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Tipsy Tower Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play?

The Tipsy Tower Drinking Game is the perfect way to keep your friends and family on their toes, using careful strategies and showing off their skills to keep the tower standing.

Have you ever played Jenga? If so, you can pick up the rules of this quickly because it’s practically the same game, with the addition of alcohol.

So, if you’re ready to start stacking and sipping, keep reading and learn the rules and how to play Tipsy Tower.

Let’s take a tumble.

What You’ll Need to Play Tipsy Tower?

Before you begin, you’ll need to get your hands on either a standard Jenga set or a specially designed Tipsy Tower game set, which is the better option for this particular game as it adds to the theme.

Plus, buying the set saves you the hassle of writing on your old classic Jenga set.

Although Tipsy Tower follows the same premise as Jenga, the difference is the words written on the blocks, which either give you actions or instructions to perform following the removal of the pieces.

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Of course, you’ll need to get the drinks in to play Tipsy Tower. It’s best to have a good selection if you’re hosting, so there’s something for everyone.

Lastly, you’ll need a group of friends; otherwise, it won’t be much of a party game, will it?

Okay, now that you’ve got everything you need, let’s review the rules and gameplay.

How to Play Tipsy Tower? Rules and Gameplay

How to Play Tipsy Tower Rules and Gameplay

I’m pretty sure you’re already familiar with the concept of Jenga; after all, it’s been around since the 1970s.

Tipsy Tower follows that exact same notion, removing blocks from the tower while trying to avoid it toppling over.

However, unlike the traditional version, each block you remove from the tower will have written on it some form of instruction or action to perform, such as sipping your drink, giving someone a nickname, or playing a Never Have I Ever challenge. You know the one when someone says, “I’ve never joined the mile high club,” and everyone who has must take a drink?

So, there isn’t much strategy involved in Tipsy Tower; however, you need to have a steady hand because when the tower topples, you lose!

If you’re unfortunate enough to be the one who makes the tumble, be prepared for a challenge; you could be made to finish your drink or do something of your friend’s choice. I’ll leave that one down to you to get creative with.

At the end of the day, this game isn’t really about winning or losing because when that tower comes crashing down, it only makes everyone howl with laughter, and you can rebuild and go again; that’s what I love the most about it.

And, if you get bored of playing the Tipsy Tower version, dig out your old Jenga set and write some more personalized challenges on the blocks to make the game even more relatable to you and your friends and family.

Safety Tips When Playing Drinking Games

This section doesn’t just cover how to play Tipsy Tower safely; it relates to all drinking games and how you can enjoy them responsibly. I know; you’re probably yawning already. But, to keep the merriment flowing and ensure the safety of you and your drinking buddies, the following steps are crucial, so stick with me.

  • Go Steady: Take it slow, and always drink responsibly. Know your limits, and avoid excessive drinking, ensure that you stop anytime you feel like you’ve had too much.
  • Stay Hydrated: Remember to drink water between your drinks to prevent dehydration.
  • Eat Something: Make sure you fill up on a good meal before the drinking commences and have snacks available for everyone throughout the night.
  • Smaller Measures: Opt for smaller cups or glasses to control everyone’s alcohol intake. It’s easier to keep track of how much you’re drinking this way.
  • Be Mindful: Keep an eye on your friends and ensure nobody is getting carried away or made to feel uncomfortable.
  • Plan Your Journey Home: Make sure someone remains sober to provide a safe ride home or pre-book a cab beforehand.
  • Take Breaks: Don’t feel pressured to drink continuously. It’s okay to take breaks or opt out of a round if necessary.

The Collapse

So, whether you’ve got a steady hand or not, Tipsy Tower is a game for anyone, or at least anyone, of legal drinking age.

You’re going to have a wail of a time playing this game. It’s a recipe for laughter and a brilliant way to bond with your friends and family over something a little different from your standard drinking games like Beer Pong, for example. Remember to look out for your fellow drinkers, and don’t overdo it. Stop when you know you’ve had enough, and stay hydrated. I always advise getting some snacks for people to eat while drinking. Pizza is a good shout because then you can play the pizza box drinking game afterward. If you’ve got the stamina and everyone is still in a respectable state.

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