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9 Shuffleboard Accessories to Elevate Your Game

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In this post we’ll review 9 of the best shuffleboard accessories you should consider if you own a shuffleboard table. 

If you’re the proud owner of a shuffleboard table, you know how important it is to keep the table in good condition. 

You also know how much everyone loves playing shuffleboard, and you want to make their playing experience as enjoyable as possible. 

This is true whether you own a table for your bar, or for your game room at home. 

Fortunately, there are many shuffleboard accessories that will enhance the experience of playing this wonderful game for you and your guests.

1. A Drink Holder

The first one might seem trivial. But we all know that having a drink handy is very important to the game of barroom shuffleboard.

Yet you never want to place that drink on the rail of the table, as it could easily spill and make a big mess right on the playing surface.

And you might not have space to add another surface in the playing vicinity. 

Your best bet is to find a drink holder that attaches to the rail of the table.

This way you can keep your beers at arm’s length during your game, and the beverages will still be out of harm’s way. 

2. Shuffleboard Table Cover

Yes, shuffleboard tables are made from high-quality hardwoods that are durable and impact resistant.

But they are still prone to wear and tear.

And, as you no doubt already know, these tables are expensive, so you’ll want to at least take some basic measures to protect your investment when it’s not in use.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with a shuffleboard table cover.

Just like a pool table cover, these are fitted to the dimensions of your table and come in different colors and material types (i.e. leather or synthetic). 

3. Shuffleboard Table Scoreboard

Shuffleboard is a relatively simple game to follow, but it’s still easy to lose track of the score when playing. 

This is especially true in a lively bar atmosphere. And if you’re playing while the game’s on your TV at home, you might get a little distracted in the middle of a match. 

A nice shuffleboard scoreboard will keep you on track and add an element of structure to the game.

Plus, scoreboards always add a little gravity to even the friendliest of competitions. 

There are a few standard options for scoreboards on a shuffleboard table. 

For example, there is the circular classic design which mounts to the side of the table. There are digital versions as well.

And of course you can simply use the basic abacus style scoring slider. 

Any of these will do just fine. 

4. Shuffleboard Table Powder

Shuffleboard powder (also called wax) is more of a necessity rather than an accessory.

You absolutely need powder to keep the pucks gliding smoothly on the table.

You also need this stuff to add control and/or speed to the glides.

And this level of control and speed can be tailored to both the skill levels of the players, and the length of the table. 

For instance, new players on a small table will want a high control blend, while advanced players on a full length table need a speed silicone blend.

Another option is to purchase a variety pack to see what bets suits your playing style, table length and any other unique characteristics (i.e. high humidity).

For a full overview of shuffleboard powder, check out this post

5. Shuffleboard Table Maintenance Products

In addition to using the correct powder to enhance the glide and control of the pucks, you will need to maintain the table on a regular basis. 

In summary, a regular shuffleboard maintenance routine should include cleaning the table with a gentle multi-purpose cleaner, polishing with a soft-cloth, applying shuffleboard table wax, and then finishing with silicone spray. 

After that, you can apply powder regularly as mentioned above.

Watch this video for a full overview.

6. Official Rules

The game of “knock-off” on a shuffleboard table is a pretty simple and straightforward game.

You simply try to slide your puck further than your opponent’s, and your try to knock them off to score better positions or eliminate them for scoring position. 

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However, like any good bar game, there are some important rules to follow.

And keeping a set of rules handy will keep everyone in line, and avoid disputes over tough calls. 

If you buy a sheet like this one you can frame it and hang it on the wall above the table for quick reference.

We also have this infographic with a quick list of shuffleboard rules

7. Artwork and Patent Prints

In addition to a set of rules, you can always add some character to your game room or shuffleboard space by putting some relevant artwork on the walls. 

One cool option is find the shuffleboard patent and re-purpose it as a piece of art to frame and hang on a wall near the table.

It’s a nice way to decorate the room and will generate more interest in the game. 

8. Extra Pucks

Many shuffleboard tables will come with a set of pucks to get started.

And while it’s hard to actually lose one of these during game play (they shouldn’t be bouncing off the table; it’s not ping pong), they do occasionally get misplaced.

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And this is more common in a bar or rec center environment. 

Having less than eight pucks makes playing a solid game of knock-off kind of tricky.

To avoid this, do yourself a favor and pick up a spare set of shuffleboard pucks like these.

Or if you’re looking to improve upon the standard set that came with your table, you can upgrade to a set like this with improved glide and durability for serious competition on the table. 

9. Light Fixtures 

Just like with pool table lighting, you’ll want to find the best way to illuminate the playing surface of your table.

Sometimes a simple overhead light or ceiling fixture will do just fine.

But often the glare may increase or additional lighting in the room might reduce overall visibility for the length of the table.

In this case you can find a light and designate it just for games of shuffleboard.

Check out something like this to mount on the table.

Shuffleboard is truly one of the great bar games. It has a rich history and has remained popular with younger bar patrons.

If you own a table, well done. That’s an excellent investment. 

Hopefully these accessory ideas will help you get even more enjoyment out the game. 

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