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Hercules Drinking Game | Rules & How to Play?

Everyone loves a good drinking game, don’t they? But movie-based drinking games are sure to be tons of fun, and you don’t even need to remember any complicated rules! Let’s take a look at one of our favorites, the Hercules drinking game!

Disney’s late 90s Hercules movie wasn’t an instant hit, but these days it’s a beloved classic full of famous Disney musical numbers. But how do you turn this classic children’s movie into a drinking game? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

What is The Hercules Drinking Game?

What is The Hercules Drinking Game

Movie-based drinking games have been a thing since the early days of the internet. The Shrek movie drinking game is still very popular despite being around for over a decade now. You can even find them based on TV shows and documentaries.

Tiger King wasn’t just a hit Netflix series; it also became a popular drinking game. The Hercules drinking game is much the same thing; you simply put the movie on, get some friends, and watch.

Every time some specific things happen on the screen, you and your friends take a drink. The challenge is to get to the end of the film in one sitting while still being at least somewhat sober. Trust us; this will be more tricky than you may first think.

If you don’t have time to set up a drinking game like King’s Cup or Ring of Fire, then a movie-based drinking game like Hercules would make a fine alternative. One of the good things about these drinking games is that the rules can be easily customized.

You can find plenty of rule sets on the internet, and we’ll be sharing some of our favorites below. But you can just as easily make your own up too. Before we start looking at the rules, let’s take a quick look at what you’ll need to play the Hercules drinking game.

What You’ll Need to Play?

To play this fun drinking game, you need three things. The first is a copy of Disney’s Hercules, you can easily get a DVD online, or if you have a Disney+ subscription, you can simply stream the movie instead.

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Once you’ve got the movie or a way to watch it, you’ll need some alcohol. You can use any kind of alcohol for this game so just go with what you like. Then all you’ve got to do is get some friends together, and you can start playing.

Rules and Gameplay

Rules and Gameplay Hercules Drinking Game

The Aim of The Game

Well, it’s a drinking game, so the aim is to simply have fun! You can add a competitive aspect to the game if you like and can even make it into an endurance-style game. You might even learn a thing or two about the movie as you keep watching.

But for most people, the Hercules drinking game is just going to be a fun way to spend 90 minutes. It would certainly help if you already enjoy the Hercules movie, but even that isn’t essential to having a good time.

The Set-Up

Get everyone together and get the movie ready to go to begin the game. Before you start playing, make sure everyone is familiar with the rules, and then you can simply hit play. And see to it that any alcohol and cups (if you decide to use them) are within easy reach.

Playing The Hercules Drinking Game

Playing the Hercules drinking game is pretty straightforward. Every time something specific happens on the screen, you take a drink. You might also impose rules that say you’ll need to take a drink if you do something like start singing along to a song.

If you want to add a competitive element to the game, then every player could have specific rules. You could also turn the songs in the film into sing-along moments where all players need to take a break and sing.

Or if they don’t, they’ll need to take an extra penalty drink! We have listed numerous different rule sets below to help you play the Hercules drinking game. But remember, you can always make up your own rule sets if you prefer.

Hercules Rules 1

  • Take at least one drink during every song.
  • Drink every time Hercules is called something other than his name.
  • Drink every time someone is punched.
  • Drink whenever Hades turns red.
  • Drink every time Hercules and Pegasus head bump.

Hercules Rules 2

  • Take a drink if you start singing or humming along to a song.
  • Take a drink if you laugh at any point.
  • Take a drink every time there is a training montage.
  • Take a drink if you understand a reference/joke you missed as a kid.
  • Take a drink every time Zeus appears.

Hercules Rules 3

  • Take a drink whenever the Muses start to narrate the movie.
  • Take a drink if Hercules breaks something.
  • Take a drink whenever the Hydra shows up on the screen.
  • Take a drink wherever the twelve labors are referenced.
  • Sing along to Zero to Hero and then take a drink to celebrate.

Competitive Hercules Drinking Rules

Now, these rules are a little different. Instead of just taking a sip, if something happens, you’ll be facing off against other players. The idea is to make the Hercules drinking game a little more competitive.

  • Either sing along to a song or take two penalty drinks.
  • Reenact a scene from the movie or take a penalty drink.
  • If you or any other player starts laughing, you must take a penalty drink.

So, these are a few different rule sets you can use if you want to give the Hercules drinking game a try. Remember, you can mix and match these rules if you like or simply come up with your own. Just make sure everyone knows them before you start playing.

The Hercules Drinking Game – Revisit A Disney Classic!

The Hercules drinking game is sure to be a good time. Get some friends together, revisit this classic Disney favorite, and enjoy a few drinks while you play.

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