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10 Best Online Drinking Games to Play With Family & Friends

You don’t have to be in the same place to enjoy a good drinking game! You can play plenty of fun online/ virtual drinking games together, and we’ll be counting some of our favorites down in this blog.

Sure, you might not be able to play some of the old classics like Ring of Fire or Beer Pong, but you still have plenty of options.

Best Online Drinking Games to Play

If your friends can’t get together to play in person, why not try one of these amazing online drinking games instead?

1. Drunk Pictionary

Drunk Pictionary

Pictionary is a well-known art/ drawing board game. But with a few alterations to the classic rules set, you can quickly turn this game into an online drinking game. To start, get everyone together on Skype.

You’ll need to use the screen share function to play this game properly, but it’s pretty easy to use. Once everyone is online, separate into two teams and follow the standard Pictionary rules. Check out our guide on Pictionary to find out everything you need to know.

Basically, one player will choose something from a Pictionary word list. You can find plenty of these online. That player will have 60 – 90 seconds to draw something while the rest of their team tries to guess.

You can use a program like Paint to do this and share the screen directly with your team. So, they’ll be able to guess while you’re drawing! If your team can guess your drawing in time, the other team will need to drink.

But if they don’t guess in time, they’ll need to take a drink instead. Then, continue playing till every player gets a turn drawing something. If you’ve never played Pictionary before then, it might have a bit of a learning curve, but it’s sure to be a good time.

2. Movie Night

Movie Night

This drinking game has a lot of different names, including Watch Party. Your friends will need to link up using Facebook or Netflix to play. Party modes on these apps/ services allow friends to link up and watch TV or movies together.

The game works just like the Shrek Movie Drinking Game. Friends agree on what movie to watch and then come up with some drinking rules. Of course, the game works best with a movie everyone knows, so every player will be able to submit their own drinking rule.

You can add rules like every time a player laughs, they need to drink, or you can say you’ll need to drink when something specific happens on the screen. Movie Night is a simple and fun drinking game you can easily play online with a group of friends.

3. Drink or Tell

Drink or Tell

Drink or Tell was one of our favorite iPhone app drinking games. But with a few minor differences, you can easily play it online with friends. Everyone will need to download the app and have plenty of alcohol nearby to play.

Get everyone together on Skype, Teams, or even Zoom and get the app ready. Then decide who will go first; that player should open the app and choose a category. Once they decide what question they’ll answer, they should read it out to the other players.

The other players will need to work together to decide how you answered the question and give you a unanimous answer. If the other players guess correctly, you must drink. If they get it wrong, then they’ll need to drink!

There is a huge range of subjects to choose from in Drink or Tell, including pop culture, politics, embarrassing stories, etc. You can even add your own user-generated questions as well. Drink or Tell might normally be played in person, but it makes a great online drinking game.

4. Drunk Pirate

Drunk Pirate

The Drunk Pirate is a simple, fast-paced, online drinking game. To play, all you need to do is have at least one player open the Drunk Pirate website. Once on, you’ll be asked to choose the number of players, and then you’ll be shown various flip cards.

Each flip card will give you a challenge that you’ll need to read out to the rest of the group. The challenges in Drunk Pirate come in many forms but to give you some examples; you could get asked to vote for the best-looking player.

The winner of the vote will then need to drink! Or it might simply say any vegan/ vegetarian player needs to drink. You could even get asked to play another game like Charades.

But they’ll be a drinking twist to the game somewhere. Drunk Pirate is designed to be played online, but not every flip card may lend itself to virtual play. Some cards are designed for players who share the same space.

But with hundreds of different flip cards, you’re sure to enjoy playing, even if you have to skip a few turns as you play. So if you’re looking for a simple, fast-paced drinking game, give Drunk Pirate a try.

5. Red or Black Drinking Game

Red or Black Drinking Game

This is another drinking game with many rule variations, and it can be easily played online or in person. You’ll need at least one player with a deck of cards to play. Any cards will do, but you could always opt for something high-quality like a set of Bee playing cards.

All the players get together on Skype, and then the player with the cards shuffles the deck. They then show one card to the camera, and if it’s black, women drink; if it’s red, then men drink! Pretty simple right? These are just the basic rules you can make the game a lot more interactive.

One fun twist is for everyone to discuss special rules for specific cards. For example, you could say getting a King or Queen means anyone in a relationship has to drink. While a Joker means the youngest or oldest player has to drink.

Getting an Ace means every player has to drink and so on. Feel free to get creative and develop as many fun, unique rules as possible. Red or Black can be a simple and fast-paced or a more complex and interactive drinking game. However, if you play, you’re sure to have a good time.

6. The A-Z Drinking Game

The A-Z Drinking Game

This game goes by a few different names, and there are various rule sets. First, get everyone together online and then decide the play order; you might also want to set up a timer as well. The gameplay is quite simple; each player will take turns saying something that begins with a letter from the alphabet.

The first player starts with A; the next is B, then C, etc. If you complete the alphabet, everyone takes a drink to celebrate! However, players will only have 10 seconds to answer to make the game harder.

If a player doesn’t manage to say anything in time, they’ll need to take two penalty drinks. There are several ways to make this game more difficult, which is a good excuse to drink more as you play!

One good thing you can do is add a subject so each letter will have to fit a certain category. For example, you could say everyone has to say an animal that begins with one of the letters. Or if you wanted to try something very difficult, you could try to do the alphabet in reverse!

The A-Z Drinking Game is simple but challenging, mainly if you use custom rules. But it’s a great drinking game to play online and sure to be a lot of fun. Be warned, though, that you could get drunk quite quickly, so take things slow.

7. Virtual Truth or Drink

Virtual Truth or Drink

This is a simple one that I’m sure most people already know how to play already. But when you’re playing it online, there are a few minor differences. First, once everyone is online together, have one person start the game.

They can either ask one person a question or ask everyone playing. If you want to answer the question, you can, but if you don’t, you must drink! The game is very similar to Truth or Dare and is a great online drinking game if you’re looking for something short and simple.

After you’ve taken your turn asking a question, play moves to the next player. Everyone should get to ask at least three questions. If you’re enjoying the game and want to take things to the next level, then you can add dares to the game.

So, players will either answer the question, take a dare, or take a drink. It might be difficult to come up with dares when playing online, but it can be done. Fun and fast-paced Truth or Drink is a great choice for an online drinking game.

8. Most Likely Drinking Game

Most Likely Drinking Game

This is another relatively simple online drinking game that requires no gaming equipment. Get everyone online together and then have players take turns asking “Most likely” questions.

For example, you could say, “Most likely to end up in prison” or “Most likely to get drunk first on a night out.” Once you’ve asked your question, the remaining players vote on who the most likely culprit is.

The player who receives the most votes will then need to drink. Every player should get to ask a “most likely” question before the game is over. This is a simple game, but you could easily play it for hours and will be sure to have lots of fun.

9. The Celebrity Drinking Game

While you won’t be meeting up with your favorite celebrities for a virtual drink or two, this game is still fun and very easy to set up and play. Once everyone is online, have one player start the game.

First, you should say a celebrity; let’s say you say, Morgan Freeman. The next player will need to say a celebrity whose name begins with M or whose surname begins with F. Then the next player takes their turn, and so on.

You can add a time limit to add some extra pressure. If someone can’t answer, they will need to take a drink and play moves to the next player. This game is easy to play but can be quite difficult, so many people will likely drink at some point.

To add a new twist to the game, you can add other rules like saying everyone must name an actor, singer, or author, not just a general celebrity. You can even play this game using fictional characters instead of celebrities too.

10. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Let’s finish with a classic that can easily be played virtually on the internet. Once everyone is on Skype (or your video messenger of choice), one player will say “Never have I ever” and fill in the rest with a question.

For example, you could ask, “Never have I ever gotten drunk at a friend’s wedding,” or “Never have I ever played hooky” you get the idea. If you have done the question, then you take a drink. If you haven’t, you don’t, the next player will then ask a question.

Never Have I Ever is easy to turn into a fun drinking game, and it can be played online in minutes. Everyone knows the rules, so if you’re looking for a quick and simple drinking game, give Never Have I Ever a try!


So, that is 10 fun online drinking games you can play with friends! You don’t need to be in the same house or even the same country to enjoy one of these fun drinking games.

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