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Top Gun Drinking Game: Rules And How to Play?

Buckle up, get your aviators on, and prepare to dive into Top Gun’s thrilling world while enjoying drinks with your friends and family.

You might think there is little to learn about playing games like the Top Gun drinking game, but you’d be surprised.

People often ask me what are the best scenes to drink to. And it helps to have these before you plan the game so everyone’s on the same page.

During this article, I will talk you through how I like to play the Top Gun drinking game so that you have the inspiration to teach it to everyone you know.

Let’s launch into action!

What You’ll Need to Play The Top Gun Drinking Game?

Firstly, you must download or purchase a copy of your favorite Top Gun movie. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic and want to watch the classic version (my favorite) or prefer the Maverick, that’s down to you.

Next up, you’ll need to get some alcohol, maybe a selection, so there’s something to cater to everyone.

And lastly, what Top Gun drinking game wouldn’t be complete without these aviator glasses so everyone can enjoy a truly immersive experience?

And that’s everything; you’re ready to entertain.

12 Pack Aviator Sunglasses

How to Play The Top Gun Drinking Game?

How to Play The Top Gun Drinking Game?

You’ll already understand the concept if you’re familiar with drinking games. Something happens on screen; you take a drink.

But when should you drink? And how Often?

First, it’s essential to ensure you pair the right drinks with suitable scenes. For example, if it’s something that happens every 10 minutes, it’s probably not a good idea to take a shot of liquor.

Below, I have listed some of the scenes and motions we use when playing the Top Gun drinking game to give you some inspiration but feel free to add your own.

Drink When

  • You hear someone say, “Danger Zone.”
  • When a jet lands
  • When a jet flies upside down
  • Take a sip for each spike of the ball in the volley match
  • When someone says, “Goose.”
  • When Maverick is riding his motorcycle
  • When something explodes
  • When you hear the song “Highway to Danger.”
  • When you hear the phrase “need for speed.”
  • When someone talks about “Top Gun.”
  • Whenever Maverick flirts with someone
  • When Maverick breaks the rules
  • When you hear Mavericks call sign

So, you get the gist. Most of these ideas are best suited to sipping your drink rather than chugging it because many of them happen quite frequently.

Another variation would be to select a character from the movie, hey, even dress up as them if you like, and choose some of their specific motions or actions to drink to. It injects a whole new level of fun into the game. Plus, I love an opportunity for fancy dress.

Drinking Responsibly When Playing The Top Gun Drinking Game

Of course, I can’t give you all these tips on how to play a drinking game without talking about the safety factors. That would be incredibly irresponsible of me now.

So, below is a list of a few things you can do to ensure the safety of yourself and your friends when playing the Top Gun drinking game.

  1. Pace Yourself: As I mentioned earlier, it’s best to keep most of the scenes to “sips” rather than chugs or shots. This way, you won’t crash into a drunken stupor before the game takes off.
  2. Stay Hydrated: I know I sound like nagging parents. But I must advise you to stay hydrated throughout the game and keep a bottle of water with you to drink after each alcoholic beverage.
  3. Eat: It’s probably a good idea to feed your guests before you let the drinks start flowing. Pizza’s a good idea. That way, you can play the pizza box drinking game next (if you have the stamina).
  4. Plan Your Night: Think about how you or your guests will get home after all this drinking. Pre-order a cab or arrange for a sober family member to collect you at the end of the night.
  5. Peer Pressure: You should be careful not to make anyone feel pressured to join in or to drink more than they want to. At the same time, you should ignore any pushy friends trying to do the same to you.
  6. Avoid Mixing: It’s best to try and stick to the same drink all night; mixing your drinks could leave you with an even sorer head the following day.
  7. Know Your Limits: Don’t worry about keeping up with everyone else. Stick within your known limits, and stop drinking if you feel too drunk too early or even slightly unwell.

Mission Accomplished

There we have it. Now you’re armed with all the tools you need to introduce your friends to the Top Gun drinking game. What are you waiting for? If you’ve found this guide useful and would like to learn about other similar games, why not check out my guide on how to play the Hocus Pocus drinking game?

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