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Watch Your Mouth Game: Rules and How to Play?

Watch Your Mouth (usually referred to as Watch Ya’ Mouth) is a popular Australian party game. The game was launched in 2017 and became an instant hit, quickly selling over 2 million units! It even won the 2017 toy of the year award from the Australian toy association.

Due to its popularity, the game has seen numerous expansions over the years. But what is the game all about, and how do you play it?

We’ll be answering these questions in our game guide, so let’s get started.

What is The Watch Your Mouth Game?

If you’re family and friends are bored of games like Monopoly or Clue and Cards Against Humanity has been exhausted, then this excellent party game is for you! In Watch Your Mouth, teams must try and decipher clues to earn points.

This might sound like Pictionary or Charades, but the gameplay is quite different. One player will have a plastic mouthpiece around their lips, hindering their communication ability, and their teammates must work around this to decipher the clue.

If this wasn’t difficult enough, players also have a time limit to contend with too! What’s excellent about Watch Ya’ Mouth is that it’s fun for the whole family, and you get a range of mouthpieces so children can play too.

The basic gameplay is simple but also much harder than you might think. It’s the perfect party game and sure to be a hit on your next game night. Before we look at the rules, let’s outline what’s in the game set and all the expansions available.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play Watch Ya’ Mouth, you need a game set. Getting one will be pretty simple online, and you even have a range of different versions to choose from. However, we recommend the Watch Ya’ Mouth basic set for beginners.

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You can also buy the Ultimate Edition of the game that comes with all the expansions included. The expansions are also available to purchase separately. In particular, adults might enjoy the NSFW expansion with more adult-orientated cards.

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While the game is quite simple, we’ve listed all the equipment included with the game set below. So, you can see exactly how the game works in more detail.


You get a range of different colored mouthpieces, including child-sized ones. The mouthpieces are FDA and CE certified and dishwasher safe, and they can also be washed and sterilized with boiling water. Make sure you use the correct sized mouthpiece; it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

Phrase Cards

These cards are used in each round and tell each player what they need to say. There are also bonus cards in the game, which offer extra points if your teammate succeeds in guessing the phrase.


You get a 60-second timer included with the Watch Ya’ Mouth games set. You can, of course, use a stopwatch or smartphone app if you prefer.

Rules and Gameplay

Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

Watch Ya’ Mouth aims to have fun! Winning or losing doesn’t matter unless you’re overly competitive, that is. The game is played with two teams over four rounds, and whichever team has the most points at the end wins.

The Set-Up

The first thing to do is split players into two teams. Ideally, teams should have an equal number of players. For example, the Watch Ya’ Mouth game can be played with up to 10 people, so you could have two groups of 5 people if you wanted.

If you have an odd number of people playing, one team will have an extra player. Once teams are set up, you need to decide who is going first. After that, each team will go in turns and have 60 seconds. Now let’s look at how the game is played.

The Rules

On your team’s turn, you will either be the reader or interpreter. Ideally, each player should have the chance to be the reader at least once across the four rounds, if possible. The reader will put in the mouthpiece and then take a phrase card.

The timer will then start, and the reader will have to try and say the phrase to the interpreters on their team. If your teammates guess correctly, you can signal this by nodding your head. If the interpreters guess correctly within the time limit, your team wins one point.

Bonus cards, which contain more complex phrases, award two points! If the word isn’t guessed, then you don’t win any points. Each team continues this gameplay loop for four rounds. In the end, the points are tallied, and the team with the most points wins.

Now, usually, the reader can only say the phrase on their card. They can’t signal or gesture in any other way unless you play with the Open Season rules. So let’s take a look at how they work, shall we?

Open Season Rules

Watch Ya’ Mouth can be surprisingly challenging for newbies. So, to make the game a little easier, you can play with the Open Season rules. With these rules, the reader can gesture, mime, and make sounds to try and better communicate with their teammates.

This will give the reader more options and should (hopefully) make guessing the phrase at least a bit easier. Generally, beginners to the Watch Ya’ Mouth game are recommended to play with the Open Season rules for their first few matches.

Watch Ya’ Mouth – A Creative, Fun Party Game!

So, that’s how you play Watch Ya’ Mouth! This fun party game is sure to be a good time and is great fun for people of all ages. So, if you’re bored of card games and want to try something new, give Watch Ya’ Mouth a try.

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