Custom Beer Pong Tables: An Overview

beer pong

Custom pong tables are all the rage. Read on to learn how to find the best one for your next party.

The soft click of a white ball bouncing off a table, the lonely rattle as it collides with the top of a tall plastic cup.

The wheeze of frustration as the ball rebounds, avoiding that golden liquid and caroming off into the grass.

You missed.

It’s probably the table’s fault.

Don’t let a wonky beer pong table ruin your dreams of beer pong glory.

No longer will we settle for dining room tables and their dead bounces, no longer will we whip balls as hard as we can at a Masonite-finished card table that might as well be padded with mattresses.

The right custom beer pong table is out there, you need only reach out and grab it.

How Do You Choose the Best Custom Beer Pong Tables?

That’s a great question! You see, there are four main tenants that make a good beer pong table.

1. Price

We’re not trying to break the bank to buy what is essentially a branded folding table.

2. Material

What is the table made out of? Does it have sufficient bounce? Is it too hard, too soft? Will it be able to deal with rogue beer splashes without turning into mush?

3. Design

Does it look cool? There’s no point in buying a custom beer pong table if it’s not rad.

I mean, what are we even doing here? It doesn’t need to look like a Corvette melded with a jet plane or anything, but it needs to have a certain flair you can be proud of at parties.

4. Portability and Size

While a perfect world would allow you to keep your custom beer pong tables out all year round ready to receive guests, we don’t live in that world.

A beer pong table that can fold up and store away is key, especially if you’re in, say, a college dorm or a small apartment.

First, we’re going to dive into the history of beer pong, the appeal and popularity of the game, and then we’ll finish up with our recommendations for best custom beer pong tables.

Shall we?

The Somewhat Tangled Beer Pong History

The truth is, no one quite knows where beer pong began.

The most common claim is that the game was invented in the ‘50s at Dartmouth College, and that it was cooked up and played by the fraternities there as a kind of inter-mural sporting event.

However, proof of where a “party game” started is thin on the ground – keep in mind this was the era long before everyone carried around a personal camera in their pockets. As such, there isn’t a lot of hard evidence one way or the other who invented it the earliest.

At the same time, Bucknell University alum swear that they invented beer pong, except they called it “throw pong” and there were only four cups on the table – one in front of each player. It was basically “long distance quarters” with a ball.

You may have also heard it called “Beirut,” though no one seems to be able to verify where that name came from or why it was called that.

Unfortunately, the origins of beer pong may be forever shrouded in mystery.

Just as mysterious, of course, are the many rules of the game.

The Non-Official Official Beer Pong Rules

While there is a “World Series of Beer Pong” that’s about as official as a beer pong league is ever going to get, there are no true codified rules for the game.

Most players can’t even agree how many cups are on the table – is it 6, or 10? House rules abound, but here are some of the more popular rules:

You set up 6 (or 10) Solo cups, or Solo-cup equivalent, on a long table. The cups are set up in a pyramid, with the narrow end facing toward the opponent.

Each cup is then filled either a third of the way or half-way with beer, and the opposing teams take turns throwing or bouncing ping pong balls into the cups.

When a cup is “scored,” the opposing team has to drink. The first team to clear out all of their opponents’ cups wins and is thus permitted to stay at the table to continue playing and to presumably battle more challengers.

There are house beer pong rules that allow players to attempt to “swat away” bounced balls, encouraging thrown balls. Others allow a “rebuttal,” where if a team clear all of their opponents’ cups, the opposing team gets a chance to throw beer pong balls until they miss a cup and thus lose the game.

The Best Custom Beer Pong Tables

Let’s dive into the reason you came: which custom beer pong tables are best for you?

The Bells and Whistles Table

custom beer pong tables_dry erase version

This table, made by, is jam-packed with features. Built-in LEDs, custom graphics, a dry erase surface, and optional cup holes make for a truly exciting (if flamboyant) custom beer pong table.

The Classy Option

custom beer pong table with bottle holder

Red Cup Pong makes an 8-foot beer pong table with a ton of cool features, but it isn’t as flashy as the previous option. Instead,  this is a clean-looking folding table with a custom ball rack for ping pong balls under the table, a custom stainless-steel bottle opener, and custom balls.

The Sexiest Beer Pong Table

If you’ve always wanted a beer pong table that looks like the nose of a WWII bomber, Red Cup Pong makes an 8-foot folding beer pong table emblazoned with two vintage pin-up models.

The Amphibious Table

Take your game of beer pong off road and into the pool: this floating beer pong table from Floating Pong has cut-outs for cups, a buoyant surface, and can be taken apart into three pieces for easy storage. Stay cool and frosty with this table.

The Custom Beer Pong Tables for You

Whether you’re throwing a party this weekend and have never played beer pong before or you’re an old pro with your own custom beer pong throwing-glove, there’s a vast array of custom beer pong tables that will make you happy.

Check them out today, and remember that beer pong isn’t the only game out there: there are tons of bar games like shuffleboard, darts, and foosball that have been livening up parties for years.


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