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Billiards vs Pool: What Are the Main Differences?

Playing a game like Pool should be pretty straightforward. It usually is, but many people are still confused about the differences between Pool and Billiards. The fact that the term Billiards can be used to mean many different things doesn’t help.

Some people and establishments even use the phrase Billiards to mean games like Pool and Snooker. But there are some important differences to both these games/ terms. So, let’s take a look at them both in more detail.

All About Pool

All About Billiards

The Pool is a type of Billiard game (more on that later), and it’s arguably the most popular game. Many people have played Pool either at home or in a bar or pub. Now there are some crucial differences between Pool and Billiards.

The Pool is played on a different table, for one thing. While there are many different kinds of Pool tables, they will all normally have six pockets. But even the larger-sized Pool tables will also generally be much smaller than a traditional Billiard table.

When most people say they want to play Pool, they mean 8-Ball. However, there are many different versions of Pool you can play. 9-Ball Pool, for example, is a popular alternative. In most Pool games, the player will use a Cue Ball to strike other balls.

The Pool can be a two-player or even four-player game. The aim of the game is normally to pocket the other balls. When compared to most other games, it is also generally quite fast. It’s also a very beginner-friendly game as well.

Now, this doesn’t mean the game is easy, though. A professional Pool player will be able to pull off much more tricky shots than a beginner. But learning the fundamentals of Pool usually is relatively easy.

All About Billiards

All About Billiards

So, this is where things can get a little confusing because Billiards is a very open term. Billiards is the term used to describe a vast family of different games. This includes Pool and Snooker. Pocket Billiards is actually another name for Pool.

So, when some people say they’re playing Billiards, they mean Straight Pool. However, Carom Billiards is also another popular game. Also known as French Billiards, this game is played with only three balls.

The aim of the game is to drive your Cue Ball into the other two. The game is score-based and played on a traditional Billiards table. A Billiards table is different from a Pool and Snooker table as it is larger and doesn’t feature any pockets. A traditional Billiard cue will also be smaller than a Pool cue.

However, you can play many Billiard games on a Snooker or Pool table as well. So, that’s everything you need to remember about Billiards. Let’s some up what the main differences between the two are.

Billiards vs Pool: The Main Differences

While Pool is classed as a Billiards game, it’s very different from traditional Carom Billiards. Pool and Billiards are often mixed up, but they are very different games when you get right down to it. So, let’s break down the main differences.

  • Pool and Billiards are also played on very different tables. The Pool uses 9 to 15 balls, depending on the version you’re playing. While Billiards only uses three balls, the balls used in Billiards are also larger.
  • Pool tables come in various sizes, but they are all generally smaller than a Billiards table. The big difference, though, is that a Billiards table won’t have any pockets. The cloth/ felt on the two tables is also going to be very different.
  • Pool table felt is designed to make the balls go more slowly. In comparison, the fabric on a Billiard table is designed to make them go faster. Finally, we have the cues to talk about.
  • A Pool cue will be longer with a thinner shaft. In contrast, a Billiard cue will be shorter with a thicker butt.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the difference between Billiards and Pool. The games might seem similar, but they are both very distinct with their own unique characteristics. Both are definitely worth playing, though, and learning the basics is easy.

But the real fun comes in improving your game. Why not get started right now by checking out the Pool and Billiard terms you need to know! Learning the lingo will be sure to help you improve your game.

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