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The 10 Best Harry Potter Board Games to Play

Whether you know it from the original series of best-selling books or the record-breaking movies, most people have likely heard of the Harry Potter series before. It’s got fans of all ages and while the soon-to-be-released video game is getting a lot of attention, did you know there are already some great board games to play?

You can find a wide range of Harry Potter board games to play perfect for your next game night. Whether you’re looking for something fast-paced and simple or something a little more complicated, there is a game for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites, shall we?

Best Harry Potter Board Games

We have curated some of the most popular Harry Potter board games for you. Scroll down to check out what are these, how would you play and where would you get.

1. Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

On Sale Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

Everyone loves a good game of Trivial Pursuit, don’t they? Collecting points and hope you get the category you want to try and win the game. One of the good things about Trivial Pursuit is there are many ways you can play it, and thanks to the variety of cards, it’s suitable for both children and adults.

The Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition features 600 questions across various categories, including Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Creatures, and more. You’ll need to collect multiple cards to win, so get brushing up on your Harry Potter knowledge right now.

The game comes in a specially designed portable box for easy and quick transportation so you can take the game with you to play at a friend’s house or even while camping. Trivial Pursuit is a fun, fast-paced game and the perfect way to show off your Harry Potter knowledge.

2. Wizarding World Harry Potter Clue

Wizarding World Harry Potter Clue

Wizarding World Harry Potter Clue certainly puts an unusual twist on the story. You’ll be exploring Hogwarts as one of the series’ most popular characters, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville, to discover who vanished.

Unlike regular Clue, nobody dies in this game, but there is still an intriguing mystery to uncover. Plus, just like the famous school, the rooms on the board can change thanks to the clever design, which makes exploring even more exciting!

Suitable for children aged 8 and up and for between 3 – 5 players, the Wizarding World Harry Potter Clue board game is ideal for a family night in. Secret passages, revolving rooms, and an intriguing mystery, what more could you need?

3. Harry Potter Talisman Board Game

On Sale Harry Potter Talisman Board Game

The Harry Potter Talisman Board Game can certainly seem quite intimidating at first glance. Perfect for fans of RPG board games, this board game is rather unique because you can play as a hero or a villain!

Whether you join up with the heroes or the Death Eaters, you’ll travel around famous locations from the series, gather resources, and fight your opponents. The game features detailed mini-figures for all the characters, including Voldemort, Harry, and Draco, to name just a few.

This imaginative board game is one of the more complicated games on our list and is suitable for older children and adults. It can be played with between 2 – 6 people and features some amazing artwork. If you enjoy strategy board games, give Talisman a try!

4. Scrabble World of Harry Potter

On Sale Scrabble World of Harry Potter

Everyone loves a good game of Scrabble, don’t they? But you can make this already fun game even more magical with the Scrabble World of Harry Potter board game. Now, everyone probably already knows the basic rules.

You have to use the letter tiles you get to make words with more difficult letters being worth more points. But in this version of Scrabble, things are a little different because there are new magic cards you can use.

These cards have unique words from the Harry Potter series that will give you bonus points if you can spell them. Also, because this is Harry Potter Scrabble, any words like spells from the series are counted as official, meaning you can go beyond the dictionary.

If you enjoy word games and Harry Potter, then you can’t go wrong with this game! It’s also beautifully designed with the official Gryffindor colors! If you’re bored of regular Scrabble, why not add a new magical twist to your game?

5. Jenga Harry Potter

Jenga Harry Potter

Jenga is the perfect party game! While it’s easy to play, the game is difficult to win, which makes it so much fun. Building the tower and then slowly trying to disassemble it without it falling is harder than you might think.

In Jenga Harry Potter, the blocks you’ll need to remove are marked with each of the four Hogwart’s houses. There are even a few different ways you can play. Everyone can take a house and only remove those blocks.

Or you can choose your color randomly each round to give you a few more options. You also get colored dice, so you can use that to decide which color you need to remove. However, if you play Jenga Harry Potter, it’s sure to be great fun and is the perfect game for short bursts.

6. Harry Potter Wizard Chess

On Sale Harry Potter Wizard Chess

Whether you read the book or watched the movie, I’m sure many people wanted to play Wizard chess, and now you can! With the Harry Potter Wizard Chess set, you can play your own game of Wizards Chess in the comfort of your own home.

This great game would also be a fun way to teach children how to win at Chess. While the pieces might be a little different in design, they all still work the same, making it a great way to teach children the fundamentals of one of the world’s most famous games.

Each piece is beautifully detailed, and the chess set itself would make a fantastic collector’s item! Whether you’ve played Chess before or not, it’s easy to recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun two-player game.

7. Pictionary Air Harry Potter

On Sale Pictionary Air Harry Potter

It’s Pictionary, but with a new magical twist; what’s not to love? The Pictionary Air Harry Potter challenges players to use the included magic wand in a brand new way. You’ll be using a challenge card to draw out clues representing your magic word.

Other players need to guess what is being drawn, and you can even use the game in combination with the Pictionary App to cast your drawing to a smart device like a tablet or TV.

While Pictionary Air Harry Potter is normally played in teams, it can also be played in a single-player capacity. Even Harry Potter pros might struggle to guess the clues when they can only be drawn!

8. The Harry Potter House Cup Competition

On Sale The Harry Potter House Cup Competition

The Harry Potter House Cup Competition is a fun 2 – 4 player strategy game that combines elements of trivia, RPG games, and resource collecting. Each player takes on the role of one of the 4 houses, and each has its own champion.

While there is a lot to learn after a game or two, you’ll have the rules down and know exactly what you’re doing. But part of the fun of the House Cup Competition is that no two games are ever the same!

You’ll have to think through each move carefully and decide whether going for the easier or risker path is the best move. Do you take an advanced lesson card for more points or play it safe and take the easier path?

This fun game is ideal for adult Harry Potter fans looking to experience the fun and adventure of the House Cup competition for themselves. Still, older children will likely be able to understand the rules too.

9. Harry Potter Labyrinth

On Sale Harry Potter Labyrinth

Harry Potter Labyrinth is a fun board game for both children and adults! Players must journey around the board collecting treasures, meeting characters, and facing challenges. While it might seem simple at first glance, it can be surprisingly tough.

Another fun element of this board game is that the labyrinth can change every time you play. Using the tiles, you can personalize the board to make the labyrinth easier/ harder depending on who is playing.

You’ll also meet famous characters from the Harry Potter series on your journey who can help or hinder you, meaning every move you make is a balance of risk vs. reward! The Harry Potter Labyrinth is a great family game, perfect for your next game night.

10. Catch The Golden Snitch, A Quidditch Board Game

On Sale Quidditch Boarc Game

Well, we can’t count down our top Harry Potter board games without talking about Quidditch, can we? Catch The Golden Snitch, A Quidditch Board Game, did the seemingly impossible it turned the sports game Quidditch into a fun board game.

Players need to build a winning hand to ensure their Quidditch team is ready, but that is just the beginning of the challenge. You need to get the Bludger balls and then use them to hit your opponents and collect points.

But of course, like the game, it takes its name from it’s all about the Golden Snitch! The special ball will launch itself from the game board, and every player will be racing to catch it. Children and adults can enjoy playing Quidditch in their living room with this inventive board game.

So, that is 10 amazing Harry Potter board games you can add to your next game night! Harry Potter fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to all the great games they can play.

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