of this Pool table is the addition of K66 rubber bumpers. These bumpers help ensure you get a smooth and consistent bounce when playing Pool. Together with its solid wooden construction means you get a durable and hardy Pool table. 

We recommend buying a waterproof tarp, though, if you want to keep it outdoors for extra protection. You do get all the other accessories you need for a game of Pool, though, including cues, balls, chalk, and a table brush. 


  • Added rubber bumpers will help ensure smooth play. 
  • An impressive, strong, and durable construction. 
  • The design is quite eye-catching. 


  • The smaller playing space won’t appeal to everyone. 
  • Harder to move and transport from place to place. 

6. ZXQZ Pool Table

No products found.

ZXQZ doesn’t specialize in sports equipment, but their ZXQZ Pool Table is still quite impressive. Available in blue and green, this Pool table is perfect for the outdoors! Made from solid wood with a plastic coating, it will be protected against the wind and rain. 

While adults could play Pool on this table, it is designed with children in mind. But if you want a fun family Pool table, it would undoubtedly make a fine choice. Solid and secure, this smaller table is perfect for children’s parties and family barbecues. 

Weighing around 13KG, this Pool table is easy to move around and can easily and quickly disassemble for storage. It comes with all the accessories you need for a game of Pool as well. Alongside the table, you’ll get 2 cues, a cleaning brush, a Pool triangle, and a set of Pool balls. 


  • Available in two different colors. 
  • Lightweight and easy to move from place to place. 
  • The wear-resistant build is surprisingly durable. 


  • Designed with children in mind, some might not appeal to everyone. 

Our Verdict: What’s The Best Outdoor Pool Table? 

If you want to get better at Pool, you need the right table! So, what’s our favorite outdoor Pool table? Well, we’ve got to give our number one pick to the Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table. Its foldable design makes it ideal for outdoor Pool playing. It’s also relatively lightweight compared to other models at 14 lbs. 

So, it will make moving and storing the table much easier. The table also measures around 6 foot by 4 foot, giving you the familiar, standard-sized playing space. With its sleek design and robust build, it would make an excellent choice for anyone looking for an outdoor Pool table. 

For our top budget pick, we have the Sunnydaze Pool Table. This tabletop Pool table would be great for outdoor play, but you’ll need a garden table to play it on properly. It’s smaller than your standard Pool table, measuring 3 foot by 1.5. 

But thanks to its durable MDF build and PVC laminate coating, it will stay protected even during harsher weather. The tabletop design won’t be to everyone’s liking, but if you’re looking for outdoor Pool playing on a budget, it will make a fine choice. 

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