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Finding The Best Dominoes Set: A Buying Guide

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Are you a board games enthusiast who’s always looking for new wins to boost your mood?

Are you looking for a simple and fun game to gather your family around?

Maybe a decent set of Dominoes is your way to go.

There’s more to dominoes than just lining them up and memorizing sequences. It’s a nice bonding activity that’ll get you thinking and give you entertainment at the same time.

Throughout this article, we’ll be exploring various options to help you buy the Best Dominoes Set.

We’ll also try to give you all the data you need to make an informed buying decision.

If you’re new to the game and want to learn more, read our complete guide on how to play dominoes.

Best Dominoes Set – The Reviews

Without further ado, here’s our shortlist of the best dominoes sets on the market, alongside with the pros and cons of each of them.

Best Overall: Dominoes Jumbo BLUE with White Pips Double Six Set of 28 dominoes

Finding a perfect set of dominos tiles isn’t that easy. While they’re many options on the market, you’ll rarely come across one that fits your bill. But Jumbo blue Dominoes from Deluxe Games & Puzzles somehow did.

The blue with white pips tiles aren’t only attractive, they’re also durable and wear-resistant, which makes them suitable for public venues like parks, cafes, or clubs.

The jumbo-sized tiles with rounded corners feel good in your hands. Also, the large pips make it easy for the visually impaired. The tiles are stored in an average quality vinyl case with a front flap.

This set’s price is pretty reasonable and its quality lives up to expectations.


  • Good-looking tiles
  • Impressive quality
  • Large-sized tiles


  • The case isn’t very sturdy

Runner Up: Cardinal Double 91 Color Dot Dominoes in Collectors Tin

If you’re a fan of Mexican Train, you’ll love this set.

With 91 Dominoes tiles and 4 color trains, this would be the perfect starter kit for you.

Starting from 2 to 8 players can participate in this game and it’s recommended for ages 8 years and up.

Unlike other options, it comes complete without any missing or duplicate tiles, all packed inside a sturdy tin case.

According to its manufacturers, this set can be used to play 16 different games, for all of which instructions are included. They’re made of ivory-like heavy plastic, meaning they have impressive quality and they’re durable too.


  • Sturdy tin case
  • Instructions manual is included
  • No missing parts


  • Tiles are a bit thin
  • Some clients received badly painted tiles

People’s Choice: Double 12 Numeral Pro Size Mexican Train & Chicken Domino Set

On Sale 12 Numeral Pro Size Mexican Train & Chicken Domino Set

This is one of the most popular dominoes sets among online buyers.

This set comes as no surprise, the tiles are well made and it’s guaranteed that you’ll receive the package with all 91 tiles, nothing missing. Plus, the fact that they have numbers instead of dots makes it easier for elderly people & children to play with them.

The main appeal of this set is that it’s a perfect medium-budget gift. And it comes in a  perfectly-sized aluminum carrying case. Being a double set means that it’ll be suitable for gatherings at parties, so everyone can enjoy it!

Like many card and table games, the numbers 6 & 9 might be confusing. But this problem is solved here by underlining the 6. However, some reviewers still found that a little confusing.


  • Good value for money
  • Sturdy case
  • A plastic hub is included
  • Comes with train markers & 2 chicken foot markers


  • Paint flakes off tiles after a while
  • Some reviewers complained of receiving wrong tiles
  • Porous tiles

Best Value: Mexican Train Dominoes To Go

On Sale Mexican Train Dominoes To Go

Mexican Train game lovers, those who’d like to involve all their family in a game of dominoes, you’re in the right place.

It’s convenient for 1 to 6 players, starting from 6 years and up. This set comes with 91 double 12-numbered dominoes. Alongside with 8 glitter train markers, a centerpiece, and a rules booklet.

We love the fact that it’s a travel size and has its own durable portable case. The tiles are in numerals and the issue of confusing 9s & 6s is absent here, as one of them is underlined, and they have different colors. The price tag is pretty reasonable.


  • Portable case
  • Affordable
  • Good quality & easy to handle


  • Numbers might come off

Fancy Option: Alex Cramer #450 Travel Domino Set with Caramel-Colored Leather Case

On Sale Alex Cramer Domino Set

If you have some money to spare or you’re a real domino-enthusiast this one might grab your attention.

We were impressed by the superb workmanship of this set. However, it’s a bit overpriced, so you should know what you’re paying for.

This is a set of professional tournament dominoes that comply with official competitions size and weight.

It comes with a cribbage board to keep score and includes 6 pegs rather than 4 to compensate for lost ones.

It makes an awesome gift idea and will probably come with a handwritten ‘Thank you’ note.

Not to mention its elegant stitched camel-colored leather case with black velvet lining and magnetic latches for secure closing.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Elegant look
  • Traveler’s size


  • Tiles crack easily
  • Steep price tag

Big Sized Set: Professional Size Double 18 White Domino Tiles with Multicolored Dots

This is one of the few big sets on the market, featuring double-18 sets, you can play this with 8 or more people!

It’s available in 3 options: with multicolored dots, with numbers, and then there’s the set with accessories.

The advertising was a bit faulty, as the ‘accessories set’ actually comes with no accessories, you have to buy the ‘Train Maker Accessory Set’ separately, which is kind of misleading.

The numerals option comes in handy if you’re playing with beginners or playing with your whole family, including elderly people.

The colored version is kids-friendly as it’s easier for them to figure out. Both numerals and dots are carved into the pieces so that colors won’t fade off easily.

Another concern we need to voice is that sometimes clients didn’t receive what they ordered, regarding the dots and numerals variation. So, make sure you’re getting the right package.


  • Numerals or colored dots instead of regular black & white
  • Large size is a plus


  • Some reviewers have complained of wrong coloring
  • Poor packaging quality & flimsy box

Kids Friendly: Click N’ Play 300-piece Domino Blocks Set

Bulk Dominos Set

This is truly a super pack, it comes with 300 pieces, a free storage bag, and a wooden stand.

Dedicated to kids, it’s made of environmentally-friendly safe linden wood and comes in 8 different colors!

There are no numbers or pips on these tiles. This can go both ways, some people don’t like this option, while the majority love it as it makes it more convenient for kids and helps improve their learning skills.

Product’s manufacturers recommend this game to children aged 12 months to 8 years. Yet we think kids should be at least 3 or 4 to play it.

Click N’Play has some drawbacks as well; the tiles are narrow and light, so they’re not durable.

Also, some people don’t consider them as ‘real dominos’, as they don’t follow conventional rules.

If you want something entertaining and safe for your kids to play with, this might be a good fit.


  • Low price
  • Stable and stands easily
  • Lightweight


  • Mild wood smell, but it’ll fade after first use
  • Some tiles might be stuck up together

Bonus Item: Yellow Mountain Imports Domino Racks/ Trays

In order not to fool you, this is not a dominoes set. But, it’s a great accessory that’ll be valuable to a real dominoes player. We couldn’t eliminate it from our list!

Made of highly durable premium beechwood, these domino trays, which are made to be convenient for splinter-free playing, will alter your game. This set comes with 4 wooden sturdy racks to organize your tiles.

Looking closely at these racks, you’ll notice the fine details of their craftsmanship. The edges are slanted and the tiles can be placed easily inside the grooves. They’re easy to hold in your hands or move around while playing.

A pro tip when using these racks is to put your tiles horizontally not vertically, in order to see all of them clearly.

Dominoes Set – Buying Guide

The choice process turned out to be harder than you thought, huh?

Let’s take a closer look at the tiny details that might make a difference in your purchase.

What to Consider

There are three important factors to look at to determine the set that suits you best.


The first thing to look at when buying your dominoes set is the material. Back in the day, in Europe, dominoes were made of ivory or ebony. These strong bold materials aren’t available anymore.

As you may have realized, the options we’ve listed are mostly made of synthetic materials like ABS, resins, and plastic. Maybe wood in some cases.

Construction material determines the lifetime of your dominoes set, and it also decides how stable they will stand and how heavy they are. Make sure to look into that before buying.


The number of tiles of a dominoes set can be calculated from the following formula:

((n2 + (3 * n) + 2) / 2)), where ‘n’ is the highest number of domino.

Accordingly, there are double six sets with 28 tiles, double nine sets with 52 tiles, and even double twelve with 91 tiles. More tiles means more game versatility, and of course more game players. You should know how many people are going to play in order to determine the right size dominoes set.


The case in which a dominoes set comes is not only intended for packaging, it’ll probably act as its storage container as well. Try to avoid the paper ones, and opt for plastic, vinyl, tin, or wood.

Benefits of Playing Dominoes

Other than spending a good time with family and friends, there are some actual health and mental benefits to playing dominoes. Let’s dig into them.

Helps with Kids Development

Some progressive teaching styles use boardgames and strategy games like dominoes to teach kids new skills. Dominoes, in particular, make great math manipulatives.

Thinking in numbers, realizing patterns, and putting a game strategy can play a vital role in enhancing a kid’s spatial learning skills.

Improves Memory

Playing dominoes requires you memorize patterns and sequences, and this is a great cognitive exercise for your brain muscles. It’s also considered a simple effortless brain activity to older people.

Develops Critical Thinking

Trapping your opponent, adjusting your strategy according to the game scenario, and doing arithmetic operations successfully are all essential parts of your dominoes game. Practicing them means developing your critical thinking.

Big Manufacturers

There are plenty of dominoes sets on the market, but you’ll find some belong to the same manufacturer. In this section, we’ll be briefing you about the big players in the market.


They’re probably the only US dominoes manufacturers; giving them a strong advantage over average quality Chinese products that are prevalent in the market. An experienced player will likely know the difference between a Puremco set of dominoes compared to cheaper versions.

They’re made resin, meaning they’re of high-quality and of proper thickness. Plus, their hand-feel is good and they won’t break or scratch easily.


One of the manufacturers that you’ll come across regularly is CHH. It’s a boardgames company that produces average quality products. Their biggest advantage is that they produce multiple variations of the same game.

Alex Cramer

Speaking of quality, Alex Cramer has been one of the leading manufacturers of dominoes sets and dice cups since 1975. They care about quality and aesthetics, calling their products ‘works of arts’. We can’t say they’re exaggerating though.

The Verdict

We hope we’ve made the choice process easier for you.

For us, we’d choose the Dominoes Jumbo BLUE with White Pips Double Six Set of 28 dominoes, as it functions well, it’s good looking and it’s affordable. Plain and simple.

If you’re an experienced player and want something fancy, we recommend the Alex Cramer #450 Travel Domino Set. Its high-quality material and elegant case make it a solid choice for us and most avid players.

Finally, games are not just for fun. Despite that being a good enough reason, they also have educational, health, and mental benefits.

In this generation, they’re excellent social bonding activities too that helps take you away from staring at screens.

So, point is, don’t beat yourself up for spending some time off playing a good game of dominoes!

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