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Handmade Shuffleboard Tables: Beautiful Craftsmanship in Action

These exquisitely crafted game tables bring our appreciation of table shuffleboard to a whole new level.

We’ve stated this before: Shuffleboard is one of the best bar games going.

Once you know how to play shuffleboard and have played a few times, you will understand why.

Now that more people are discovering shuffleboard in bars, it is also becoming popular as the ideal game table for the home or office.

Luckily, there are plenty of affordable shuffleboard tables on the market today. And many of the production tables are reasonably priced and of decent quality.

But if you’re looking to add more than just a standard game table, and truly appreciate how quality construction and attention to detail can enhance the game, you might want to learn more about a handmade or custom shuffleboard table.

Here, we’ll look at three examples of beautiful handmade shuffleboard tables to whet your appetite.

In my opinion, these shuffleboard tables would be the centerpiece in any modern-day game room.

And each table featured below represents a different design aesthetic: vintage mid-century modern, rustic elegance, and modern architectural design using reclaimed materials.

Plus, these tables are all hand built in the USA.

Common Features of Handmade Custom Shuffleboard Tables

Before looking at the individual tables, here’s a quick overview of some of the features these tables have in common.

Aesthetically, these tables are all beautiful. But it’s the materials and construction that make them special.


Unlike mass produced game tables made from composite materials, handmade shuffleboard tables manufacturers use solid materials like wood and steel.

Common types of wood for the cradle of the table include oak and walnut, while the playing surface is commonly made from hard maple. The base and rails are often constructed from steel or solid wood.

You may also find genuine leather lining the gutters and protecting the rails, along with unique finishes like specialty polymer coatings on the playing surface.


Most handmade tables are also made to order and customized with logos, different colors, and specific lengths to accommodate players looking for home, office or official tournament play.

Price Point

Finally, as you might expect, a high quality handmade shuffleboard table comes with a hefty price tag.

If you’re looking for something of this caliber, be ready to spend from $6,000 – $10,000 as a starting point.

Now let’s look at three examples of beautiful and high performance handmade shuffleboard tables.

Three Examples of Beautiful Handmade Shuffleboard Tables

  1. Kush Gadsby

Kush Shuffleboards are handcrafted in Chattanooga, TN.

The Gadsby is a beautiful handmade shuffleboard table with a vintage mid-century modern design.

The playing field of the Gadsby features Appalachian Maple wood stained dark red and lined with brass colored vinyl.

The cradle is made from black walnut. The middle section of the cradle is wrapped in diamond pleated white leather to add to that mid-century aesthetic,

With a steel base and brass coated steel rails, this table has a lot of style and plenty of durability.

The Gadsby comes in several lengths, ranging from 9.9 feet to 16.9 feet.

The height of the table 33 inches, with a standard 20 inch playing surface. The full width of the table is 29 inches.

The Gadsby includes added features like an abacus scorer and genuine leather. You can further customize this shuffleboard table with a logo and other enhancements.

This shuffleboard table starts at $9,950.00.

  1. Hudson Sedona Limited

The Hudson Sedona Limited is a rustic looking shuffleboard table made from high quality materials. As you’ll see, there is a lot of craftsmanship going on here.

The legs and cradle of the Sedona are constructed from solid white oak. And the wood is hand distressed to give it that rustic look. The interior of the table is covered in genuine leather.

The Sedona Ltd also features a hard rock maple playing surface finished with a proprietary polymer coating for extra smooth gliding and added durability.

The Sedona is available in several lengths, from a rec-room or apartment friendly 9 feet, to the full 22’ tournament size. The maple playing surface is a standard 20 inches. The total width is 33” with cradle.

This table includes nice accessories like leg levelers and climate adjusters. Customization options include length, adding your own logo and selecting your leather color of choice.

The Sedona starts at $9,200.00. There is a 5 – 6-week lead time, as these tables are each made to order.

Find the Hudson Sedona on sale in all lengths from The Shuffleboard Federation.

  1. District Mills A-Frame
A frame shuffleboard table

This is a beautiful shuffleboard table made by District Mills, a fabrication shop based in Los Angeles that uses reclaimed wood and other salvaged materials to produce game tables, skateboard decks and much more.

The A-frame is made from reclaimed oak, although it is also available in walnut. The woods are salvaged from things like old train cars and barns. The A shaped legs are constructed from high strength steel that is spray-coated black for a sleek industrial appearance.

This handcrafted shuffleboard table is available in several lengths, including 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 20, and tournament size 22’.

As a nice added feature, the table legs are threaded to make them adjustable for different surfaces.

This table is 28” wide and 30” high. You can order the A-Frame with fixed or removable legs.

The price starts at $5,725 for the shortest option and up to $14,925.00 for a full length table with customization and walnut construction.

There is an 8-week lead time for this handmade shuffleboard table.


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