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5 Best Star Trek Board Game to Play in 2023

Boldly go where no one has gone before my list of the top Star Trek board games on the market today, and take your game night to the next level.

Whether you’re a seasoned Trekkie or a newbie to the Star Trek universe, you’ll have so much fun with these board games you’ll feel transported to outer space from the blast-off.

From old-school classics to new and innovative, I have compiled a mind-blowing list of Star Trek games that will open up a new world of strange civilizations and unknown phenomena.

Star Trek Board Games – The Pick of The Bunch

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself while testing out these Star Trek board games with my friends and family (some Star Trek fans, and some not so much) to try and get an insight into other people’s opinions other than simply my own. This way, I could ensure I only recommended the most fun-for-all board games to liven up your next get-together.

Below is a brief look at the games I’ve been reviewing before I go into more detail.

1. Star Trek Monopoly, The Next Generation

Let’s face it, do you know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned game of Monopoly? I certainly don’t. But, for Monopoly fans who are into the Star Trek franchise, this is a game lover’s dream.

The board features pictures from the famous series. The only squares that remain true to the original game are the classic four corners; you know, free parking, go to jail, pass go, and the prison.


The game includes all the usual Monopoly parts, including eight pewter character pieces, it’s user-friendly, and the compartment tray inside helps to keep everything together.

Age Range

The game is recommended for players aged three years and up. However, it would help if you were mindful of small parts around children, and some younger ones may find the concept of Monopoly a little confusing. It depends on how strictly you take your Monopoly game. I know for me, it means serious business! (Which is why people probably refuse to play with me).


I loved the artwork and imagery that reflect the Star Trek theme with this version of the much-loved Monopoly. They captured the show’s essence while maintaining the game’s classical elements.

Key Features

  • Weight – 2.65 lbs
  • Age Range 3 years and up
  • Dimensions 19.69 x 9.88 x 2.09 inches
  • Manufacturer – USAopoly
  • Genre – Wargame
  • Collectors Edition
  • 1998 – Parker Bros


  • Great Fun: This game gave my family and me hours of fun. It brought us together to enjoy both Monopoly and Star Trek elements.
  • Diverse: Instead of buying properties, you form alliances in this version of Monopoly, which was an excellent turn-around for the theme.


  • Price: This costs more than I would like to pay for a game of Monopoly. However, you’re paying for the niche topic and unique themed parts. To any true Star Trek fan, it’s worth it.

2. Star Trek Tridimensional 2-Player Chess Set

It was a controversial decision, but the set was so well executed and designed that I couldn’t include it in my list of the best Star Trek board games.

I was in complete awe of the tridimensional chessboard, designed to look like the one from the franchise, with four moveable attack boards and 32 die-cast chess pieces; this is an impressive replica of the classic TV series.


The only slight niggle I had with the usability of this chess set was the vague instructions. Of course, you might already know how to play regular chess, but this is something entirely different, which some people might find confusing. However, it’ll stay with you forever once you’ve got your head around it.


This recreation is officially authorized to be a replica of the iconic game you’ll know from the Star Trek franchise and deserves pride and place in any collector’s game cabinet.


The chess set is made from a hard-wearing acrylic material that’s easy to clean and will last a lifetime with the proper care.

Key Features

  • Age Range – 14 and up
  • Manufacturer – The Noble Collection
  • 1.5 Inch Tall Pieces
  • 13 inch Tall Board


  • Collectors Item: This is recommended for older players only due to its collectors’ value.
  • Authenticity: The chess set is certified for authenticity and is a replica of the game seen in the show.


  • Price: Some may consider this too expensive for a game. However, viewing it as a collector’s piece, you can see its value.
  • Instructions: I think the instructions could be a little clearer for novices.

3. Star Trek: Attack Wing – Federation vs. Klingons

As a passionate gamer and fan fanatic of Star Wars, I was blown away by the immersive experience this game provides. The attention to detail was second-to-none, even in the game pieces.

With the ability to command starships, unleash powerful weapons, and outmaneuver opponents, you’re on a thrilling voyage of tactical gameplay and exhilarating adventure.


The game is made well, and the instruction guide is well-written and easy to follow. The tokens and other game pieces are all made to a high standard, and the gameplay flows nicely through various scenarios.

Immersive Storytelling

With this awesome game, you’ll feel right in the heart of the Star Trek universe; from iconic starship designs to rich lore, all aspects of the game are specifically crafted to offer a captivating experience.

Endless Tactical Possibilities

The great thing about this game is the fact there are so many outcomes and gameplay options, which gives it a high replayability value. Multiple upgrades are available, and you can build your crew to your liking, making it a whole new voyage every time you play.

Key Features

  • Recommended for Players 14 and Up
  • Game Type – Strategy
  • Playtime 60-90 minutes
  • Two or More Players


  • Compatibility: The game is a standalone product. However, other ship packs and expansions are available to add to the Attack Wing collection. 
  • High Quality: The craftsmanship that has gone into designing and making the game is excellent.
  • Price: I was impressed with this game’s quality and quantity of parts. There was a lot for the money.


  • Learning Curve: The game might take some people a little time to get their heads around, especially newbies or none-trekkies.

4. Star Trek Trivia Game

Star Trek Trivia Game

One of my favorite ever pastimes has to be trivia. I love it and always try to get family and friends involved with quizzes and question games whenever possible. I especially love it when it’s about a topic I’m knowledgeable about, so you can just imagine my excitement when I came across the Star Trek Trivia Game.

We had an absolute blast playing this. It will test any Star Trek lover’s knowledge with questions covering various categories, such as episodes, characters, Star Trek lore, and spaceships.


The game is easy to follow, with simple instructions. The game flows nicely, allowing players to grasp the concept as they play along.


The compact game makes it easy to transport and take along to your next game night.

Adjustable Difficulty Levels

You can personalize the game to suit your party or Star Trek knowledge by playing by the rules, adding in more, or ignoring them altogether and making up your own, which I like to do a lot. We even once turned it into a drinking game which was great fun.

Key Features

  • Recommended Age – 8 Years & Up
  • 2 – 4 Players
  • Collectible
  • Officially Licenced
  • 1000 Trivia Questions


  • Presentation: There’s to enjoy regarding the presentation with this game. The cool imagery and colorful themed artwork make it even more appealing.
  • Accurate: There are over 1000 questions in this game, and they’re all true to the Star Trek TV series and movies.


  • Dated: This is aimed more at the die-hard, old-school fans. There’s not much in there, including the newer Star Trek material.

5. Star Trek Scene It? Deluxe Edition

On Sale Star Trek Scene It? Deluxe Edition

This game certainly took me on a journey through another galaxy as we embarked on a voyage through intergalactic dimensions and interstellar escapades. From the moment this game arrived, I knew it was my time to shine and put my Trekkie knowledge to use.

Don’t get me wrong, I had to dig deep into the memory bank of Star Trek trivia to answer some of the tricky questions, but I learned I still had it.

The game’s design is intricate, innovative, and interactive, and as with any Scene It game, packed full of fun questions and trivia about the show.

Whether you’re a seasoned Trekkie or a curious cadet, you can enjoy this game. Either way, it will grab you, engage your inner nerd, and spark your competitive spirit.


The game can appear quite intricate, especially for people unfamiliar with such technical games. However, the rule book takes you through everything step-by-step.

Solo or Team Game

You can play this game yourself if you wish, but it’s much better to play in groups. It makes an excellent corporate game and will break the ice at any gathering.

Extended Gameplay

With such a vast amount of trivia cards, game modes, and mix-and-match decks, the game offers hours of replayability, keeping it fresh and exciting.

Key Features

  • Party Play Feature
  • 4 Collectable Tokens
  • 175 Trivia Cards
  • Recommended Age – 13 Years and Up
  • Manufacturer – Scene It?


  • Ease of Play: There’s no need for a remote; just let the game do its thing.
  • Variety: The game covers all five TV series and all ten movies.
  • Reputable Brand: You know you’re getting quality with the Scene It Games.


  • Challenging: Some questions might be obscure, even for the most devoted Star Trek fan.

How I Selected The Best Star Trek Board Games?

I bet you’re wondering what I was looking for when trying to whittle down this list, aren’t you? Despite having a lot of fun, I did some factual research for each game. Here’s how I narrowed it down.

1. Theme

The main point of my research was finding games that captured the essence of the Star Trek series and put you in the center of the world, creating atmosphere and personal characterization to enjoy a completely immersive experience.

2. Age Range

Game nights can vary widely. It can be a family night on a rainy evening or a get-together with friends for a night of drinking, games, and laughter. It’s why I chose to include games with varied difficulty ranges so that you can choose the perfect one to suit your occasion.

3. Fun Factor

Of course, the primary thing I was looking for was fun! Why else do we play games after all? I enjoyed all the games in this guide and would happily introduce them to more game nights with my friends and family.

4. Price

I wanted to make sure there was a game for everyone’s budget, you might not always want to splash out on an expensive game, so I included lower to higher-ranged products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get some things straightened out:

How Do Star Trek Games Incorporate The Theme of The Show?

Star Trek board games can include aspects of exploration, diplomacy, navigation, and cool imagery to give players an immersive experience.

What Are The Most Popular Star Trek Board Games?

The most popular Star Trek board games include Star Trek Monopoly, Star Trek Scene It, and Star Trek Trivia.

Who Can Play Star Trek Board Games?

Most Star Trek board games are suited to a wide age range. However, most of them are better suited to fans of the show.

The Final Frontier

Star Trek board games are an excellent way to explore the franchise’s vast universe while enjoying time with friends and family.

As a lover of Star Trek and board games, this was a pleasure to report on. I thoroughly enjoyed every last second and can attest that each game will provide you with hours upon hours of pure joy.

Whether you’re looking for something that requires a little strategy or simply seeking good old-fashioned fun, I’m pretty sure you’ve just found what you came for, but if you’re also interested in other board games like this, check out my favorite Star Wars board game too.

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