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The 5 Best Skee Ball Machine Reviews

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If you have ever visited an arcade then you have likely played Skee Ball before. Arcades usually have at least a couple of these machines and some even have whole aisles of them! The game is simple, fast, and fun but also one of skill. 

Basically, it’s everything you want from an arcade game. Skee Ball is also much older than many people realize as it was created in 1908. The game while sharing a few similarities to ten-pin bowling is very much its own thing. 

It is also one of the world’s first redemption games. These are a class of arcade games that reward the player based on their skill level and score. Unlike some arcade games which are all down to luck. 

If you want to give this classic game a go at home you’ll need a Skee Ball machine. These come in many different forms. There are the larger more complex machines you see in arcades. And smaller machines that are better suited for at-home/ portable play. We’ve counted down 5 of the best for you to try. 

The 5 Best Skee Ball Machines

  • Easy/ quick set up
  • Ideal for portable gaming
  • High-quality wooden construction
  • Great for portable gaming
  • Features classic arcade lights/ sounds
  • Electronic scoring system
  • Electronic scoring system
  • Features arcade-style sounds and music
  • Colorful design
  • Features an electronic scoring system
  • Full length size offers an authentic Skee Ball experience
  • Fun mini-design is ideal for portable gaming
  • Features multiple game modes
  • The LCD screen provides great detail

1. Buffalo Games Skee Ball 

On Sale Buffalo Games Skee Ball

The Buffalo Games Skee Ball set offers you a great way to play at home! This Skee Ball set is designed for tabletop play so don’t worry you won’t need tons of space to set it up. The game board is designed to emulate the traditional Skee Ball set up as well. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to practice your shots at home, this set would make a fine choice. The board is designed to be easily foldable and lightweight as well. So, this Skee Ball set would be ideal for portable gaming on the go. 

With vibrant colors and a high-quality wooden build, this Skee Ball machine could easily be played outdoors too. The machine also comes with 5 wooden Skee balls. These should feel the same as the balls you’d get at an arcade. 

However, they may have a different weight or size to them which may take some getting used to. Finally, this set also comes with score pads and a detailed instructions booklet. This booklet contains information about different variations of Skee Ball to play including single-player options.

Whether it’s to play with family or friends. Or simply to get some practice in at home this Skee Ball set would make a great choice. It’s easy to set up and use and while it might be a little smaller than a traditional arcade set, it offers the same fun gameplay. 


  • Easy/ quick set up. 
  • Ideal for portable gaming. 
  • High-quality wooden construction. 
  • Budget-friendly price. 


  • The included Skee balls may take some getting used to. 
  • Colorful design won’t be to everyone’s liking. 

2. Fat Brain Toys Skee Ball Alley 

The Fat Brain Toys Skee Ball Alley isn’t your traditional Skee Ball machine, but it offers the same great gameplay. This miniature Skee Ball machine gives you a way to enjoy gaming in a much more portable package! 

It’s essentially a tabletop Skee Ball machine. Don’t let the small size fool you though it still offers plenty of fun gaming. The machine features a classic colorful arcade-style design and an electronic scoring system. 

There are lights and sounds as well, so it will feel like playing in your own miniature arcade. Now the balls for this Skee Ball machine are much smaller and you won’t be rolling them in the same way. But aside from that, the gameplay is pretty much the same. 

And while this is a portable/ miniature Skee Ball machine the track is still 3-foot long! So, it will feel very similar to the classic arcade game. It’s suitable for ages 6 and up and will even help children develop greater hand-eye coordination. 

So, if you are shopping for a child who loves Skee Ball it would make a great gift. It’s not the classic Skee Ball set up but is certainly worth considering. With some great features and a high-quality build, it’s a machine all Skee Ball lovers will enjoy. 


  • Great for portable gaming. 
  • Features classic arcade lights/ sounds. 
  • Electronic scoring system. 


  • Miniature design won’t appeal to everyone. 
  • Balls are quite small and could easily go missing.
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries to utilize all its features. 

3. Franklin Sports Skee Ball Set 

On Sale Franklin Sports Skee Ball Set

The fantastic Franklin Sports Skee Ball Set would make a fine addition to anyone’s home! This Skee Ball machine will likely remind any veteran player of a fun-filled afternoon at the arcade. Its colorful design is striking and it packs some impressive features. 

First of all, this Skee Ball machine features electronic scoring and timed game modes. This will make playing with friends and family much more fun. And give you a more authentic arcade-experience. 

It also plays classic arcade sound effects as well, which makes it a great party game. It’s suitable for both adults and children and the foldable design makes setting it up quick and easy. 

If you want to play Skee Ball on the go then it will be easy with this machine. 

This Skee Ball machine is made from high-quality, hardy plastic. Which makes it stand out from the more commonly used wood. While the plastic does have some advantages like offer a much lighter weight. It does also mean this machine may seem a little weak or flimsy to some people. 

Finally, 2 plastic arcade-style Skee balls are included. While it would be nice to get more this machine features a handy automatic-return feature. So, the balls will roll right back to you just like at the arcade! 


  • Electronic scoring system. 
  • Features arcade-style sounds and music.
  • Colorful design. 
  • Automatic return is a very useful feature. 


  • Plastic build won’t be to everyone’s liking. 
  • May be a little too flimsy for some players. 

4. Hot Shot Arcade Skee Ball Table

On Sale Hot Shot Arcade Skee Ball Table

If you want an authentic arcade Skee Ball experience then this is the machine for you! The Hot Shot Arcade Skee Ball Table is perfect for at home play. With a striking design, high-quality build, and electronic scoring it’s got everything you need. 

The MDF surface is ideal for Skee Ball as it offers smoother movement. The table surface is also scratch-resistant for extra-protection. The scoring rings are made from molded ABS plastic which will be able to stand up to the (sometimes hard) hits from Skee balls.

The machine is designed to emulate classic arcades with a vibrant blue coloring and flame pattern. If you are working on building your own home arcade this machine will definitely have pride of place. The machine also features an electronic scoring system as well. 

While this Skee Ball machine is 8 feet at full length it can be folded away when not in use, for extra storage room. However, while this greater length certainly gives a more authentic Skee Ball experience it does mean you’ll need plenty of room to play. 

The machine does include an automatic ball return though and comes with 2 Skee Balls. These balls are just like those you’d find down at the arcade as well. If you’re a veteran Skee Ball player and have the room this machine would make a great choice.    


  • Features an electronic scoring system. 
  • Full length size offers an authentic Skee Ball experience. 
  • Classic arcade design is very eye-catching. 
  • Features automatic ball return. 


  • Will need enough space to fully accommodate it. 
  • Electronic features will require batteries. 

5. Boardwalk Mini Arcade Skee Ball Machine

The beautiful Boardwalk Mini Arcade Skee Ball Machine won’t be for everyone but it does give you a new way to play. This miniature Skee Ball machine can be held in the palm of your hand and doesn’t require any equipment. 

With this mini machine, you can play Skee Ball simply by pushing the buttons to launch your balls. You’ll still need to keep the balls on track though as they head to the rings. The small LCD screen provides a high-resolution image as you play. 

While this is similar to a video game in some respects it plays just like regular Skee Ball in most ways. You can even enjoy classic arcade sounds and music as well while you play. There is even a built-in score tracker at the top of the machine. 

With multiple game modes and fun gameplay, this mini Skee Ball machine would make a great gift. It’s not your traditional Skee Ball machine but will be sure to please fans of the game. If you don’t have the room to accommodate a regular Skee Ball machine it would make a fine alternative. 


  • Fun mini-design is ideal for portable gaming. 
  • Features multiple game modes. 
  • The LCD screen provides great detail. 
  • Features arcade sound effects and music.


  • Gameplay won’t be to everyone’s liking. 
  • Not the most authentic Skee Ball experience.

How To Choose A Skee Ball Machine? 

So, now you know our picks for the best Skee Ball machines. Skee Ball machines aren’t like buying a Monopoly set there is a lot more to think about. To help ensure you get the right Skee Ball machine for your needs make sure you consider our FAQs below. 

How Much Space Do You Have Available?

One of the most difficult things when buying a Skee Ball machine is ensuring you have enough space. The Skee Ball machines you see in arcades are big and not many people will have the space to accommodate them. 

Now, if you have space then Hot Shot Arcade Skee Ball Table could be the best choice. But if you don’t or simply want something smaller, then a machine like the Buffalo Games Skee Ball would be the better option. 

Do You Want To Play Skee Ball Outdoors?

Skee Ball is typically played indoors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good outdoor game to play. If you are looking to play Skee Ball on a nice sunny day with your friends and family, then the Franklin Sports Skee Ball Set could be a great choice. 

Do You Need More Skee Balls?

The Skee Ball machines on our list all come with balls included. Some even feature automatic ball return for more comfortable play. However, you might still need replacement balls or simply want to get a few extras. 

Wooden Skee Balls are quite easy to get and are available in numerous different sizes. Check out the products below if you want some extra balls. 

3 inch Wooden Skee Balls

So, What’s The Best Skee Ball Machine?

All the Skee Ball machines on our list would make a fine choice. However, if we had to choose one machine as our top pick it would have to be the Buffalo Games Skee Ball machine. This set might not be full-sized but it offers the same great gameplay you’d get in an actual arcade! 

It’s very well crafted and while very solid it’s also lightweight. With its easy/ quick setup and striking design, this machine is ideal for all Skee Ball fans. The budget-friendly price is just the extra cherry on top.

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