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Deadpool Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play?

Can’t agree with your friends whether to play games or watch movies in the evening? Why not combine the two? In this guide, you’ll learn how to play the awesome Deadpool drinking game.

Deadpool is one of the films I can watch over and over again. I just love its unapologetic sense of humor and the way it makes fun of the entire superhero genre while also paying tribute to it at the same time.

Nevertheless, ever since I’ve tried the Deadpool drinking game, I cannot imagine watching the film without it. This game seriously doubles the fun!

Never played any movie drinking games? Don’t worry, it’s super easy. And once you learn one of them, you know how to play all, including my favorite ones like the Office drinking game.

But first things first. Let’s start with the Deadpool drinking game preparation.

What You’ll Need to Play Deadpool Drinking Game?

All you need to play the Deadpool drinking game is:

  • The Deadpool movie (on TV or a DVD, VOD, etc.)
  • A television, projector, or any other device with a nice large screen
  • Alcoholic beverages of your choice (or a variety for everyone’s taste)
  • Other competitors (at least one, but there’s no upper limit)
  • A comfortable place where you all can sit and play

1. Why Deadpool?

If you want to play a drinking game inspired by a movie or a TV show, you surely have dozens of options.

Many people probably automatically pick the film they like the most. For me, though, it also has to have some “inner logic “– a meaning behind why this film should work well as a drinking game.

With Deadpool, it is pretty easy since its main character, Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, is probably the first person to agree to play such a game himself (he’s reportedly a big fan of tequila).

However, he would definitely beat us all in a drinking game since, due to his superpower the accelerated healing factor, he is basically immune to most drugs, toxins, and alcohol. The poor guy cannot get wasted no matter how hard he tries!

This alone gives the drinking game based on the film a completely new meaning. As I see it, all the contestants are practically attempting to become superheroes by activating their accelerated healing factor.

If any of you do not complain of a massive headache in the morning, it’s quite possible they’re the Deadpool himself!

Now, let’s not waste more time and start preparing the game.

2. Setup

Follow these simple preparatory steps:

  • Get the Deadpool movie ready If it’s streaming live on a TV, make sure you start with the preparation well in advance so that everything is ready when it starts.
  • Make Sure that all Players have Comfortable Spots to see the screen clearly and hear the sound well.
  • Prepare the Alcoholic Drinks and place them on a stable, flat surface within the players’ reach. From my experience, a long TV table on sturdy castor wheels works the best.
  • Press Play And let the fun begin!

How to Play Deadpool Drinking Game? Rules and Gameplay

How to Play Deadpool Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

Drinking games are pretty straightforward and don’t require particular skills or experience.

The most important asset is good focus and memory since you will watch out for certain situations, phrases, or sights in the movie (let’s call them triggers) and act accordingly.

Without further ado, here are the rules:

Drink when you hear or see any of the following:

  • Deadpool makes a sarcastic comment.
  • There is a reference or cameo related to X-Men.
  • Deadpool says: “Chimichanga”
  • Deadpool says: “Maximum Effort.”
  • Someone swears.
  • Someone says: “Francis”.
  • Deadpool changes costume.
  • Someone says: “Hero!”
  • Someone says: “Wade Wilson.”
  • Someone says: Pool.”

Have a Double Drink if:

  • Deadpool breaks the fourth wall.
  • A slow-motion shot appears.
  • The film acknowledged its own existence.
  • Someone or something explodes.

Of course, if you or your friends are familiar with the movie and have your own catchphrases or favorite moments, feel free to adjust or expand these rules.

Additional Tips

If you want to ensure that all the players enjoy the game equally, don’t forget about some reasonable moderation regarding your alcohol consumption.

Allow the players to choose their favorite drinks in the amounts they consider suitable, even if it means that some of you will drink shots, whereas others will just sip wine.

How to avoid a hangover after playing a drinking game like this? Unless you have Deadpool’s magic abilities, you will probably need some rest the day after.

Still, eating well before the game and snacking in between the drinks can certainly help. You can also switch to a non-alcoholic beverage when you feel you’ve had enough for the evening. The game is still perfectly enjoyable when you play it with the right people.

Who Wins?

Whether you decide to play the Deadpool drinking game competitively or just for fun, it’s up to you. If you want to compete, simply assign:

  • +1 point for every good reaction to the trigger
  • – 1 point for every lousy reaction (player forgets to react or reacts when shouldn’t)
  • +2 points to the player with the fastest reaction.

When the film ends, count the total scores and celebrate the victory of one of you with another drink.

If you don’t want to bother with writing down the scores while enjoying the film, you can also come up with some alternative awards or penalties.

The fastest player can have the best snack on the table, whereas the player who does not follow the rules must do five push-ups or wash the glasses when the game ends.If you enjoy playing drinking games, I have some other tips for you, too. How about trying the DIY Drinko Plinko game or the Slap Cup game?

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