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What Is The Standard Pool Table Size?

If you are thinking of buying a Pool table, there are many different things to consider. You have to consider which cue is best, know all about how the Pool balls are used, and that’s just the beginning. But the most important thing to consider is the Pool table itself!

Pool tables come in many different forms and sizes. There are outdoor Pool tables and even miniature tables designed for children to use. But what is the standard size of a Pool table? Well, there are actually two answers to this question depending on where you live!

Pool Table Size: The American Standard

American Pool tables come in three main sizes, with the 8-foot table being the standard. Most official US Pool tournaments use the 8-foot table. They are also commonplace in bars, clubs, and other establishments.

The full playing surface of an 8-foot Pool table is 103” x 59” or 262 x 150 cms. A smaller 7-foot table is also available, and a larger 9-foot model. But when it comes to the standard Pool table size, the 8-foot is what you want.

Pool Table Size: The UK Standard

Pool tables in the UK are a little different from their American counterparts. They are generally smaller and more compact, although not by much. In the UK, the standard size of a Pool table is 7-foot. This size Pool table is used in official UK tournaments.

The total playing surface is 93″ x 54″ or 236 x 137 cms. This makes it a little smaller than the American standard. There is also an even smaller version of the Pool table available in the UK as well. The 6-foot version of the table is often used in clubs/ pubs, so more casual players may not be as familiar with the official UK standard.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the American and UK standard-sized Pool tables. While you don’t have to opt for the standard-sized Pool table if you are aiming to play professionally or enter a tournament at some point, the standard-sized table would be your best bet.

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