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Hocus Pocus Drinking Game: Rules And How to Play?

If you’ve read my other gaming guides, you’ll already know my obsession with anything from the magical and wizarding worlds.

So it won’t come as a surprise that Hocus Pocus is one of my all-time favorite things to watch, not just on Halloween.

Hocus Pocus was a massive part of my childhood in the 90s, so you can only imagine my excitement when it was announced that a second one would be released in 2022! I binged out and watched it repeatedly throughout the spooky season, and the nostalgia was great.

It got me thinking about how to make this a fun party game for everyone! I turned it into a drinking game, of course!

What You’ll Need to Play Hocus Pocus Drinking Game?

First of all, before you even start, you must ensure you have access to one or both of the Hocus Pocus movies. These are often available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Next, you need a group of witches and other magical folk to join you alongside. You could even ask them to bring their broomsticks if you want to make things authentic.

Lastly, (and I’m not saying you need Hocus Pocus-themed shot glasses), but you so do need Hocus Pocus-themed shot glasses, you know it!

The sun is almost up, and there are children to find, so let’s get the potion brewing.

Come, we fly!

How To Play The Hocus Pocus Drinking Game?

How To Play The Hocus Pocus Drinking Game?

I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine. And now that I have your full attention, I bet you’re dying to know more about the rules of the Hocus Pocus drinking game.

Like one of my other absolute faves, the Harry Potter Drinking Game, the concept is straightforward. So, you’ll be glad to know there’s not much to learn, and you can pretty much make up your own rules.

The idea is to drink whenever you see or hear something on the screen, but what these things are is entirely up to you.

However, I’m here to give you some inspiration, so below are some of my favorite examples of when to drink while playing the Hocus Pocus drinking game.

So, light that black flame, and pour yourself a glass of witches brew; you’re ready.

Drink Once When

These are things that might happen more frequently throughout the movie, so be mindful to only take a sip for the following:

  • When the book winks
  • Someone mentions the Sanderson sisters
  • Winefred calls, “BoooOOOOOoook.”
  • Sarah sings or dances
  • The witches mount their brooms
  • Someone says Trick or Treat
  • A spell is cast
  • Someone says the black flame
  • The word Virgin is mentioned
  • Anyone says “Thackery Binx.”

Take a Shot When

The following things happen less frequently, so let’s bring in the shots for these ones:

  • Someone talks about all hallows eve
  • When Binx Meows instead of speaks
  • You hear “Amok! Amok! Amok!
  • Mary flies on a vacuum cleaner.
  • Someone says the year 1963
  • The sisters smell children
  • Sarah flirts with a boy
  • Winifred shouts at her sisters
  • Billy loses a body part

Finish Your Drink

Lastly, the following ideas only happen occasionally. But when they do, you’d better be ready to finish whatever remains in your glass.

  • Someone mentions a potion ingredient.
  • The book is opened
  • An adult ignores the kids’ warnings
  • The witches get startled by something unfamiliar
  • There’s colored smoke
  • Mary smells a child
  • You hear the song “Put a Spell on You.”
  • The sisters get called old or ugly
  • Dani cries
  • A salt circle is made

The Spellbinding Conclusion

Hocus Pocus is a timeless classic with a special place in many people’s hearts, especially 90’s kids like myself.

So, what better way to keep the magic alive than by enjoying this enchanting movie and turning it into a game for adults only by introducing a bit of Hubble and Bubble?

If you’re a Halloween enthusiast like me, I’ve got many more spooky games, such as these Halloween Board games.

However, suppose only the Sanderson Sisters tempt you to the dark side. In that case, my list of cooperative board games might have something hidden toward the end that’ll cast a spell on you.

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