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Top 7 Luxury & Most Elegant Playing Cards for Premium Experience

Playing cards are known all over the world! The classic suits of Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, and Spades are iconic, and playing cards are used for all kinds of games. But have you ever got bored of the traditional design?

If so, then good news there are many different designs for playing cards these days. There are even different kinds of cards like plastic playing cards and waterproof cards. In this blog, we’ll be looking at cards that are more luxurious and elegant.

Top Luxury & Most Elegant Playing Cards for Premium Experience

If you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your next Poker night, then any of these playing card sets would make a fine choice.

#1. Artisan Playing Cards

Artisan Playing Cards

You can’t go wrong with a good black and gold combo when it comes to luxury and elegance, can you? The Artisan Playing Cards were designed and illustrated by Simon Frouws and will look striking on any surface.

The cards have been carefully crafted with gold foil and ultra-lux black paper and feel wondrous to hold and shuffle. The designs have elements of Aztec and Egyptian architecture but have a Cyperpunk element.

The design brilliantly captures your eye and is bewitching to behold. Another great point about these cards is that they have been made more eco-friendly. For example, vegetable-based ink is added along with starch-based laminates.

The cards are also very strong and durable, meaning they will last for hundreds if not thousands of games. Made in the USA, these stylish cards would make a fine choice for anyone looking for something elegant and luxurious.


  • Stylish design with a stunning black and gold finish.
  • They are made with golden foil and ultra-lux black paper.
  • Made with an improved eco-friendly process.


  • The design might be a little simple to some people.

#2. Bee MetalLuxe Playing Cards

On Sale Bee MetalLuxe Playing Cards

Bee is a manufacturer you can count on when it comes to playing cards! They are well known for their high-quality cards, and the Bee MetalLuxe Playing Cards are a great representation of the luxury this manufacturer offers.

These super elegant cards are available in two classic colors, blue or red. They are made with foil and premium cards and have a nice thickness. This means shuffling the cards will be smooth and easy.

Whether you opt for a blue or red deck, these cards will be sure to look good. The traditional diamond backing is simple yet elegant, and the cards even have an extra shine to them, thanks to the MetalLuxe coating.

Finally, we have to talk about Bee’s “Cambric Finish” this extra coating will help strengthen the cards meaning they can stand up to a lot of use without any fading. Beautiful and elegant, who wouldn’t love this set of Bee playing cards?


  • Bee is a very renowned cards manufacturer.
  • Available in two classic color schemes.
  • Cards have an extra MetalLuxe coating for extra strength.


  • Bold colors might be a little too “glitzy” for some people.

#3. Cyberpunk Gold Playing Cards

Cyberpunk Gold Playing Cards

There is something about the ever-popular Cyberpunk-style that works brilliantly with playing cards. These Cyberpunk Gold Playing Cards offer something elegant, luxurious, and futuristic.

Cyberpunk is a blend of the old and the new and is brilliantly captured on these dynamic, eye-catching cards. Made with a slightly thicker grade-A card, these playing cards feel firm and smooth in hand.

Each intricate design is embossed professionally onto the card with amazing texture work. Whether you’re playing Sevens or Spades, these cards will look glorious. While we think the gold color is stylish and stunning, you have plenty of other colors to choose from.

This includes red, green, purple, and silver! These beautiful playing cards will look amazing on any tabletop and are sure to appeal to fans of fantasy works and, of course, Cyperpunk enthusiasts.


  • They have a stylish, eye-catching, unusual design.
  • They are made with a thicker grade-A card.
  • The design has been wonderfully embossed.
  • The cards are available in a selection of fun colors.


  • Some colors are more expensive than others.

#4. Bicycle Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards

We love these Bicycle Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards! Their clear, transparent design is unique and elegant in a whole new way. Interestingly these cards are made with plastic instead of paper material, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t luxurious.

These cards feel brilliant in your hand and are easy to shuffle and deal out. They have a very smooth texture which is comfortable to handle. Each card features a striking translucent blue design with lots of tiny details.

The cards are true works of art with elegant and refreshing simplicity. Because they are partially transparent, they will also look different on every tabletop.
Plus, they have a cool edge, which makes them very modern.

Of course, one significant benefit to these cards is that they are completely waterproof. This will always be a big benefit if you’re playing cards down at the pub or at the bar because any accidental spills won’t damage these beauties.


  • Very durable and fully waterproof.
  • Modern design is elegant and eye-catching.


  • The design might to simplistic for some people.

#5. Mosaic Playing Cards

Mosaic Playing Cards

The marvelous Mosaic Playing Cards are like holding small canvases of beautiful artwork. Classically elegant, these playing cards would make an excellent choice for anyone looking for something both stylish and timeless!

Hand illustrated with innovative embossing techniques, and these cards have a fantastic texture to them. Just running your fingers across these cards can be a delight, and they feature some stunning small details.

The unique designs give new life to all the suits and face cards. So whether you’re playing one of the many types of Solitaire or even a drinking game like King’s Cup, these cards will be sure to look fantastic time after time.

The magnificent mosaic design looks modern and elegant in all the best ways, and you even have two distinct color schemes to choose from. The blue diamond style is sharp, modern, and sophisticated, while the colorful gemstone is more visually striking, quirky, and fun.


  • Available in two distinct color schemes.
  • Hand illustrated with professional embossing.
  • Elegant and timeless design.


  • One of the more pricey options.

#6. Infinitum Black Playing Cards

Infinitum Black Playing Cards

The Infinitum Black Playing Cards would make a fine addition to anyone’s next card game with hand-drawn artwork and a premium feel. We love the bold, eye-catching designs of these cards that show elegant, luxurious playing cards that can also be a little gritty.

These darker playing cards have a distinct look and feel with embossed golds and deep blues. With a thicker card base and premium printing, these cards will look and feel great, game after game.

The cards also use air-cushioned paper, which helps them feel smooth and comfortable every time you hold them. The cards also have a professional double aqueous coating applied which overcome damage caused by frequent usage and humidity.

These cards both look and feel great, and while the slightly darker design might not appeal to everyone, we think it gives these cards real character and unique charm. If you’re looking for luxurious playing cards with some extra edge, these will make a fine choice.


  • A more unusual gritty design.
  • A thicker base makes them smooth and easy to handle.
  • The double coating helps protect the cards.


  • The more unusual design might not appeal to everyone.

#7. Contraband Playing Cards

On Sale Contraband Playing Cards

The Contraband Playing Cards have an unusual backstory to them. These elegant playing cards have a very intricate design that was inspired by secret societies from around the world. Their designs are beautiful works of art; anyone playing with them will almost certainly admire them.

Full of small details, these cards use black and white ink wonderfully and are sure to look great on any tabletop. The cards were even designed to be more eco-friendly as they use vegetable-based ink.

They look and feel amazing, and their unique designs are elegant works of art. If you’re looking for luxury playing cards that are also a little different design-wise, these will make a great choice.


  • The elegant and intricate design is full of tiny details.
  • The black and white design is very eye-catching.
  • More eco-friendly thanks to the high-quality vegetable-based ink.


  • The design might not appeal to everyone.

Our Verdict: What’s The Best Luxury & Elegant Playing Cards?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don’t they? So, any of these playing card sets would make a fabulous choice. But if you had to pick our top choices, we would say it’s the Bicycle Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards and the magnificent Mosaic Playing Cards!

The Bicycle Hoyle cards have a modern twist to their design as they are translucent yet still have a very old-school elegance with their stylish design. They are also the cards of choice for more wild games down at the pub.

If you want some elegant cards for a game of Strip Poker or a drinking game, these will be a great choice. While the Mosaic cards have a more traditional luxury and elegance to them, they even come in two very distinct color schemes.

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