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Sevens Card Game: How to Play & Game Rules

Sevens is a very underrated card game; many people have never heard of it! But if you are looking for a new game to try, then Sevens could be exactly what you’re looking for. First, let’s look at how this card game works in more detail. 

What is the Sevens Card Game?

What is the Sevens Card Game

Sevens, also known as the Dominoes card game, are usually played with three or more people. The game works similar to dominoes in many respects and doesn’t use many standard card gaming mechanics. 

For one thing, there is no discard pile! To play, all you need is a standard deck of cards; no domino set is required! Once the cards have been dealt, the first player to put down a seven-card starts. The next player can either play a six or eight card game, and it must be of the same suit. 

However, if one player has another seven-card, they can play that instead. Cards are laid out just like dominoes, so you’ll need a big enough surface to play the game. Because of this, we don’t recommend Sevens if you’re looking for a pub game

But it makes a great game to play at home, and it’s much easier to play than you might first think. It’s even a great game for young children, and it could help them learn their numbers as they play. So if you’re getting bored of Pitty Pat, give Sevens a try! 

The winner will be the first player to play all their cards. Sevens is usually a pretty fast-paced game, so you can have multiple rounds and play first to three or five wins if you prefer. We’ll talk more about the rules and set-up information below, but first, let’s look at what you need to play. 

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play the Sevens card game, you’ll need a deck of cards. This double pack of Bicycle Standard Playing Cards would make a great choice. If you are playing with between three to five people, you should only use one deck of cards. 

Bicycle Playing Cards

If you are playing with more people, you should use both decks. Joker cards are typically removed from the deck; however, you can use them as the wild cards in Uno under specific rulesets. We’ll outline how the rules work in the game guide section below.

Rules and Gameplay

Sevens card game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game 

To win in Sevens, you need to be the first to use all your cards. Sounds simple right? But while playing cards will often be easy in the early game, it will likely be much more challenging as you get closer to the end game. So let’s look at how the Sevens card game works below. 

The Set-Up 

To start a game of Sevens, the first thing to do is choose a dealer. Next, shuffle the cards and then give each player a single card. The player with the highest card will become the dealer for the round. 

The dealer then shuffles the deck one more time and splits it equally between all the players. If you have to remove a card or two to do this, that’s okay. Just ensure the cards are removed from the table and not involved in the play. 

Also, ensure you are using the correct number of decks. Sevens usually is said to need three players as a minimum. However, while it might not be traditional, we think it makes an awesome two-player card game

Playing Sevens 

The player to the dealer’s left will go first; if that player has a number seven-card, they should put it down. After that, play continues in a clockwise motion; if a player can’t play a seven, they have to pass on their turn. Once the first seven-card has been played, the next player will have three options.

They can either play a six-card, an eight card, or play another seven. The six or eight cards will need to be the same suit as the previously played seven. This pattern continues for every other card that is put down. 

You can either put down a card that is one number above or below the card that was played or the same number that was put down. If you can’t put down a card, you will need to pass on your turn. The player who puts down all their cards first will win the round.

Once you get into a good rhythm, the Sevens card game is usually very fast-paced. So, it’s best played over several rounds. We think a good idea is to have the first player to win three rounds win the game! But of course, if you are pressed for time, you can always play a single round.

The Joker Rule 

Joker cards are typically removed from the deck when playing Sevens. However, adding them to the deck can be a fun twist. If you use the Joker cards, they can act as wild cards like in Uno and take the form of any other card. This will make them valuable during the end game.

Sevens- An Underrated, Enjoyable Card Game! 

Sevens doesn’t have the fame of games like Poker or Snap, which is a shame because it’s fun and easy to play! It’s an excellent game for children and families, but anyone will be sure to enjoy a game of Sevens. 

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